THE RIDDLE OF LIGHT AND DARK:  Colors and Musical Tones Create 28 Universes, plus Ascension / Completion! Also, LION'S GATE HIGHER-DIMENSIONAL PORTAL - In Chinese and English
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By Sananda
channeled through Deb Wright of Project: Eagle Triad


All right…I have been given permission by SOURCE to tell you a story.  May I tell you a story? Is everyone listening?

Once upon a time, before humans came into Being, there was Light…lots and lots of Light.  For, in the Beginning, let there be Light.  And that’s all there was, was all different shades of Light.  And in this Light, you could dance.  And the Purple Light would dance with the Pink Light, and the Pink Light would dance with the Red Light, and the Red Light would dance with the Blue Light, and the Blue Light would dance with the Yellow Light, and so on, to where all Light danced, and it danced for the Glory of Light.  Then things changed.  Sound came in.  Sound sounded different when Purple danced with Pink, as opposed to when Purple danced with Blue.  Blue sounded different when it danced with Yellow as to when it danced with Green.  So all the colors decided to see, in their dance, how much Sound could change.  And they found that there were  many Tones to be had, and in the Tones that were had, the dance either became quicker or slower because the Tone, itself, determined how quickly the dance was or how slowly the dance came.  

So all Purple Light decided to shatter.  All Blue Light decided to shatter.  All Red Light decided to shatter.  And they decided to make up as many Tones as possible.  And when they shattered, they magnetized two opposing Colors, because they wanted the dance to be fast and joyous.  And this brought about the first 'PHYSICAL UNIVERSE.' 

The Dance of Light discovered that not all of the combinations could fit in that first physical universe so they left it, and they danced again.  This time they dancedslower, thinking, “Well, if fast dancing will not hold us all, slow dancing will surely hold us all”.  Thus was created the second physical universe.  It still could not hold them all, so they would take off and try another dance.  Sometimes it would be fast and then slow, sometimes it may not even move at all.  And for each combination of Light and Sound making a Dance, thus, a new universe was born…until there were 14 universes, and these 14 universes felt that they were the perfect Dance of Color and Sound. 

And then Darkness came into Being.  And the Darkness threw shadows upon the Light, and the Darkness caused the Tones to change.  And each of those universes broke in half.  There was to be one containing all Light, and one containing all Dark.  There is no differentiation between Light and Dark.  Why?  Because they make ‘depth’ when they come together.  Therefore, there are times where you can figure out if you are a Light Universe or a Dark Universe.  And the perfection that you strive for is the depth to find your sister Universe, to come back together. 

You have what every one of you have been asking for…the answer is contained within that riddle, because the only answer to all questions is ‘Completion’.  And that is why you are here.  Some of you Tone fast, some of you Tone slow, some of you Dance Light, and some of you Dance Dark.  Some of you are Purple and Yellow, some of you are Purple and Green.  And you all have combinations that will bring about your completion.  Sometimes Purple and Yellow dance very well with Purple and Green, all you have to do is decide if you’re Purple and Yellow ‘Light’, or Purple and Green ‘Dark’.  Because, in order to have the ‘depth’ you must have the Opposition.  

Ahhh…the story is never over, it shall go on and on and on...  Find your Color, find your Shade, find your Tone…and you shall be Complete.  All answers will be laid bare before you.  All you must know is, Darkness is still Light, and Light is still Dark.  Purple is Purple, whether it’s Purple/Yellow, Purple/Green, Purple/Blue, Purple/Pink, Purple/Orange, Purple/ Polka dots.  It’s still Purple.  The only thing you need to realize is, to be ‘completed’ Purple, of ANY shade, you must have Purple Light and Purple Dark.  And if you’re Purple/Yellow, you must have Purple/Yellow Light and Purple/Yellow Dark.  The Opposition brings Completion…in all things, in ALL things. 

You take your heart, you cut it in half…you have Opposition.  You take your brain and cut it in half, you have Opposition.  The perfection within the human body is bringing the Opposition into a Whole, a whole heart, a whole brain, a right and a left together.  The Light and the Dark together.  And together it is still Light, just as one side of your brain is still ‘left’.  It’s still Dark, just as the right side is still ‘right’.  But it’s a left and a right of a Whole.  The Light and the Dark of the Whole.  Follow the Tone.  The Tone will lead you to your Completion.  You were taught the Tones
[in all dimensions] of one Dance…one Dance. 

If there are 28 universes…28 universes…each universe has a multitude of Tones, and they are all variations of each other.  And only when you follow theTones can you find the Completions.  This planet has its own Tone.  This sun has its own Tone.  The Central Sun of this universe has its own Tone.  Each galactic part of this universe has its own Tone.  And they are all variations of each other.  If you can identify the Tone of your sun, you can be warm in the middle of a glacier because the Tone of that sun will bring you warmth.

