Ah, how you are beginning to feel the effects of the alignments you have been given recently, in the most intense of ways that they could offer...The efforts of many ascended sources who are being brought through as of late, have included those of trying to expand your perception and your understanding of just how wide and infinite this Creation really is...You are now in the final stretch, and the last attempts of control by the dark heads who have controlled you for so long are now being made...You are literally the strongest and most Lighted of souls to ever incarnate upon the surface of this world



Note from Wes: Bringing through sections of this message brought me to tears. I hope this communication is helpful to you along your path, no matter where you find yourself at this time and who you find around you. :)



Ah, how you are beginning to feel the effects of the alignments you have been given recently, in the most intense of ways that they could offer. We have been assisting you in any and every way that we can with the integration of the intense lessons that such alignments have been and will continue to be bringing you, and whenever you call upon us for any specific purpose, we leave our energetic ‘residue’ to assist you in many other endeavors you will find yourselves undergoing throughout your experiences after directly connecting with us.


The Divine qualities are being brought forth through many of you and balanced out and this is indeed a continual process that must be undergone with Love, grace and Joy. The act of balancing is one that is very important in your experience and in your finding of the energies and feelings of the higher realms that you have been growing toward, continually and purely.


Balance has always been a key, essential component to your experiences and the finding of balance has itself been a continual process in yourselves for the polarities fed and instated on your world have truly taken on impressions and Lives of their own.




You have been taught for many of your Lives to always be on the certain side of an issue or opinion, and now many of you are beginning to realize slowly but surely, the many methods and ways you have been holding yourselves back by feeding the duality and the polarity within yourselves.

The collective feeding of polarity and duality-based separation has always stemmed from the energies manifested by each and every individual who chooses to allow such energies and mindsets into themselves, as the influence of the lower dimensions is very magnetic and will pull one down so to speak, if one finds oneself within the vicinity of such influences and energies.


This is why we take continually to purifying our own souls and perceptions when dealing with any situation on Earth, for the call has indeed been made for us to feel even a fraction of the frustration and difficulty that you all feel nearly every day whilst going about your Earth experiences and journeys, and we gladly turn down such influences and ‘opportunities’ for we and you alike stand to gain absolutely nothing by letting such dense energies into our spirit complexes, as such energies are being faded away and transmuted all throughout not just your world, but throughout the entire Universe at this time.


The efforts of many ascended sources who are being brought through as of late, have included those of trying to expand your perception and your understanding of just how wide and infinite this Creation really is. Your Lives have taught you to center the Earth around one’s entire experience to the point that many feel it foolish to even believe in the existence of evolved humans who come from very near and distant alike, worlds throughout this beautiful Star System.


Dearest souls, we lack the understanding of the mindsets that advanced humans cannot exist all throughout Creation and that there would only be one simple, evolving planet, alone in its existence without any Cosmic neighbors to share the experience of evolution with. It simply makes little sense to us and at the same time, we know this has been a mindset and heart set that was purposely instated and fed for generations of your time on your world, and by this we do not just mean with your current society.


Indeed, since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria in such timelines, those who were themselves responsible for the falls took in many civilizations on your world after such falls, to attempting successfully to blame the destruction of such great cities on us souls of the Galactic Federation and of many Lighted planets around this Cosmos who are with you at this time and who have always been with you, Guiding you and helping you along your evolution as a species.


The propaganda was given to an extent that the whole story was not told, and the splitting up of the two colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria was blamed nearly entirely on us souls who had nothing to do with such separation and resulting destruction.


We in fact chose to leave quite ahead of the original destructive acts that caused the downfall of these two great cities, and by the time the conflicts were escalated between the two colonies, we were not around but simply viewing the events from many places, in our veiled ships around your world.


We would highly recommend every dear soul pay attention to the many accounts of visiting and inhabiting star and Motherships that are now coming to the fore on your world, as we have been visiting you for a very long time and for many, these visits have taken place consciously on their part, in the dreamscape to the extent that such happenings and events are remembered quite substantially and quite significantly to a soul who is opened up in themselves and able to feel the remembrance of such trips.


