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Christ : Where two or more are gathered in my name, there shall I be to bless. And truly as I enter into this atomic structure (the body of the medium), as truly as I stand before you, I find myself rejected by a material world. I find myself rejected by the thoughts forces of anxiety and materialism.
It is a time when we must remember that we must not render only lip service to the spiritual Lord's Prayer. It is necessary that we unite our thoughts in a true Oneness and humbly open that spiritual way when we speak of that spiritual power which is residing in your atomic temple (the body).
We reinforce the spiritual power in our thought pattern when we praise its name. We pray, "Your kingdom come, your will be done, " so that the kingdom of spirituality shall forth in all its glory -in the body,(italic), in the temple, as it is within the spirit.
"Give us this day our daily bread." The day (italic) is not a material day. For the Day of the Spirit is unending, and that daily bread is true spiritual thought.
We render not a blessing to those who cannot in truth and in a humble way react in spirituality. "Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who trespass against us" : No, not a trespass in a mortal way, but those who spiritually scorn and condemn a true divinity that has been given you so that you may understand more than you already know.
"Deliver us" not (italic) from evil, the evil of a material life, but deliver us from all errors that we commit in scorning the thought that is contained within the creative energy. For, in all truth, in all ways you are within yourselves the power and the law. But the law commands you bathe in the radiance of spiritual light, not in a fleeting moment, but to have it constant and steady, no matter your material path.
Yea, I was and am a simple man. I am part of a creative force. I developed in a very long way of growth. Yes, I was a mortal man, a carpenter, and yet there stirred within me that creative force that urged me to find solitude within the breast of nature. There I entered a long and weary path. I did not meet evil. I did not meet a so-called Satan. I met only the negative thoughts which encompassed a material planet.
It was through the Door of Compassion that I saw radiance, and I cried in anguish that I might serve, that I might help the less fortunate. Then came a wondrous development and I was granted a deeper understanding. But in going forth to preach I found myself rejected. For in every camp I found dissension, avarice, hate and all the negativities that go into the carnal mind.
I preached, and I prayed, but there was not an ear to hear nor an eye to see. For they were more astonished, more awed by the powers I commanded to heal the sick and the blind than interested to foresee the coming events of that time.
It was a long time ago, as you know time, a long, long vibration away, yet your modern ways are the same. For Creative Energy records the pain and the anguish that are still paramount within your world. For your rituals, your statues, your idolatry, and your prayers still echo down the empty corridor that is called unbelief.
I was called before Pilate. And in their blindness all were concerned about my birthright (as "King of the Jews"). Yet, Pontius Pilate, for a fleeting moment in his spiritual wisdom realized who and what I stood for, yet in his timid spirit he agreed to the crucifixion. I regret it not. But I cannot honestly answer the prayers that ask my return. For I know the Pharisees of your modern times would deny my coming, and those who came to me in all belief asking for a healing would not be gaining a healing absolute, *1 for they would return to old material ways and wants.
They could not hear the true word spoken. And though it is written that no sign shall be given when spirituality invades your life, yet there is a spiritual sign given to everyone if he but pauses along life's highway, as Pontius Pilate did, to see the glory shining through. *2
There is hope and gladness in many hidden places. And it shall come to pass, when that way is opened to you, that there shall be a spiritual greeting that will awaken the mortal brain, a brain that sleeps within the cradle of death and does not wish to surrender what is termed material power.
I shall draw even nearer to you when that day comes. And it will come upon you in your waking hours, and not only to a few. For many are those that are now undergoing a spiritual test, a vibrational change, that they may know and teach. Yet for a while they will be scorned and ridiculed by those who will not understand.
The Church is not (italic) the way. It is not ( italic) the path. For there is not within your planet a religion that is true. For thousands and thousands of your material years there has been only ritual, an empty utterance to flatter the egotistical or to preach what brings only hopelessness to the tired spirit.