If you know the tone of Pluto, you can be cool in the Sahara Desert.  All you need do is say/sing the Tone.  The universe is made up of Tone and Light.  Those are the only two Keys you need for anything…anything.  Your Soul gives you Tones all the time.  You’ve heard them.  That Tone is for a reason.  Your Soul is saying, “Here it is, here’s the Tone…pay attention.  This is what you need”.  But you must acknowledge and you must remember.  For the Language of Light is Pure Tone. 

Wah-So…[tone and color, meaning:] ”Creator of all things”.  Two Tones make one word.  Understand?  You have been given the basis of the Language of Light [in the Unity Consciousness classes]; see what you can make.  You have been given the Key.  All any linguist needs is a Key, and that you have been given.  Learn to speak Light, and all Light will obey you.  That is your gift from me on this day! <grin>  [the tone of G is sounding on the wind-chimes outside]
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Lord Ashtar (channeled through Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad)


Greetings, my brother and sisters, it is I, Ashtar, with you once again to bring you what might be considered an extention of the meditations you have been doing... For there has now been a Pathway of Love spread throughout the Earthly kingdoms in preparation for the energies that are to come through the stargate opening beginning in mid-week and continuing on for several days after that. Due to the great importance of this meditation we are asking YOU PRESENT AND FUTURE EAGLES to do it for two of your weeks, rather than the one week that is our normal practice.

The opening of this stargate, which you call the Lion's Gate, is allowing the entry of the New Earth templates and the codes that they carry. These will be encoded into the new Crystalline Grid and then dispersed
from there into the grids connecting all kingdoms on your planet, and we are asking the Eagles to be the conduits of Love for these energies to flow out through the Pathways of Love that you have just co-created in your last meditations. Before beginning, you are reminded to perform your protocol alignments (GROUND, CENTER, AND ATTACH TO SANANDA'S EAGLES), and then proceed thusly:

You are asked to state your intent to connect in consciousness to the Crystalline Grid now surrounding and interpenetrating your planet. Then you are to state your intent to be connected to the stargate energies. It is not necessary that you visualize `location' of origin for these energies; simply state your intent to align and connect to the energies coming through it, and it will be so. Please spend the first five minutes of this meditation allowing these energies to align within your heart space and integrate within the Crystalline Grid.

For the second five minutes you are asked to send these energies, surrounded by the energy of Love, to the Human Grid on your planet.

For the third five minutes you are asked to focus on sending these energies to the other non-human beings on Earth; all the kingdoms of land animals, plants, and marine life.

And we are asking an additional five minutes onto this meditation, in which you then send these energies to the heart of your Mother Earth.

These, my brothers and sisters, are the energies and templates to bring about all the changes you have so longed for: a perfected physicality and changes in your DNA which will restore the Original Plan for Earth and  all her inhabitants. And so it is. I AM Ashtar.




我们传达给我们全球的银河系列在中国,德语,葡萄牙语,法语,英语和西班牙语。你有15分钟或更长时间,每天贡献的这个星球,太阳系,银河升天?如果所以,接触janisel的(((上)))  -




曾 几何时,在人类出现之前形成的,有光灯......很多很多。因为,在开始的时候,让我们有轻。而这一切,是所有不同的光。有鉴于此,你会跳舞。紫光会跳 舞的粉红光,粉红光会跳舞红灯,红灯会跳舞的蓝色光,蓝色光与黄色光会跳舞,等等,到了那里所有轻跳舞,跳舞光的荣耀。然后,事情改变了。声音进来的声音 响起不同的紫粉红跳舞的时候,而不是紫跳舞时与蓝。蓝响起不同的,当它与黄色,绿色跳舞的时候跳舞。因此,所有的颜色决定去看看,他们的舞蹈中,有多少声 音可能会改变。他们发现有很多色调,并有音,舞蹈变得更快或更慢,因为确定的色调,本身如何快速的舞蹈或舞蹈来慢慢。


光 之舞发现,并非所有的组合可能适合,所以他们离开了,第一个物理宇宙中,他们又跳舞。这一次,他们dancedslower,想着,“好吧,如果快的舞蹈 将不再持有我们所有,慢舞一定会容纳我们所有。”因此,创建第二个物理宇宙。它仍然无法容纳所有这些,所以他们会脱下,并尝试另一种舞蹈。有时,这将是快 和慢的话,有时甚至有可能不会在所有移动。而对于光线和声音,使舞蹈的每一种组合,因此,一个新的宇宙诞生了......直到有14个宇宙,这14个宇宙 觉得他们是完美的舞蹈,色彩和声音。

