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The Symmetry of " The Pleiadian Flag Ship Star Crystal" ..Explained

The Ships are "generators" that emit streams of negative ions that intermingle with the Ship's own free form energy. In other words, the Ship's ions and free form energies intertwine. The Flag Ship's free form force and condensed ionic negative energy compress this force and enhance it's density and polarities at the same time. Each atom of this force then expands itself and "links" to other atoms of the same molecular structure.

The Ships when completed are immediately activated, much the way a jumping bean functions when it is placed in a warm hand. The Flag Ships have teeny "sensors," you cannot see them but you can not only sense them, you can feel them. The moment they are hung they begin to "dance," they direct their own movement following an electromagnet current that at times can be seen. Oftentimes different prisms of light accompany the Ships during their "searching" and studying of atmospherics conditions and their own evaluation of whoever enters the house. The Ships act and react to prominent weather disturbances by performing a balancing act. They use polarity and the discharge of black noise to effectively promote stable weather patterns. This occurs even when HAARP and ELF frequencies are interfering with frequency and noise pollution. When you combine the self-contained energies of the Ships with crystals, the effect is awesome! The crystals function as not only further energy magnifiers, they most definitely "widen" the distances that the Ships energies encompass. They have the most unique affiliations with the copper and the shape of the Ship. Quite often you can hear the Ship "hum" and the crystals begin to emit heat along with Ship emitting heat.



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