Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj!

The entities who are anti-life and have run rampant on Earth, in the astral, and other parts of the galaxy, are desperately trying to maintain control, and hold the consciousness of humanity within a lower spectrum of the energies of fear and panic.

They do this in hopes of keeping the shift from happening. This, is simply not possible. For the shift of Earth and humanity into the realms of light is the Will of the Divine.

The dark ones no longer have the power they once did, and are not tolerated to the extent they’ve been in prior times, where they destroyed entire planets. The shift continues, each day the waves of light grow stronger and more intense. And it is time for the changes to become more visible in the physical.

How each individual perceives the changes depends on their level of consciousness, their personal frequency.

As we have mentioned many times over, and now again, seek to bring your attention to the Heart Center. Align yourself with the light within you, and allow the waves of light carry you to the reality you match with vibrationally. Your Soul is in control, tune within, and feel the whispers of guidance of your Soul Self.

The upcoming events on Earth are humanity’s final test. Are you going to fall for the same old games of the dark, and give way to the fear? Or will you hold the light, grow through the challenges, and understand that this is not the end of the world? For it is only the end of the illusion. ~Kejraj

All the light to You!

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  • Correct Drekx, they are in great Fear now, for they have never had a uprising such as this one to deal with before in the many thousands of years that they have been in power over us and enslaved us, for this has never happened before that we would receive help both from the Creator and our ET Allies.. What they Fear most is that very soon we will surpass them by not only moving towards 4.5D at a unparalleled rate ,but on to 5D. As we give thanks to our Creator Father who is sending down all these New and most powerful cosmic energies along with our ET allies who are also sending down energies to help us raise our consciousness so we can raise our DNA to 6 and then up to 12 strands and change our composition from carbon base to Crystal base.

    And when this happens we will move to and pass 4.5D which is there limit, the Dark ones cannot go pass the 4.5 mark for the soul can learn nothing more from the Dark side but we can overtake them and will very shortly and when this happens we will then have power over them and we will destroy them in the process. That is there greatest Fear and rightly so. For we outnumber them 10-to 1.This will be recorded in all our future history books to prevent this DC evil empire from ever doing it again to us.And as an example to the rest of the universe how to overthrow them if they should try to rise again.
    This Event could happen as soon as mid 2024, for that's when some say the big Shift will happen or at least A Shift will happen, we can see it starting to happen now that we are finally into 4D. Timing is everything but it depends upon how many Sleepers that we light-workers can wake up and help them to re-program themselves according to the Divine Plan and move towards 5D and the new 6D Earth. That is our part as key-board warriors as above so below...We are all one. Comments welcomed to help make this happen. .Adonai Rev. Joshua
  • Actually rev, the dark are in panic mode over their inability to halt human evolution to higher 4D, then 5D......Their biggest fear is being on trial and becoming powerless and irrelevant, which is exactly what is happening...😉
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"Our collapsing timelines and the significance of what happened in 2012 is the topic of this discussion. Also discussed here are the numbers 13, 20, and 52 and the significance they have."
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