THE SEED BANQUE - Learning "The Jesus Thing"

Much love to articles, comments and podcasts I read and heard between July 7 and July 8 for inspiring this insight.

On the 5th and 6th, I was contemplating writing a "nasty" post on my personal situation berating and decrying the monetary system, the callousness of others and its hold or squeeze on persons such as myself. Instead, I continued to contemplate, and listen. (Seriously that system is on its way out, if you want you can try this exercise.)

At the edge of my despair and sanity, the insight was to do "The Jesus Thing". you know, the stuff Jesus said years ago, which was so hard for most of us to get because we were so deep in our forgetfulness.  

In our forgetfulness we allowed the outer reality to affect us, sometimes in ways we didn't like, and because we forgot we forgot, we forgot we were the ones who had allowed our outer reality to affect us in this way. the snowball effect ensued, and it was all thanks to precious free will.

To define the Jesus thing (this is delicate and challenging to word), what Jesus discovered is having an inner reality that is stronger than the outer reality makes the outer reality softer, and from there one can re-shape the outer reality consciously. This is the reason for "turning the other cheek", one is simply not allowing an outer event to affect one's inner reality in an undesired way. then one can choose to allow reality to be affected in the way one chooses.

This is why we would love everything and forgive everything, because it's all made of love anyway, and we are choosing to embrace that position, and not allowing ourselves to be wrapped up in events in such a way that they seem more real than our inner reality when in fact our inner reality is more real than the external event.

Then when the "hundredth Monkey Effect" kicks in, the outer reality will totally change, and that is the ascension being spoken of. Simply put, a failsafe mechanism was installed on Earth that meant that even if we forgot we forgot, the energies would eventually allow us to remember, if we choose it (free will).   It does take practice and learning, yet once learned, it is easier to do than it was to learn.

Again, this is why there isn't a "solid" timeline, because no one knows who or when enough of us learn it until enough of us have learned it. And it's up to me and you as individuals to learn it fast so that this can happen.

So I assert that my inner reality is stronger and more real to me than anything I perceive and interpret as outer reality. I am at the helm of my own soul in honor and love for the all.  So be it.



From the Seed Banque

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  • Good on you Fritz. Had to laugh, "be impeccable with your word" came to
    mind when I felt like ripping into some people for cruel comments they'd made... Why was I reacting? After years and years of changing my energy output to love in order to improve life and create peace, how is it that I could forget all of that - fun and games :-) Anyway very well said thank you xx
  • Hi fritz, thanks for sharing.

    Indeed, this is pretty much the conclusion I have come to as well.

    Of course, I am aware of how things operate in human societies and I have seen it for what it is and lately, some I have come in contact with are almost giving the game away, which is fine by me, lol.

    Whatever their intention is, one thing is obvious to me, they are saying loud and clear, stay calm and peaceful and in the moment and this moment I feel, is the inner reality you speak of, that is naturally one of peace, joy and freedom from all illusions.

    On fourth of july day is when these social meetings occurred with these other ones, one literally said, he does not love himself and the other was trying to bait me into an anger filled discussion of which I have no use for anymore.

    Of course, alcohol was the main instigator of this of which I do not partake, though I feel it was a learning experience anyway.

    peace love light

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