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Over the course of many years putting together the spiritual pieces that make up humanity's current level of consciousness, it has crossed my mind time and time again that the real values of spirituality are not quite getting to where they should be.

There are powerful teachings that have been introduced onto this planet for thousands of years, yet very few are truly making their way towards the ultimate point of Enlightenment. Some may see this as an unrealistic goal; however all I see is the only reason the human race is even alive. Enlightenment is the process of accelerating our energy to the point of reaching a field of Unconditional Love and ultimately ceasing the need for material existence to define our lives. It is one of the most beautiful forms of ascension that we can achieve, yet I personally haven't heard about anybody achieving it for hundreds of years.

Why is it that humanity has not yet mainstreamed the idea of true soul progression? Where are all the Enlightened Masters who should be teaching people how to effectively move on? How can we as awakened souls actually do something about our process of realization?

The Origins of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is certainly not something that was innovated here on Earth, even though the origins of the word itself does have strong ties to Buddhism. The notion of what it means to achieve Enlightenment is a natural part of a soul's attainment of knowledge and consciousness throughout its full spectrum of lives. It is a Universal principle. Often those who have achieved a greater attainment of consciousness, feel a powerful need to introduce enlightened teachings to those who are still making their way through. Ascended Masters have been introducing the next steps humanity was to take since we were first able to comprehend what it meant to believe in something.

The first to ever achieve Enlightenment came forth as a Creator. What came afterwards was a highly complex universal light structure that repeated the process for each and every individual soul in its own unique way. The Universe had to first contrast the notion of not-Enlightenment before those souls could feel they were progressing forwards. It then sought to harness the greatest potential in those who did progress by giving them a choice. The simple act of helping those still making their way through, accelerated the process. The simple act of ignoring those still making their way through, didn't help anybody!

I like to think of Enlightenment as a small taste of what it means to be slightly more connected to the Creator. Even a small taste has the ability to completely infatuate your mind and leave you wondering what the hell you're still doing in Creation! These small tastes can be revolutionary for the soul. The knowledge that there is another step forwards creates a bright light at the end of the tunnel. It gives meaning and acceptance to our current form. It allows us to become something truly greater and more spiritually significant than another light bopping up ad down in the ocean of energy that we call our home.

Mainstream Spirituality Stagnation

Most of the accepted spiritual paradigms, such as reincarnation, God and Unconditional Love, set out a form of road map for the soul. All of this knowledge aimed to gently nudge us in the right direction. Yet for some reason nobody is getting anywhere in a hurry. I seem to believe Earth is a melting pot of various souls from around the Universe. A great many incarnated from Sirius, Pleiades, Orion, Constellation A, B, C and whatever other star system-- and so we have a really big group of people who have seen what it means to live in a higher consciousness society. Since everybody is from a different place, we all have different solutions for the exact same problem. Some people are suggesting we do one thing, others are preaching another, and the third group is saying we should all just let destiny take care of it. We all have an innate understanding of what might help humanity, yet there is no true unified spiritual understanding. Our melting pot is effectively working against us.

Many people believe Enlightenment is some unobtainable ideology from Eastern Mysticism. We are indeed still living in a world that has not seen a publicly known Ascended Master for thousands of years. Many of them have kept their sacred teachings to closed off inner-circles in an underground movement of consciousness. Till today, as conscious as we have become (insert joke about how humanity hasn't progressed here), I do not believe humanity would accept a publicly famous Ascended Master right now. There is still a very strong negative current that hasn't changed since the times of Jesus Christ. The false prophets are many; however the genuine intent to help are very few. When they are in front of us, we don't recognize the difference.

Quite a few people are of the belief that negatively polarized beings are controlling the influencers and shakers of our humble planet, springing up a myriad of victim-mentality excuses; however this does not explain why the individual cannot achieve their highest point of Enlightenment themselves. No matter how legitimate these beliefs are, they are still anchoring consciousness the way the greater masses need their realization process to unfold. Right now the mainstream of spirituality is; "we'd rather not". Society doesn't need to know about your personal attainment of Unconditional Love to accept you-- but you definitely do if You want to accept you!

The Spiritual Lifeboat

The Spiritual Lifeboat is a unique concept that was born in systems where the greater consciousness of those societies failed to achieve a great enough momentum of ascension for the individual's needs. When the ship is sinking, whether we "accidentally" decide to trip over into the lifeboats or build the bloody thing ourselves, we should feel a strong spiritual assurance that our soul will continue learning and growing to the point of Enlightenment-- no matter if humanity gets there or not.

The Spiritual Lifeboat is your soul's personal plan to start initiating your awakening process. No matter what stage you are in, no matter what stage your loved ones are in-- we all have the ability to make the conscious decision to start actively progressing forwards. We don't have to hit smack bang into Enlightenment tomorrow, nor do we even have to achieve the full heights of ascension in this lifetime, our soul continually learns and adds to our spiritual understanding on an inter-lifetime basis. What this means is that we keep learning with every lifetime we live. We may not take material possessions from the physical world, but our soul resonates with spiritual principles that it has already come across in previous lives. It is how we are able to classify a "new soul" from an "old soul". We are God's work-in-progress every single second of our existence. We have the conscious ability to set our soul up for inter-lifetime success!

What you need to do!

Buy the spiritually enlightening book World of Archangels! It actually teaches you a very powerful method of Enlightenment that you can actively work towards on a daily basis. Chakra Activations, God-self Meditations, and the simple act of becoming a more conscious human being is a great start to awakening your soul. The "I AM 'God'" principle by Ascended Master St. Germain was one of my personal unlocking tools. Exploding my energies out till I could no longer feel my body in a heightened state of Unconditional Love got me further than any other meditation. Believing I am God, that the Universe is my body, and that to genuinely express my conscious need to evolve was what got me to my most profound understandings.

Building a spiritual lifeboat isn't about trying to escape reality; it is about making sure your soul still isn't slumbering along with the masses. It is about feeling the need for change. The need to become truly alive! Is everybody getting serious about our spirituality, or we all still putting it off for a rainy day? How are we building our family's spiritual lifeboat? How about our closest friends? They still asleep or are they alive with you?! It is the small individual things we can do that sometimes make the biggest impact in other people's lives. We don't need another idea to fix the planet, what we need is the conscious will to implement something truly revolutionary in our lives-- the belief in our own realization. By actively working towards your God-self realization, it truly doesn't matter what the planet or society's consciousness is going through.

We, the spiritual people, need to get onto the right track before we can pave the way for others to follow. If we become bogged down with the World's problems before we start, we will remain in mainstream spirituality stagnation. Lighten your load, let go of the World's sinking problems, and drift into the Enlightened approach to life. I AM God, You are God; together we are the Oneness through Creation. God requires lengthened spiritual realization on the planet. If the individual requires a more accelerated approach, build a lifeboat and come meet me on Enlightened Island. I'll handle the cocktails and the fresh coconuts!

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