By: John Smallman

This is a very difficult and stressful time for you all, especially as you pay compassionate and concerned attention to the vast amount of suffering and deprivation that is being endured by so many all over the world. The tsunami of Love is flowing powerfully and intensely through your illusory dream-scape. It is very effective and it is stirring up all your unaddressed issues which have been lying like mud or sand at the bottom of the pond that is your unconscious, the vast hidden area of your mind where all that you could not bear to face has lain hidden for eons. All that “muck” has to be released and cleared away so that the Light that each one of you carries with you constantly can shine forth brightly as divinely intended. As It does so you will become increasingly aware of the divine Light shining forth from others – your heavenly brothers and sisters, the beautiful children of God.

You are all brilliant and divine beings who have hidden your Light so well from yourselves that you have almost forgotten (indeed some have forgotten) that your true nature is an eternal and divine nature which can never be discarded or lost. It can only be momentarily hidden from view as you play your illusory games of separation. And, as you keep on being told, the horrendous era in which the illusion has been constantly presenting you with these painful and disturbing dreams is over, finished with, terminated. You are about to wake up, your awakening is imminent, and you do know this, so when you spend time in that quiet inner space, to which you all have access, allow that knowing to come to the surface of your awareness and embrace you. And it will!

Allowing is the secret, but what often happens is that you are so keen and impatient to receive answers that you do not allow yourself to “hear” the Holy Spirit, your higher Self, your favorite saints, guides or mentors, because your ego rushes noisily in to fill that quiet space with its own self-serving answer. It can’t abide quiet space! Discouraging distractions such as “I’m just imagining this” or “What’s the point, it’s not going to happen” or “Why would one of these spiritual entities waste their time talking to me,” then flood your mind.

You can all probably offer your own examples of personal and discouraging “favorite” distractions. This is because your egos desperately want to be heard, all the time! You have all been in situations where you are listening to someone and an idea pops into your mind that you just cannot wait to share with the person who is talking, so much so that you either interrupt to make your point, or you focus so intently on that idea that you do not hear the remainder of what the other is saying. It is the same when you meditate and seek guidance, distracting ideas occur to you and you lose your focus.

Meditation is a discipline that requires your focused attention and therefore you need to practice it seriously and regularly. Often you spend time sitting, intending to meditate, but other “important” stuff comes to mind distracting you. Then, suddenly, the quiet time that you had set aside has passed and you have to move on. But with practice you do become steadily more adept at disregarding the distractions that your ego tosses so enthusiastically into your quiet space. Persistence with your practice works, so persist, the odds of success are weighted heavily in your favor.

Guidance or answers from the spiritual realms are very softly “spoken,” gentle, unintrusive, so you do have to listen carefully and patiently, and that is very difficult for those of you brought up in the “high-powered, get it done” kinds of western culture where time is money and must not be wasted. As a result, you often respond with the first thought that comes to mind when dealing with a stressful or conflict-driven situation, and, as you have all doubtless experienced, it can frequently be the wrong one.

Meditation is not only an essential practice to allow you to gain access to your guides and receive answers from them on issues that concern you. It also trains you not to react too quickly, and possibly impulsively, in your daily lives when communicating with others, but instead to pause and make space for all the appropriate responses available to you to present themselves, putting you in a far better position to deal with whatever the situation demands.

So, yet again, I am stressing the importance of making “down time,” quiet time, uninterruptible time solely for yourself available to yourself daily. The stresses upon you have been increasing enormously as more and more of the deceit and corruption on which the world – the illusory world – turns is disclosed, demanding that you sit up and take notice.

The old days, when you thought that you could trust your duly elected governments and their agencies, and your supposedly “responsible” multi-national corporations to take care of the interests and well-being of the majority are long over. However, the hidden secrets and corrupt agendas that have been followed by those in positions of power and authority, whom you had been trusting to act on behalf of the general good – that whistle-blowers everywhere are now placing in the public domain – are shocking and very disturbing. To be shown how blatantly your trust has been betrayed is stunning, and then numbing as that betrayal appears to be forever ongoing and unending.

The only way to relieve the intense stress that this unfolding torrent of deceit and betrayal is causing is by taking time out, daily. In that time remind yourself that everyone, even one who appears to be totally evil and corrupt, is a holy child of God. When they, or anyone, behaves badly, it is truly a call for Love. Only those in severe inner pain – pain that they most vehemently deny – could behave so abysmally towards others.

In those quiet times you relieve your stress by reminding yourselves that your everyday world of deceit, suffering, and corruption is an illusion, and that only Love exists. Love is unconditional, undiscriminating, and totally accepting of all of God’s children. During those quiet times make and renew your intent to be Love in action in every moment. When you make that intent, and then hold it and demonstrate it, you are very effectively adding to the field of Love enveloping the world.

Love can be rejected or ignored, but It cannot be destroyed, eradicated, or overpowered because It is infinitely powerful, being All That Exists. As you make the intent allow the Love to wash over you and embrace you, feel It, and then forgive all who appear to be in opposition to It. Doing this is enormously powerful, it eases your stress and anxieties, and it truly does soften the hearts of those who seem most opposed to It, effectively wearing down their ill-advised resistance to It.

