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I had a great talk with Peter Colla about the Power of God and more.
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  • Having nearly died myself 5 times from diseases in the last 15 yrs, I truly understand this video and the author who also nearly died. I saved myself both with Gods help, herbs and a strong belief in my mission here on this planet earth. The earth people are very sick from being poisoned by the deep state, in body mind and spirit. Much healing is needed now and in the future for the society as a whole. You don't need to be in 5D to be healed. 4D will work fine and to get into 4D all you have to do is Wake up. People are now waking up by turning to God the Father. The Med Beds are great but still a ways off and they only heal the body and not the mind or spirit, so we still need to heal ourselves by natural means and the power of God and finish our Mission, our function for being here which is to Ascend into the higher dimensions and go into the new earth where ever it may be. Adonai
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