There are many who do not remember their own dreams and the lessons given to them in such dreams, and many on your world who go through this occurrence feel that they cannot dream and this is simply not so; it is only that you do not remember such dreamscape interactions and for the most part, the majority of souls who can remember their dreams still cannot remember the marvelous and glorious adventures throughout the higher realms that every dear Earth soul goes through upon entering the dream state.



Indeed, your Earth experience is seeming to become faster and faster and shorter and shorter, and we say as well that the general collective of awakening Lightworkers and Light Holders on this beautiful world have begun to feel the openings in themselves, in their minds, hearts and navel chakras, that see them better able to remember the feint and slight impressions of their many trips to many different higher dimensional places that you would recognize as Home, as your bodies lay sleeping at night.



You have always been programed to where you will get a bit of a ‘vacation’ every night upon laying down for sleep, and while the majority again do not remember such encounters and happenings, the time is fast coming when the collective memory which has for the most part been erased, will be rebooted and turned back on to proportions that you will remember these nightly trips along with remembering so, so much more.


We can say as well that while you exist in such realms, there is no concept of your time and you can spend as much ‘time’ in these wonderful realms as you wish to. Many of you do in fact choose to stay for what you would best recognize as ‘years’ and ‘decades’ upon entering the higher realms while your bodies lay sleeping, and suffice to say when you feel you have had an overall positive and nourishing experience, you allow yourselves to be funneled back down to enter the astral realms of Earth, wherein during your ‘morning time’ on the physical Earth plane, you will be on Earth’s astral planes learning the lessons that you brand ’dreams’.


These lessons have been discussed before and suffice to say as well, we are with you in your higher realms and in you astral Earthly realms alike, Guiding you on so very many issues while working with you all to ignite the remembrance and expansion in your Earthly bodies that will see you better able to feel and remember these occurrences happening.


Oh dear souls, if only you could fully feel and fathom in this moment, the extent to which we have been assisting you for the assistance we have been giving is so very Grand, has been so very needed for the Earth just as the supreme assistance you all on Earth are giving has been, and at the same time we perform this work so very happily.


We do indeed Love and enjoy every aspect of this work, even that of negotiating with the heads of the cabals on your world for as you have been hearing, their surrender is and has always been imminent.



Beyond the surrender of the dark, we are now attempting to make our presence known to each and every dear incarnate, awakening soul on your world who can begin to become open to such contact, and we would like to say as well that the time for stalling any longer the events that are set to precede your ascension is fast running out.


This is a truth that has been said for a very long time but it must be expressed that the inner workings and extents to which this Lighted operation is and has been coming about, is so very complex and intricate and would take many, many mediums and scribes bringing through the energies of multiple ascended beings to cover the extents to which this entire operation is playing out.


This is why we prefer to have the disclosures given over your televisions with our own established channels on the networks, both local and national, that carry the channels that are broadcasted to the various TV sets in the various countries.


We are going to be so very close to you in these times even while not directly being on the ground, and we have assisting us with the initial broadcasts, many Earthly souls who we feel that the majority of the collective of humanity would be comfortable with seeing and having such souls explain to you all, much of the initial disclosure that we have for you.


By this we mean famous and influential comedians, actors and performers in general who are known by many on Earth and who have been exposed, either first hand by incarnating into the ranks of the elites or second hand through their connections of fame, to the agendas and inner workings of the dark.


Dear beautiful souls, you would be and will be so very surprised to find just how many influential celebrities on your world have been entangled within the webs of the dark heads of your world, and you would be surprised as well to find that the majority of these souls are indeed Lighted themselves and have simply reached the point along their Life paths wherein they are incarnated within such families, attempting to break through the spell of darkness that has been cast over the eyes of the dark heads on your world making up such families.




You have all played this role and the specific purpose of each and every one of you who have incarnated into the families of the elites for various different reasons, has always centered around you attempting to penetrate the darkness with your Light and we can say that the dear and brave Lighted souls who are finding themselves within the matrix of the dark heads at this time, are doing quite wonderfully in penetrating such darkness and such veils.