Of course many of you are already doing this, and some of you no doubt are feeling that it is having little if any effect. You could not be more wrong! Your loving intentions are changing the world and bringing all to awakening. Continue to do what you have been doing so well, and make a point of accessing your inner knowing which confirms your certainty that your awakening is imminent.

With so very much love, Saul.


About the Author:

Hello, my name is John Smallman.

I have been taking dictation from my friend Saul since 1995. He is a spiritual entity whose messages over the years have been inspiring and uplifting for me. In them he refers frequently to “Full Consciousness”, and below you will find his definition of this phrase. Now seems to be a very good time to start sharing these messages via a blog. I hope you find them of value. It is my intent to post a new message each Sunday and Wednesday.

Full consciousness is a state of being in which the individual entity – while maintaining a sense of personal identity – also holds the sense, or awareness, of being one with God and the totality of the divine Creation.

In this state, which is experienced — perpetually – for eternity – all knowledge, all memory, all wisdom is instantly available and known.

All is at peace, in perfect joyful harmony, and the totality of All That Is is completely permeated and suffused with an infinite abundance of unconditional love.

Nothing at all is rejected, discarded, or abandoned. All is accepted and totally loved because all of Creation is perfect.

And in the state of full consciousness, all know and experience this.

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  • I thought the same thing too, Stick. It's easy to understand the stress he must be under and I'm sure he feels a responsibility to his readership which no doubt just adds to that stress. He's a truly great man.

  • No problem, Stick. I also said it just makes it twice as nice. ;) John Smallman is undoubtedly one of the most loving channels and he's never written a thing that did not resonate with me. Even people who are not fond of channelers seem to love him...that says a lot. In Love, Light and Respect...Stick

  • & as for challenging stresses that are rearing their head in John Smallman's daily affairs, I know his wife suddenly passed a few months ago... undoubtably, he's still in shock & processing this. That he's maintained the focus to continue his 'messages' (only days after), is a testament to his Strength & Commitment to keep sharing Uplifting-Energies while faced with tragedy. Much respect to him.    

  • ~Just noticed you had already posted Smallman's new message, dear Avatar, sorry for doubling up. Then again, who said too much of a good thing has to be, bad ;-) I always find something in John's work that seems timely & resonates deeply... true Synchromystic, Positive Vibrations. ~InLight555



  • Unfortunately, Will, within the last week I've felt my stress levels extremely high and that's why I thought John's message was so timely. Not everyone is at the same place in their awakening and I'm glad you're not experiencing the same level of stress that some of us are. I'm sure the messages that Saul gives through John Smallman are directed also to him personally because he may be having that experience and it's a sure bet others are too.

    Thank you for your comment.

  • Your images are all so beautiful, Hellen, thank you!


  • I love this comment, Marique and agree. I know I have to keep reminding myself and taking time out...we've been stuck in 3D for so long that we need constant reminders of what we need to be doing. As friends we need to call on each other when we seem to lose our way. Poor Feather has been working overtime helping me this week...don't know what I'd without her...she is such a blessing.

  •  Thank you for this wonderful message.  John Smallman has such wonderful and timely messages that always touch my heart.  He is right about the stresses increasing lately...I have been virtually under attack from stress from situations in my life that are out of my control.  It seems that many around me are under attack from stress as well.  Just reading the post comments  here lately shows how stressed people are as they attack and bite at one another.  People are as always also stressed and angry that the governing powers seem to not care about the population, so many lies, deceits and wanton disregard for the well being of people....so many stresses, worry for the future, lack of healing about the past....No wonder everyone is stressed...Time to heed this message and center back to listening to the silence and listening to our inner voices and guides...not a time to shut everything out because we are so stressed.  I really liked the quote in this message:

    "The only way to relieve the intense stress that this unfolding torrent of deceit and betrayal is causing is by taking time out, daily. In that time remind yourself that everyone, even one who appears to be totally evil and corrupt, is a holy child of God. When they, or anyone, behaves badly, it is truly a call for Love. Only those in severe inner pain – pain that they most vehemently deny – could behave so abysmally towards others."

    I think that if we keep reminding ourselves that we are all connected and part of the godsource, that petty disagreements and differing ways of looking at things is pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things and that jibing and namecalling and being nasty with one another here is not productive nor does it lower stress, only makes it worse and greatly magified.  Let's uplift each other for our sameness as being all parts of the godsource and not concentrate on bringing each other down because of differing viewpoints and ways of expressing things and beliefs...That is what this message means to me.  It is a wonderful message if only people will take it into their hearts... 

    ( I noticed that I had commented on this piece before so I posted it here too, fyi)

    Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/the-stresses-upon-you...
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  • Sky, what do you do to clear your issues? Is it mainly through meditation or do you have some secret you can share with us. LOL

  • True, Feather and we're also probably having to clear some left over past life issues also. So much clearing so little time. LOL

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