The Starseed DNA Activation Journey
Dear beloved ones,
The Starseed DNA activation journey is a long, ongoing process. It requires patience, endurance, and perseverance, but the ultimate reward is worth it. It takes time to reverse engineer our own DNA, after all!
Starseeds are in a state of transformation. We are evolving into higher beings, so this does not come without its challenges. All of our old patterns and karmic issues must be dealt with before we can move forward into our next phase of spiritual development.
After reading this article, you will be more informed about who or what you are and what is happening in your body. Feel free to share this article with any other starseeds that may benefit from it.
The vibrational frequencies of the Earth are rising into alignment with the stars. This is called Cosmic Consciousness, and it is time for all of us to rise to meet our potential.
The ancient, spiritual practice of Kundalini Yoga seeks to awaken a dormant serpent power at the base of the spine, activating our dormant DNA and raising our vibrations. As we raise our vibrations, we will feel happier, healthier, more compassionate, and in tune with the Earth and those around us.
Kundalini awakening can be triggered by a number of factors, including:
 Being in nature.
 Deep affection for oneself and others.
 Theta brain waves.
Starseeds will often have these kundalini awakening symptoms as they begin to activate their dormant DNA. As they progress through the process, they will likely find that these symptoms lessen or completely go away.
The main symptom of the Kundalini process is the activation of your etheric and heart chakra. The etheric chakras are located just above your physical body, around 36 inches from your skin. They are usually invisible to everyone except those who are extremely clairvoyant or psychic.
Many of the physical symptoms come from heightened senses. Starseeds may have heightened sight and hearing, more smell than normal, and so on. Some starseeds even report having their taste changed!
The feeling of being hyperactive is a common one for starseeds undergoing Kundalini awakening as well. This can be triggered by spiritual experiences such as channeling and out-of-body experiences (OOBEs). The feeling of hyperactivity typically wears off after a few days or weeks.
Meditation can trigger many of these symptoms as well. When starseeds meditate, they are in communication with their higher self and/or guides, and this can be overwhelming at times if not properly prepared for or understood.
One of the challenges I've had in my life is that I can see, hear, and feel things that others do not. It's been a challenge because I didn't understand why my senses were so heightened and what was happening to me.
I've learned that when you are more sensitive, it's hard to fit into society because not everyone is so aware of their surroundings. And because I have always been an over-achiever, I have tried to push myself to be more "normal" so I can blend in with society.
However, this has led me to ignore my own intuition, but thanks to becoming more aware of my abilities, I have been able to learn how to use them for good.
I am now able to connect with nature, read people and situations easily, and even predict future events. But it wasn't easy for me.
During Kundalini's awakening, you may notice several other symptoms, such as strange thoughts and feelings, strange dreams, hearing voices in your head, waking up with a jolt out of bed in the middle of the night, and out of body experience. You might feel like someone is talking to you, that you can hear the voice of your guides, or that there are other entities around you. You might have strange impulses to go to someplace, but when you get there, nothing happens. All these things are normal Kundalini Awakening symptoms for a Starseed who is shifting into higher consciousness.
Tingling in the spine is another symptom. Your chakras may open up, which causes a lot of discomfort, but it will be worth it later when they start to spin correctly, and you begin to connect with your guides. You might start seeing spirits or hearing them talk to you. Physical signs of Kundalini Awakening include a sense of weightlessness and a sweet taste in the mouth. These are all completely normal if you are experiencing Kundalini Awakening symptoms, and they will subside after a while as your body adjusts to its new frequency.
A Starseed awakening can be a confusing time for starseeds. After all, why would your DNA change?
Starseeds have been awakened to their true origins and mission here on Earth to help raise the frequency of this planet. Many of us are here to do this in the physical realm, while others are doing it from their astral home.
As a Starseed, you may feel drawn to share your gifts with others while at the same time feeling very confused as to what is happening to you and why.
For many starseeds, the awakening can start at an early age, but for some, it does not begin until middle or late adulthood. Some people may have only one Kundalini Awakening, while others can have several throughout their life.
Many of us are awakening to our true divine nature and remembering our mission here on Earth, which is to heal the planet.
It is common for those who awaken to experience many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual symptoms, and they often ask, "what's going on?" or "Why am I having these things happen to me?" or even "is it normal?"
So, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you may be having a Kundalini Awakening. If you don't know what that is, it means you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. You are experiencing a new level of consciousness.
The purpose of the Kundalini Awakening is to open up your heart chakra and activate your DNA. The heart chakra and DNA are the most important parts of our bodies because they are what connect us to the Creator and allow us to experience the spiritual realms.
When this happens, inhibitions and fears lose their grip on our lives. We become more aware of things like spiritual love and other dimensions, and we start to feel peace in all aspects of our life.