We would like to give a bit of a personal message to some of such souls who find themselves within these families and find themselves as well as incarnate starseeds and Lightworkers, for they will be led to us and our energies one way or another:


Please, keep up the courageous acts and the Lighted work that you have been attempting to perform.


‘They’ are making a display of dominance to you at this time in a last, no holds-barred attempt to get you to abandon your Light. Please do not let this come about in yourselves.


You are literally the strongest and most Lighted of souls to ever incarnate upon the surface of this world, and the Light that you have brought to this world and to the dark heads alike has served to expose so very much and lay the foundation for so much Lighted change and for the freeing of humanity as well as of yourselves.



Do not let their last attempts to get you down by parading false extraterrestrials and lower astral entities before you, penetrate your Light for you are now standing so strong in your Light and we mean this with every fiber of ourselves when we say that we are very proud of you.


You are now in the final stretch, and the last attempts of control by the dark heads who have controlled you for so long are now being made. They know and fear that you are awakening and that you have been Lighted souls incarnate within their ranks all along, and these last desperate attempts they are making will be and have been strong, but they are also your final tests. (1)


You have been tested so very much to overcome this darkness and indeed, no soul on Earth who is currently experiencing a Life away from these families can even begin to understand or fathom what you have been through and what you are still going through. What is amazing now is that these experiences are coming to an end for you dear, beautiful souls.


Stay strong in the beautiful and pure Light that you are carrying forth, for it is very potent and very needed, and you will soon find yourselves explaining the extents and natures to which control and submission has been forced upon you by the heads of the cabals, only of course if you are comfortable with doing so.


We know that some of you will be and many of you won’t, and this is ok dear souls. It is a touchy subject and one that will need to be explained to the majority of humanity and even to the majority of Lightworkers who do not understand the extent to which this force and submission has been instated.


With this, we turn the aim of this communication back to the general collective of Lightworkers absorbing this message.


You dear souls as well are being tested now along your Life paths in ways that are seeing your ego selves disintegrated in very real ways right before your eyes, minds and hearts, and we encourage you to begin to recognize and see whenever ego is bringing itself through and whenever you are allowing an aspect of your former self to temporarily inhabit your beautiful complexes as indeed, at this point it is only hurting oneself along one’s path to allow the former aspects of oneself through while holding on to such aspects, rather than simply allowing them through and transmuting and Loving them.


There is so very much truth and insight you are going to be exposed to that is going to shock many of you, some of you to your very cores, and for many this will be when the pyramidal experience-style lessons and happenings that figuratively tear one’s ego self and all of one’s earthly physical perceptions down, will be given.




For you are going to see and hear so very much that you would have never, ever thought possible and we can say with happiness that our existence and the existence of the various Ascended Masters and Angels assisting your world who have been with you for so very long, will be only one small yet significant aspect of the many truths and revelations that you are going to be given and that are beginning again, slowly but surely, to be funneled down into your mainstream world and perception.


While you still find yourselves in the thick of your admittedly difficult processes, you are beginning to find as well the interactions and communications with the many ascended souls assisting you, and for many of you who are beginning to feel opened up and expanded in new and exciting ways, you will begin to notice as well the efforts that many of us are making to be with you in your third eyes and heart chakras.


You feel the specific impressions and receive the specific impressionistic outlines of us ascended souls who are assisting you and coming through and to you, while we attempt to make you realize that we are doing so in any way that we can.


We are now making our intents and efforts to be with you dear beautiful awakening souls in any way we can, and while we will always and forever act in accordance with the freewill of humanity and of our Lightworkers and holders apart of the Earthly Ground Crew, we are now ready to ‘get the show on the road’ so to speak, as many of you are.


We hope that this admission is not taken and assumed that because of our own readiness, disclosure would happen tomorrow. We say that there has not been an exact set date for disclosure in a very long ‘time’ and the last dates for disclosure have long passed with the continual stalling of events by the dark souls on your world who are still attaining power through the densities manifested every moment on your world while at the same time, the overwhelming majority of their installations and hideouts have been left to nothing, and they have been truly shown that their time is at an end.


