The tale of Azerbithia

-Xfire chat, ~ 4:30 PM CST

[16:31] javissariah: Say
[16:31] javissariah: I thought of a history
[16:31] javissariah: Kinda idly playin with it
[16:32] javissariah: There was a kingdom called Azerbithia
[16:32] javissariah: or osmeething liek that
[16:32] javissariah: There were four races
[16:33] javissariah: The black men and a sort of short, Italian folk were the upper class
[16:33] javissariah: the black folk held government offices and merchandising, and the italians held merchandising and religious positions
[16:34] javissariah: then there were a sort of elven fold
[16:34] javissariah: folk
[16:34] javissariah: Tall, lanky, long faces
[16:34] javissariah: Blond hair
[16:34] javissariah: They were the working calss
[16:34] javissariah: class
[16:34] Anush: ok
[16:35] javissariah: And then there's a few pockets of Asians
[16:35] javissariah: Here and there, scattered aroudn the world
[16:35] javissariah: Very small populations
[16:35] javissariah: This is all on one big continent
[16:35] Anush: you are discribing the 4 races that came here
[16:36] javissariah: Oh...
[16:36] javissariah: Well
[16:36] Anush: history
[16:36] javissariah: Aiyah
[16:36] javissariah: I'm just making this up off the top of my head, sorta
[16:37] javissariah: The black folk's civilization developed over a very long time
[16:37] javissariah: They were black because, well, they lived in the tropics
[16:38] javissariah: There was a big disaster in the place they lived in, and the only ones that survivied were the ones that were able to adapt
[16:38] javissariah: To adapt they had to start down the path of technology
[16:38] javissariah: Iron, grain, etc
[16:39] javissariah: Their empire expanded slowly but surely across the equatorial area
[16:39] javissariah: Peacful
[16:39] javissariah: the Italians
[16:39] javissariah: Were north to the black folk
[16:39] javissariah: Maybe kinda to the east
[16:39] javissariah: On the shore and such
[16:40] javissariah: They formed later than the black folk
[16:41] Anush: yes
[16:41] javissariah: They sped along the course of civilization faster than the black folk
[16:41] javissariah: Cause they had to, and some lucky things happening
[16:41] javissariah: Like climate
[16:41] javissariah: More time spent waiting out wintyer means mroe time for thinking
[16:42] javissariah: Eventually thier empire expanded as well
[16:42] javissariah: and met the black folk's
[16:42] javissariah: They were unsure how to approach each other at first
[16:42] javissariah: There were a few warsa
[16:42] javissariah: But a lot mroe peace
[16:43] javissariah: Neither civ had had much to think about warring besides fighting off animanls
[16:43] javissariah: Since both were modestly liberal, in their own way
[16:43] javissariah: Eventually they cooperated
[16:44] javissariah: And their empires semi-consolidated
[16:44] javissariah: To the south were the elvish
[16:44] javissariah: These were formed in teh extremes of the cold south
[16:44] javissariah: and the forests
[16:44] javissariah: They had so little resources, theyt coudln't do much of anythign besides exist
[16:45] javissariah: As the empire to the north expanded, it came down to the cold lands
[16:45] javissariah: and met the elvish
[16:45] javissariah: Therein started a war
[16:46] javissariah: The elvish defended their lands very sturdily
[16:46] javissariah: Using natural arts
[16:46] javissariah: and developed skills from centuries of fighting for their existence
[16:46] javissariah: the empire fought with its techonlogy
[16:47] Anush: sounds about rith
[16:47] Anush: right
[16:47] javissariah: And with its vast resources (even given its clumsiness and inexperience with war) the north, after a long while, won
[16:47] javissariah: By this time there were many elvish, to meet the needs of war
[16:47] javissariah: And so they were brought into the society
[16:47] javissariah: as a low class
[16:48] javissariah: As any low class does, they breeded liek rats
[16:48] javissariah: The society became mroe stratified, with blacks and Italians above the elves
[16:49] javissariah: and blacks being /slightly/ superior to italians
[16:49] javissariah: But not enough to really cause any sort of strife
[16:49] javissariah: SEctist groups broke out
[16:49] javissariah: There was a lot of rebellion among teh elves
