The Second Soul Insights - Galactic Federation Member

The Second Soul Insight

Soul Insights by Andreana Ocean
About Andreana and the insights
Andreana Ocean among other things is a soul explorer who has set out to release a set of soul insights gathered from interviews conducted with souls. Some of these are currently incarnated in physical form and some not. The information is gathered using a number of different methods including but not exclusively regression and channelling and through different sources other than her own intuition and connection.
The information produced in these Soul Insights are not the views of Andreana herself; but a portrayal of the views of different souls. She is acting as a reporter and representative for the freedom of the expression of souls both through the people they are currently sharing a life with; from the guides of those people or other souls that have connected to share their view of this time and their own unique journey.
The soul story of Elyssa
Many people have heard of souls but if you ask people what a soul is then sometimes the explanation can vary vastly. My interpretation is our soul is us in our purest form; it is us at the highest vibrational point we have managed to reach. Our soul is the ever evolving version of ourself that is constantly seeking to explore itself through both positive and negatively based experiences.
This exploration through different circumstances and experiences then gives each soul or pure form the chance to make choices of who they wish to be. What part of their experience do they feel represents them more accurately and where do they go on their next step to knowing themselves more? Every part of creation has choice or free will; and how we use this can shape us completely.
Every soul has completely different goals; motivations; energetic makeup and creational purposes. Each soul journey or story is completely different to the next and by taking glimpses into their journeys we can find a little bit of their truth which can hopefully lead to the questions that may show you our own truth.
Depending on your own soul’s evolvement will depend on how you resonate and interpret the information from the soul insights as well as how much you are influenced by your human based emotions or are connected to your highest pure self.
The information here will bring forward different emotions in everyone and I am in no way asking anyone to take this as their truth simply to allow themselves the opportunity to expand their consciousness through the possibilities these soul insights give.
The first soul insight was of an incarnated soul whose guide is Elyssa. After making a connection in the first insight we are now going to connect with Elyssa to discover more about her soul story and the information she wished to bring through.
Andreana will be represented with an AO: and the soul or pure form PF:
AO: Can you confirm your name please
PF: Elyssa
AO: and are there particular subjects you would like to talk about
PF: Yes, my role within the Galactic Federation and the struggles of younger souls on your planet Earth
AO: OK thank you. Can we look first at the Federation. Are you a member of the Federation
PF: Yes I am
AO: and the Federation is made up of souls from many Universes
PF: Yes, and the numbers are growing from the original ones that formed the Federation. My Universe was one of the first to Universes to form the Federation and I have been part of it since its beginning
AO: Are you not from this Universe then
PF: I am from a planet called Eden, which is hosted in another Universe. Currently Eden souls do not incarnate on Earth
AO: Is there a reason souls do not incarnate from Eden
PF: The energy is very different on my planet and it is a difficult connection with the human energy vibrations as they are currently
AO: You say the human energy vibrations currently; are souls from Eden hoping to incarnate here at some point
PF: That is one of the things we are working towards; both the Federation and also other souls are helping to make that possible
AO: Is their incarnation on Earth important
PF: It would drastically improve the energy of Earth as well as uniting my Universe with this one. We have always hoped to come to Earth but the time has not been right
AO: Can you tell me more about the Galactic Federation; and your part within it
PF: The Galactic Federation are a group of souls from many different Universes and Galaxies that are dedicated to the development and evolution of creation. It was created to allow souls from other Universes to converse and help one another within set guidelines and regulations
AO: So there is an order as such to the energy movements between Universes
PF: There has to be and to make sure that everyone knows what is being done for the highest good and uniting our energy. In this way what we can achieve is magnified and we can all progress together
AO: I have heard of the Galactic Federation but some people I know find it a bit too star trek to believe in. Can you explain more about it
PF: Star Trek is a good interpretation of the truth. The things in your reality come from a greater truth. Is it so hard to believe that there are many life forms and that they would come together and form an organisation that wanted to unite all the Universes
AO: No I guess not and it sounds logical that it would be needed. Can you tell me more about the Federation and their work
PF: We work on many planets and within different Universes for different reasons but always with the highest good in mind for all. Sometimes we would be involved if relationships between species on a planet become hostile or we once went to a planet where many trees had been destroyed and these trees held memories; we needed to retrieve those memories and help that race find hope again.
AO: So does the highest good mean an outcome that is positive not just for that planet or Universe but for the whole of creation
PF: It does, and also that within different planets all species are treated equal. It is never acceptable for one to flourish on a planet at the expense of another.
AO; Do members of the federation have to train to be able to work across many Universes because energetically I would imagine that would not be easy
PF: A soul normally knows quickly if the Federation is for them and would base their development on this mission to be part of the Federation. Most see it as a calling and feel connected to this calling as early as they remember.
AO: Do Federation members incarnate
PF: It is rare for them to do so because it interferes with their ability to travel to other Universes. Our strength comes from our soul energy; incarnating can be damaging to this energy.
AO: So if you incarnate too much it is more difficult to travel and connect energetically to other planets and universes
PF: It can be yes and we get our strength from the amount of souls in the federation that do not incarnate. Our space travel is possible because we are all connected and our energy feeds one another and creates a strong force to be able to move across all time and space.