It takes time for the Kundalini energy (the spiritual energy) to flow through our entire body. It may be more powerful at times, but usually, it is quite subtle. When it is less intense, it gives us a chance to get used to the new energies we are experiencing.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
A Galactic Federation Message For Humanity
Greetings, loving ones!
Yesterday I got a new transmission from our Galactic Federation. This message brought me a lot of joy and confidence. I'm hoping you'll get a sense of it as you read. I'm delighted to be able to share it with you:
"Dear Earthlings,
We of the Galactic Federation are here to help, to assist you and your planet Earth in the best way we can. We are aware that there are many of you who are still in shock as to what is taking place around you, but as soon as you can all see that we are real, we will help you in any way possible.
Many of you are having dreams of strange aircraft, lights in the sky, and so on. They are our crafts, and they will not harm you. They are here to assist the people who need assistance.
We have been working on your DNA for some time now, and there are many changes taking place in your body. You will notice a lack of fatigue, much more strength, and stamina than before, as well as clearer thinking.
This is just the beginning of a whole new existence for many of you on this planet Earth. Your society will change drastically over the next few months, and we ask that you try to understand that these changes have been necessary from our point of view.
Your solar system is under intense attack and manipulation by dark forces that have been in control for far too long.
The Light Forces are now in a position to take back control of your solar system. In the coming months, you will see a series of major events taking place, which will be the initial steps towards liberation.
These events might include some very surprising and shocking revelations about people who have been in power for a long time, as well as major and unexpected changes in your society.
The day of our existence being revealed is rapidly approaching.
At this point, it will be revealed that various alien races are visiting Earth.
Some of them have been working with the United States and many other countries, helping to advance their space programs.
The public will learn that an alien presence has been around for a long, long time.
Your physical reality is about to undergo a massive cleansing process so that light can be brought back to the surface of your planet. This cleansing process has already started and will continue throughout the year 2022.
You are entering the last phase of an epic battle between Light and Dark. The outcome of this battle will shape your future for a very long time to come. Your choices on this planet are now more important than they have ever been before.
This is the first time in nearly 26,000 years that your solar system has been graced by such a high number of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR). Your planet is receiving a daily average GCR dose of 60 greys.
This is the highest radiation dose rate ever recorded in the history of your planet.
Another important thing we would like to mention is that you are now the owners of all your solar systems. Together with the Galactic Federation, you are managing and administering your solar system.
We have been given clear instructions to remove any remaining dark forces from the planets in your solar system, as they no longer have any authority in your system.
The Special Forces of the Galactic Federation are working in your solar system. They are creating a barrier around your planet to stop dark forces from escaping. The barrier is not physical, but it is a high-frequency energetic field that dark forces cannot penetrate.
From this moment on, you are responsible for everything that happens within your solar system.
We are ready to help you if needed.
Let us clarify this in a different way, for it is very important. We are not talking about the end of the world, nor do we want to give you the idea that the world will end tomorrow, but we do want to help you understand what is happening in your world today and what will happen in the future.
There is nothing new under the sun, and nothing will be able to shake your ground because you are now becoming aware of what everyone else on your planet has experienced.
You are moving into a new phase of consciousness, and with it comes great responsibility. This is the time of great purification, which will bring you an enormous acceleration in your evolution process.
This great purification can sometimes be accompanied by many unpleasant experiences. In these moments, remember that you are one of the first to experience this acceleration and purification process.
You are pioneers that have agreed with your soul, before coming into this life, to have very intense experiences in order to help others through your example.
If you stay calm and bravely face these situations, you will be giving an example to those who will follow you in the next cycles of evolution. "
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
Taming Your Wild Mind
There are two ways to look at the mind: one is to see it as a thing, a tool, an object; the other is to see it as a process, a movement of energy.
Trying to understand your mind in the first way will tend to reinforce your sense of self, but trying to understand your mind in the second way will tend to dissolve your sense of self.
The problem with seeing the mind as an object is that you might start thinking that you're wrong, broken, or defective if your mind misbehaves in certain ways. You might think that there is something wrong with you because you can't stop yourself from being angry, or you can't stop yourself from having unkind thoughts about other people.
That's unfortunate because it leads to blaming yourself for problems over which you have little control. It also leads to seeing mental health issues as moral failings instead of biological ones – which reinforces stigma and makes people hesitant to seek help.
Trying to see your mind as a process or movement of energy—something that flows through you—takes all of this onus off yourself.
Once you start to become an observer of the mind, you will begin to see that there are a lot of strange and even contradictory thoughts that flow through the mind. Thoughts that come from your conditioning, from other people's influence, from your upbringing and culture. You see, a lot of the thoughts aren't really "you" at all.