I come and advance ever closer, though I am rejected. But it is not in vain. For the Glory of Spirit, or Energy, or whatever name you prefer, shall transfigure you, and you, and you, with a radiant cloak that will be seen by many. And again they may gaze in awe and disbelief. Yet when the shadow passes there shall be students to bring about a perfection of celestial bliss on earth.
This will not come within a short course of time, yet it shall come. And though many persecute you, be kind and humble even as you are today. For humanity shall never know any true peace until it is realized in full spiritual force that there must be good will toward men.
It is not to consider creed or race, rich or poor, the karmic blind or the karmic deaf, but to know that the purity of spirit that glows within the atomic structure of the body cannot be defiled. The body has been only loaned to you, for a short stay, but in the perfection of thought you will find true peace within yourself.
In all simplicity reach out and pull it close to you. For all you have to do is to ask in simplicity, and if you are true in your asking, if there are no doubts, anxieties nor misgivings entwined in your thought, it shall be granted unto you.
It is possible now here on earth to love in a humble way. Love is yours to have for Eternity. It is purity of spirit. It is the gift of the Creative Force.
It matters not how this is brought into your lecture room. It matters not by whom. For you would not believe I was a simple man. You worshipped me as a Son of God, when everybody is a son of God, and in your workship and your idolizing me you have defeated the purpose of the prayer I have discussed.
Oh yes, I am ever near, ever constant in my frequency of vibration. I have thought with my own creative force how best to tell you, how to make you listen, how to ease your material load. Yet I find your present way is the same as it was many, many vibrations ago.
Yes, I came, and I have come many times, yet no one has known me. I shall come again, and I shall do my part, but not in such a grand way that I incur the wrath of a public that know not what they do.
I do know that I shall do all in my power to sever the material cord that destroys the spiritual growth. And even though in my humble effort I do not fully succeed, I know that day comes and is upon you now. The spiritual book shall hold the reins of truth.
So again, and again, and again look deeper, ever deeper, knowing and realizing that the fierce fires of suffering can be quenched with a simple thought : Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.
There is yet much knowledge forthcoming. For there still lingers within a secret cache the complete Book of Books, and when that time comes and the moment is best it shall be given to those who will teach. And surely these written words given here shall open the eyes of the blind and grant the deaf to hear. The change of utterances shall be vibrantly strong for all to know and understand.
I find no quarrel, I wish no quarrel with youth, but delight within me for I see nothing wrong in his present generation. I do know they are old spirits.*3 I do know they will play a great role in your future.
And wise are they who will champion their cause, for its foundation is truth, and the soil in which they plant that seed of development is spirit. They shall not be denied, even though they be persecuted at the present time.
Yes, they are old souls, yet masters of they know not yet what. Wise are those who seek their counsel, for they stand before the Gates of Peace and their cries have been heard. They shall not be denied.
The forthcoming Day of Days within the material world shall not be a material victory, but a renaissance of spirituality ; yet in its simplicity it will be overlooked by those who cannot see, cannot hear, cannot understand.
I shall not leave this vibration but come ever closer, not just to you here present but to all (italic) and bring forth a peace sublime and an answer to so many prayers that still are in the force of Creative Energy.

*1/ Healing absolute : From this and other communications we have learned that permanent healing comes from within the spirit of the person and requires spiritual growth or readiness. Christ could give temporary healing from his spiritual power, but if the person healed returned to his material ways, and did not follow Christ's spiritual light, and make it is own, his illness would eventually return.
*2 "Living Masters" of Baird T. Spalding
*3 Spirit : Among all animals, the spirit is individualized into permanent units of cosmic energy, into particular aspects of the universal creative energy of what is referred to as God or the Godhead. Such units are immortal, out of time, as is the God-Force, the All-in-All itself.
Among vegetables the spirit is not individualized. That means that there is a common consciousness among plants. Each is a receptive center of sensation and thought, but all are interrelated in a general consciousness. They are in constant relationship with each other, and are capable of receiving and understanding human thought. ( Read "Bringers of the Dawn" and others books of Barbara Marciniak. The Pleiadians ask to us to do "Toning " when we are in a garden, in nature, the plants know and say " Be ready, they are humans who come on "

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