AO: When are the times that Federation members would incarnate
PF: On Earth now there are more than ever incarnated; although these numbers are still very low. They have very specific roles. One of them to create a better understanding of who we are and what we do so that humans can accept our help and also discover many truths that have been hidden from them
AO: So they are incarnated here because people struggle with the concept of the federation
PF: Yes, at the right time they will remember or help to be reminded who they are. Their stories are important. You cannot find your truth if you cannot accept the truth. The Galactic Federation exists and we help in more ways than the people on Earth can ever imagine.
AO: So you believe that it is important for people to believe in the Federation
PF: At least to know what we stand for and not fear our role or dismiss it for now
AO: How would you describe what you stand for
PF: We stand for freedom and equality among all life forms
AO: Has the Federation had to fight for that belief
PF: It is something all in the Federation feel very passionate about and we do have warriors who have had to battle when needed
AO: You are guiding a soul on Earth at the moment and he is working with animals both in helping their spiritual development and also in our connection and development concerning animals. Are animals part of the Galactic Federation
PF: Yes; there are many species and life forms; it is essential that all are represented through the Federation
AO: So is one of the key things about the Federation their diversity of life and pure forms
PF: Yes it is; that forms the foundation of who we are. No one is above another
AO: What are some of your key roles within the Federation?
PF: The key areas that I specialise in are making alliances and agreements between Universes. I also work with developing souls that wish to incarnate or move between the Universes. My current mission is concerned with helping young souls on Earth and in preparing for new souls to come to Earth.
AO: So can you tell me more about these souls and what the details of your work with them involves
PF: Many souls struggle when coming to Earth and for younger soul’s incarnations can have devastating effects on them. Your planet is not a very nice place for a pure form
AO: In what ways do they struggle or what do younger souls find hard about being on Earth
PF: It is currently a very negative planet and the way that you treat one another is harsher than on any other planet. There is a lot of brain washing and sub-conscious programming that limits what people can do and over all it is a very oppressive society
AO: Wow; is Earth viewed like that from many souls
PF: There are many who will not incarnate on Earth or who have incarnated and cannot imagine being able to again. Your current energy crushes the soul and you do not let people on Earth grow and flourish. You exist within bubbles of ignorance and try and crush anyone who dares to speak out or move against your set beliefs; most of which you borrow from society, your parents or other means; they are not your heart felt believes. Most people never discover their soul or live with that energy. It is suffocated within you and for many souls coming to Earth is very har
AO: I can feel your passion about this subject; I can also feel sadness
PF: It is devastating for some souls that come to Earth yet Earth desperately needs new souls with different diverse energy to lift her. We do not want to encourage these souls to incarnate just to see them struggle and then to feel that they have failed
AO: What struggles do younger souls tend to go through; or how do these struggles show themselves in human traits
PF: They are more prone to addictive behaviour especially habits that allow escapism such as drugs and alcohol. Many will not live long lives on Earth
AO: So if the soul is struggling then the person can live a shorter life than a soul that flourishes with their human host
PF: Yes; and yet these souls if helped could thrive and live wonderful lives; bringing with them gifts of knowledge and amazing energy. You are missing the most astounding gifts from creation in the form of these souls because you do not allow or help them to show that part of themselves
AO: So is it the lack of spiritual education on Earth that causes some problems
PF: That is one of the reasons yes. It is also your limited minds and aggressive behaviour. Souls do not experience these negative emotions in the quantities you have on Earth and it is a shock to them. In pure form every soul is nurtured and guided; encourages evolving and becoming the best version of themselves. They are always loved and feel this in abundance as well as acceptance for who they are above all
AO: So the negativity combined with lack of spiritual guidance means that younger souls get lost within their human life
PF: Yes
AO: What do you believe needs to happen to prevent souls and people from suffering
PF: Understanding of your spiritual self; nurturing and encouragement to express and an expansion of consciousness so you have answers to your many questions as a race
AO: Are we moving more towards that on Earth now
PF: Slowly, yes it is changing but people must keep pushing forwards to allow this change and break free of your chained minds
AO: You mentioned souls from your Universe Eden. Are there plans for more souls to incarnate from Eden in the future
PF: It is essential that they do
AO: Are they hoping to come here soon and what can be done to help them
PF: There are immediate plans for some souls to start incarnating from Eden. We are hoping to choose hosts that are more likely to discover about the soul so that they can receive help connecting with their host
AO: So for these souls to incarnate successfully it is essential they know about their soul
PF: Yes; it is important for everyone and would benefit everyone but for these new souls it is essential
AO: So have they been waiting for a time on Earth when there was more spiritual knowledge and acceptance before coming here
PF: We have all been waiting for the right time and now Earth is moving forwards as she should be, it is soon time
AO: Are we going to see drastic changes on Earth now
PF: The next three years you will experience things you never thought possible; the veils of the illusions are lifting; it is time to take off your chains as a race and begin to break free of the mental controls forced on your society. In three years time your planet will not be anything like it is now
AO: As well as Eden souls coming to Earth are there any other changes or information you would like to express
PF: Just to find your soul; learn about this part of yourself and how to live with that part of yourself. It will change your life beyond what you can imagine. Start living and not existing
AO: Are there souls that you know would like to connect and share their stories and views within the insights
PF: Yes; David is a Seraphim and he wants to connect, there is also a young soul who has just finished an incarnation. Her name is Suki and I would like her to share her experience so you can understand firsthand what her struggles were and how we can avoid this in the future
AO: Thank you for sharing your energy and information with us
PF: You are welcome
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