The re-birth of our planet- GFL message

The re-birth of our planet- GFL message

Dear ascendees,

Lord Surea (the soul of the galaxy) has honored this solar system with the law of divine grace to open the path of galactic evolution from the 3D to 5D.
We are entering the age of Aquarius which is the end of a 13,000 year cycle, from Leo to Aquarius. This concludes our physical plane experience on the Earth.

Some of you may know that aetheric energy was discovered on Earth in the early 1900's by Tesla and other scientists, but it has always been supressed by the cabal, not allowing humanity to benefit from it's general use.
Tesla discovered wireless electricity which can be extracted from the aether, but the dark corporations only permitted grid electricity, which the energy companies charge a price for... So free energy has been kept secret from the general population.. One reason why the GFL stepped in to aid planetary birth and ascension.

Humanity is currently unable to function within the sacred role of planetary guardianship, which instead has to be conducted by beings from Agartha and other higher dimensional systems of consciousness.
They use Exotic technologies combined with ritual work, similar to ancient Lemurian shamans, with high technology. This takes place at all the planetary node points, ceremonies are conducted in the air, under water and also in higher dimensions.

Earth is monitered by the GFL at all times, the task is keeping the atmosphere, biosphere, plants, animals, minerals enhanced, vivified and kept in viable order, there is however a limited amount of help they can offer Humanity, as we must evolve to take on this role ourselves and as we advance that help will diminish, we are destined to take on this role as ascended beings.
The incoming energies of evolution radiate from the Galactic core, which is the defining energy of the galaxy's heart and impulses this solar system, along with the synthesising theme of Aquarius, eminating from the Aquarius constellation.. Like two tones of a musical scale. One of these energies is called synthesis, it's impulsing a union between inner and outer Earth and the bridge between terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, these energies are invoking a mass awakening amongst human beings.

As we know, the world is hollow and we have a seventh continent called Agartha located inside inner Earth. The capital city is named shamballa, which is directly below Tibet's surface city of Lharsa.
The GFL command base is located near Shamballa and this is why so many UFO sightings are witnessed, coming out of seas, mountains, poles, secret tunnels in India, Nepal (near Tibetan border), in the Andes mountains, South America and in Meso-America.
This concludes that many of the ships are coming directly from Agartha and not always from space as we would usually expect.
Although we like to mention the GFL as a whole, we must remember that Agartha is the primary driving force for the evolution of Earth. The Agarthans are able to navigate on the inner and outer Earth and assist our ascension in many ways. They look forward to reuniting with us as a GFL star nation, which will be named the 'Solarian Star Nation' when we Earth humans ascend to the 5D.. This star nation includes inner and outer Earth, Mars, Venus and Pax. Soon we will be able to use the wonderful technologies that have been kept from us for far too long..

We have gone full circle on Earth and are lucky to have assistance in these times, to aid us in our evolution. The galaxy has honored the Earth's status as an ascended world and this means that nothing can prevent destiny from taking place.

We look forward to what is coming...!

Love, light and blessings..


Lieutenant Movella

GFL Ground Crew

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  • Lord Surea is the Galactic Logos, as mentioned. Worth reminding all that there are Logoic beings upon the solar and planetary levels, also...Great Heavenly beings such as the Planetary Logos; Lord Yahweh (Sanat Kumara, Rex Mundi, ancient of days, Jehovah.) And the Solar Logos for Solaris (Sun and planets ensouled as one) Lord Aten....
  • This truth is worth repeating.....!!
  • Glad to hear that Justin..:)
  • Well written Movella i enjoyed reading this makes me excited about whats to come.
  • Thanks both! I will try to do more.. :)
  • thank you Movella, maybe you should do this more often :))
  • Thanks Movella...the team appreciate this recap...
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