然 后黑暗走进。黑暗投下了阴影光后,造成的黑暗色调改变。这些宇宙爆发了一半。有是一个包含所有的灯,和一个包含了所有黑暗。有没有在光明与黑暗之间的分 化。为什么呢?当他们走到了一起,因为他们“深度”。因此,有次在那里你可以计算出,如果你是一个宇宙光或黑暗的宇宙。和完善,争取找到你妹妹宇宙的深 度,一起回来。

你 有什么你们每个人都被要求...答案是包含在这个谜团,因为所有问题的唯一答案是“完成”。这就是你为什么在这里。你们中的一些音快,你们中的一些音慢, 你们中的一些舞步轻盈,你们中的一些舞蹈黑暗。你们中的一些人是紫色和黄色的,有些人是紫色和绿色。你都有组合,将带给你的完成。有时是紫色和黄色的舞蹈 非常好,紫色和绿色的,所有你必须​​做的决定,如果你是紫色和黄色的“光”,或紫色和绿色'黑暗'。因为,为了有“深度”,你必须有反对党。

啊...... 故事是从来没有过的,应当和...找到你的颜色,找到你的阴影,找到你的音...你应完整。所有的答案将被戳穿你的面前。你必须知道的是,黑暗依然清淡, 仍是黑暗和轻。紫色是紫色的,无论是紫/黄,紫色/绿色,紫色/蓝色,紫色/粉红色,紫色/橙色,紫色/圆点。它仍然是紫色的。唯一你需要认识到的是,' 完成'紫色,任何树荫,你必须有紫光,紫暗。而如果你是,你必须有紫/黄紫/黄灯和紫/黄暗。反对党将完成......所有的东西,所有的东西。


如 果宇宙有28 ... 28宇宙...每个宇宙都有众多的音调,他们都是对方的变化。只有当你遵循theTones,你能找到完成。这个星球上有它自己的音。这个太阳有它自己的 色调。中央太阳这个宇宙有其自己的音调。每个星系的一部分,这个宇宙有其自己的音调。他们都是对方的变化。如果你能确定你的太阳的色调,可以是温暖的色 调,太阳在中间的一个冰川,因为会带给你温暖。

如 果你知道冥王星的语气,你就可以在撒哈拉大沙漠凉爽。所有你需要做的是说/唱音。宇宙是由音频和轻。这些是仅有的两个键,你需要什么...什么。你的灵 魂,让你音所有的时间。你听说过他们。那口气是有原因的。你的灵魂说,“这里,这里的音...注意。这就是你所需要的。“但你必须承认,你一定要记住。光 之语是纯音。

华 那么... [色调和色彩,意思是:“万物的创造者”。两种音色的一个字。明白了吗?你已经拿到团结意识类]光[语言的基础,看看有什么可以做的。你已经拿到钥匙。任 何语言学家所有需要的是一个关键,这说明您已获得。学习说话轻,所有光线会服从你。这是我在这一天你的礼物! <grin> [G的语气听起来风编钟外]

现在开始你的地勤人员的使命通过接触janisel(((上)))  -


问 候,我的兄弟姐妹,这是我阿西塔,与你再次给你带来什么,可以看作是一个延伸的冥想,你一直在做...对于现在已经有准备的能量是通过星际之门开在周中开 始,并持续了好几天之后,整个尘世王国爱蔓延的途径。由于我们都在问你现在和未来的老鹰做到这一点对你的两个星期,而不是​​一个星期,是我们一贯的做法 冥想重视。

这 个星际之门的开放,你叫狮门,让新地球的模板和代码,他们携带入境的。这些将被编码成新的结晶格,然后从那里分散到电网连接你的这个星球上所有的王国,而 我们要求的老鹰是为爱而这些能量的管道流出,通过爱的途径,你有只是你最后的冥想中共同创造。在开始之前,你提醒执行协议路线(地面中心,并附加萨南达 EAGLES),然后继续正是如此:

意 识结晶电网现在围绕你的星球和互连接,系统会要求您说出你的意图。然后你说出你的意图被连接到星际之门的能量。这是没有必要的,你可视化'位置'这些能量 来源,只需说出你的意图对齐,并通过它来连接到的能量,它会如此。请让这些能量对准你的心脏空间内整合结晶电网内度过的第一个五分钟的冥想。




这些,我的兄弟姐妹们,你如此渴望的所有更改:完美的肉体和你的DNA的变化,这将恢复原计划对地球和她所有的居民带来的能量和模板。因此,这是。 I AM阿西塔。

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