[16:50] javissariah: Soemtimes some italians, and rarer, blacks would join with them
[16:50] javissariah: Somehow the empire managed to keep itslef together through this instability
[16:50] javissariah: Especially since industrialism came along right at that moment in time
[16:51] javissariah: This just made teh problem worse for the elves
[16:52] javissariah: Now they barely had any means to rebel, or gain rights, since the upper two classes had superior strength and ability
[16:52] Anush: OK
[16:52] Anush: J
[16:52] Anush: all that
[16:52] Anush: is in a book
[16:52] Anush: I am reading now
[16:52] Anush: LOL
[16:52] javissariah: LOL
[16:52] Anush: it link
[16:52] Anush: in a group called the Raven
[16:52] javissariah: I'm jsut making this up off the top of my head!!
[16:52] Anush: hired warriors
[16:52] javissariah: I never read any book!
[16:53] javissariah: There was a underground force
[16:53] Anush: you are readign from memory
[16:53] javissariah: that develeoped
[16:53] javissariah: Very slowly
[16:53] Anush: yes
[16:53] javissariah: As tech advanced
[16:53] javissariah: Some of it leaked to the elves
[16:53] javissariah: AS can always happen, some elves were lucky enough to move up in society
[16:54] javissariah: Through various means and ways contrabdn forms of the tech developed among the underground
[16:54] javissariah: One sec
[16:54] Anush: Ok I think you need to pul all that in a blog
[16:54] Anush: you really must
[16:54] javissariah: OK
[16:54] javissariah: Lemme finish though
[16:55] javissariah: Given the illicit nature of the technology, there was much more freedom to experiment
[16:56] javissariah: Even though the upper classes did their own covert experiments on elves
[16:56] Anush: ok
[16:57] javissariah: The elvish technology soon started speeding along faster than the upper classes'
[16:57] javissariah: since, teh elves were hardy, clever  people by genetics
[16:58] javissariah: Eventualyl it caem to a head
[16:58] javissariah: !@#$
[16:58] javissariah: stupid distractinos
[16:59] javissariah: I think it was a terrorist elven group blew up a spaceship upon launching
[16:59] javissariah: Yeah, spaceships
[16:59] javissariah: Heh
[16:59] javissariah: And tehn started the First Great War.
[17:00] javissariah: Millions (billions?) of elves came out of the woodwork
[17:00] javissariah: Some refused to make war
[17:00] javissariah: Other started going arounbd blowing stuff up
[17:00] javissariah: The upper classes were not handling this ver ywell
[17:01] javissariah: One particaular organization came about
[17:01] javissariah: I get the sense it didn't belong to any race
[17:01] javissariah: Sort of an independent sect in its own way
[17:01] javissariah: I think it was started by some guy who came back from a trip to one of the Asian tribes
[17:02] javissariah: It very secretively would make certain events happen to influence certain events
[17:02] javissariah: There were many mind control experiments, Project Adrial was the first successful one
[17:02] javissariah: This technology abruptly ended teh First Great War
[17:03] javissariah: It was then sworn off (like nukes today) by the upper class, to never, never use it again
[17:03] javissariah: Even though of course they still developed it
[17:03] javissariah: The sect I mentioned earlier knew this and hated it
[17:04] javissariah: The elves were scared shitless for about eighty years
[17:05] javissariah: The sect continued along very secretively, nto having much power, but continuing the same thing (even though not all its members were elvish) of developing illicit weapons and in general trying to plan the demise of the indusrtialized, prejudiced society they lived in
[17:06] javissariah: They had cover terrorist groups
[17:06] javissariah: Esh-Neeron is the name of one of them I think
[17:06] javissariah: Tatultza is another one
[17:07] javissariah: And spies all over the government
[17:07] javissariah: Through a series of accidents, some planned, osme not, the elves were riled up again
[17:08] javissariah: There was a technology about that allowed protection from the mind control technology, at least partially
[17:08] javissariah: I want to say it was ome sort of helmet
[17:08] javissariah: adn some drugs as well


I am not going to even research this book called The Raven until I finish this.

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