Train your own mind by learning to be an objective observer. When the thought comes up, just say to yourself, "Oh, I'm having that thought again. Okay, so now I will observe it. Where did it come from? What else is going on right now? How is my body feeling as I have this thought? "
And when you learn to be an impartial observer of the mind, you can watch the thoughts come and go without getting caught up in them or believing they are really you. You can watch them like an outsider would watch someone else having weird thoughts—which gives you tremendous freedom from being reactive or conditioned in your thinking. Instead of believing everything your mind says, simply observe and question it: Who is thinking this thought? Is this thought true for me? Where did this thought come from?
It's as simple as sitting by the side of a river and watching the water flow past to become an observer of the currents of thought that run through your mind. Alternatively, while someone sits in the woods and observes the birds soaring through the sky, simply sit and observe.
Tune into your thinking mind and see what you find. You may find yourself surprised at the way it works. When you think about something, do you automatically believe it? The thoughts that pass through your mind originate in your consciousness. They are not you; they are simply thoughts – things that happen to you.
So start noticing when a thought enters your mind and ask yourself what it is that's happening. For example, if you're thinking about getting up from this chair to make yourself a cup of tea, what exactly happens? A thought comes into your mind about making a cup of tea. The moment it arrives, do you believe it? Did you know that most people don't question their own thoughts? But why should you believe every thought that enters your mind?
I would like to ask you a question:
What do you think about when you first wake up in the morning?
Do you have any thoughts or images in your mind?
If so, what are they?
Do you believe that your thoughts and images are real?
Do you believe that your thoughts and images are permanent?
Do you believe in your thoughts and images, even though they change from moment to moment?
How do thoughts and images come into being?
How do they arise and vanish from your consciousness, uninvited?
At the beginning stages of practicing this exercise, you will find it difficult to be an observer of your mind. You will have a tendency to believe everything your mind thinks.
The reason this happens is that we have been conditioned to believe everything our minds think. Being an observer of your mind is a new way of thinking that can feel awkward and uncomfortable at first.
But with time, patience, and practice, you will begin to see the benefits of being an impartial observer of your thoughts.
This simple exercise teaches you how to stop giving so much power over yourself to the contents of your own mind. As you learn to do this, the more power you will gain over the contents of your own mind.
Once you allow the momentum of your mind to slow down and eventually calm, you will begin to get a glimpse into what I call your True Nature. It is not the conditioned self-image that you have created but the deeper layer of awareness underneath.
Tune out of the speeding train of thought, break off your identification with the voice in your head, and you will begin to experience yourself as pure awareness – without judgment or opinion. This is where your true freedom lies.
Meditation is the best way to calm the mind and open your heart to God.
There's a lot of disagreement about what meditation is. Some spiritual traditions criticize meditation as something that separates you from the rest of the world. But this isn't true: when you meditate, you're doing nothing more than training your mind to focus on something that matters to you. You are not separating yourself because it's only by focusing down on something in this way that you can discover who and what lies behind all the thoughts and distractions that fill our heads.
Tuning back into yourself while tuning out the rest of the world is not a bad thing – it's an essential part of being present and awake.
The simple fact is that most of us go through life reacting to everything we feel, think, or experience. We are slaves to our thoughts, feelings, and sensations. In this state, we are not in control of our lives. We react to the world around us, and as a result, we create more problems for ourselves and others.
Trying to change without gaining some distance from your thoughts is like trying to bale water out of a leaky boat by scooping it up with another leaky bucket.
When you were young, you were probably taught that thoughts are an expression of your mind. In reality, they are not, and the distinction is a very important one to understand.
Treating thoughts as an expression of the mind makes you believe that there is a "you" behind them – and this causes you to feel the need to control them. You forget that they are just a passing parade of sensations, emotions, and thoughts.
You have no control over what passes through your mind. It's not up to you whether or not something will cross your mind at any given moment. Thoughts just pop up, seemingly out of nowhere. And yet, most people believe that they are responsible for them.
It can be easy to fall into the trap of believing that we have some control over our thinking processes: "I really should think about such and such," or "I have been thinking about this for far too long." But these types of statements reflect an incorrect assumption about the nature of the mind and its relationship with thoughts, which can cause unnecessary suffering.
With this practice, it is helpful to regard thoughts as neutral phenomena – neither good nor bad – in order to distance yourself from their content and resist judging yourself for having certain thoughts.
After you master the method of being an observer of your thoughts, you will learn who you truly are and what your true self is. Your entire life transforms as a result of that realization. And then miracles begin to happen. At that very moment, the Fifth Dimension will be ready to welcome you.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
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