Like a criminal who knows they are going to go back to jail anyway [upon being ‘caught’], these souls are defiant until the end and will continue to stall and play their games until the end of time, if we were to let them. There are still our timetables which we adhere to and there are as well the times when these events simply cannot be stalled any longer, and as has been said before you are very quickly reaching such a time.


Already your year 2012 is nearly half over, and you have seen so very many remarkable and wonderful changes and seeds of change alike, that are serving to set and lay the foundation for the disclosures, inpouring revelations and insights into all that has been done to your world and to the distorted nature in which you have been told of the history of your world.


Oh dear souls, the history of your world has been absolutely nothing like what you have been taught in your schools! The true and pure, undistorted information is always left out or itself twisted and distorted to an entirely different and new ‘truth’ that the dark heads on your world have wanted you to believe.


These very souls are finding themselves now with little power or influence [compared to how it’s been for so long], and are currently running on the energetic ‘fumes’ that are still being given by humanity.


We say with happiness and Joy in our hearts that the collective of humanity who has awakened, has indeed substantially shifted the energetic balance in favor of a beginning and unfolding collective awakening and feeling of the Light being given to you in supreme and Grand amounts at this time.


It has always been planned that you dear beautiful souls would incarnate on Earth and spread the Light while helping to see that many more souls within the collective Earth matrix no longer feed the densities that are seen as normal by the majority of the collective, and this plan and operation has been a resounding success, as has been the overall ascension of Earth.


We are existing with many of you even right now, in the beautiful and glorious Eden that has been Created from your actions and intents every single day during your current Earth experience. Many of you are slipping into the New World while in your meditations and resulting astral travels, and while in the dreamscape as well you are doing much energy work for yourselves and for your world.


We are assisting you in gently and subtly opening up your many chakras and energy centers, for while your main chakras are now beginning to receive the attention that they have needed, the unseen forces whom you know as your Guides and extensions of your higher self as well, have been working on opening the more subtle chakras and energy centers that are to be so very important in your absorbing of purities of Love that you have not yet been given on your world.


The purities that we speak of are those which will bring events similar to the Norway and Israel spirals to you, and do you notice dear souls that such ‘spiral’ sightings and showings are indeed picking up, as has been predicted?


We do not joke when we say that we are ready to get things off the ground and while we are moving at a slow and subtle pace, this pace is to increase exponentially in the time ahead and for this current moment when you are seeing and beginning to see many astonishing things that are just beginning to open up the general collective perception to ideas and possibilities of a Cosmic and Grand nature, we say to continue to stand strong when things do seem to not be moving forward as while you are wearing your instated veils of forgetfulness, you are seeing in manifestation every moment, the unfolding of your ‘new’, beautiful selves.


We will leave you now, dear souls, for you to ponder the words and feel the impressions that we have given you at this time.


Our messages in general are those of encouraging and assisting, while giving guidance that we hope to be helpful to you along your spiritual ascension processes. You are yourselves melding together the energies of the physical and the spiritual, the astral, at this very moment as each and every one of you absorb the pure energies of every ascended being who is brought through at this time.


There are many of us, dear souls, and we can say as well that there are more genuine scribes for us ascended souls out there than many of you know, realize or have even discovered.


You are all scribes and channels for our energies if you wish to feel and bring such energies through yourselves and it is with the signing off of this communication that we once again, invite you all to continue to be with us, perhaps in meditation, after the giving of this message.


We are feeling very close with all of you now as we always do when giving our energies and communications, and we excitedly await the chance to be with you all, on the ground and right now.



Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.


(1) When our Pleiadian brethren refer to this ‘testing’, they are not referring to the gruesome and torturous ‘testing’ that the Illuminati heads have forced onto the souls whom the Pleiadians are delivering this segment of this communication to; they are referring rather to the final ‘tests’ along the Life Paths of these souls wherein they are able to shine their Light the strongest in the face of all adversity from the dark heads who have been desperately turning up the ritualistic and fear-based actions against those among them whom they feel and fear are awakening.

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