The role of the Veil...

"It is quite common in your so called "spiritual circles" to consider the "intellect", the "ego", the feeling of separation and the veil as something "bad", something to fight against...It makes us worry because this attitude is the real "negative ego", the real separation and the real veil...

WE created all those devices as tools for the richness of your experience....All those illusory shapes given to the plastic void are just ways to enhance and potentialize the" game of life"...Without the belief in separation you would never fall in love, never make love, never enjoy climbing a mountain, never create a business, never do anything,... You would see only oneness and never be tempted to believe any of those fleeting mirages you actually love to ride on...

As a consequence your hearts would not have got the capacity you developped from the illusion of separation...What you call "death" gives you a perspective for experiencing a quality of love eternity can never give, a sense of importance of getting things done at some point that would never exist in infinity...Imagine your loved ones forever sharing with you an eternal life as a couple or as a child or as a parent...

That's why we designed together those rules as a neural software for this amusement park called "Earth..."And to make the game more fun for the ones who chose to experience it we used "amnesia" to allow a full enjoyment...The Divine play suppose full implication...Imagine falling in love and being able to think : "Uhu...I know it's just a game"...It would be like playing chess with yourself...

Now, it is time to understand your true Identity...I mean, it is time to know how every inbuilt device have a purpose. You have been using your "body-mind spaceship" without any understanding of the way it was designed, it is time to read the 'Instructions booklet"...

Stop fighting the veil and the ego or you will break your whole experience and get the side effects we see as a kind of "implosion" often called in your medical circles as "depression".

Things have been designed by us from the base station and you before you left. We are sending you this messages now, to remind you that it was programmed from the beginning of the "experience" that at some point the base station will contact you to help you move to the next step of integration, the understanding of your "Self Identity"..."

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  • That's why it's here...glad to see you ready for the "upgrade"...

  • yessssss, i can relate to this ...... dont ask me how why etc but it all rings through

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