The fabled announcements concerning the existence of extraterrestrial Life beyond your planet are to arrive at your television sets very soon, and these announcements will kick-start your glorius return to full consciousness








The fabled announcements concerning the existence of extraterrestrial Life beyond your planet are to arrive at your television sets very soon, and these announcements will kick-start your glorius return to full consciousness. If we could only communicate to you all how well you have been doing and how much Love and pride we feel for all of you; Dear ones earthly words cannot effectively communicate this Divine Love we wish to grace you with. Disclosure and First Contact are quite important, but as we have said before these events will simply be a precursor to something much grander, that you will all very soon be able to understand and fathom. This upcoming period is going to jarr many unawkakened souls out of many aspects of their slumbers, so for some it may manifest as a chaotic period. Those of you who have awakened are very blessed to carry with you the sacred knowledge that you contain, as keeping a 'good head on your shoulders' in these times and living in your Truth will see you much benefit, and you will in turn benefit those around you who do not know what to think about all of the sudden new revelations and changes.


Now is more than ever a time to continue to fully ground oneself in Spirit and Divinity, as this Divinity will be the source of calmness and centering you will very soon be relying upon. There are many souls who are just beginning to awaken, whom think that they can stall some of the more major Life lessons that they have to learn until First Contact arrives. Dear Ones, we must inform you that this simply can't be, as you are here on Earth in these end times for the specific purpose of learning tougher lessons that are to strengthen you for the period directly ahead. Dear Souls, every bit of pain you have experienced and suffered, has been for a higher purpose of preparing you. Many will find that they have gained much strength from learning difficult lessons, and as a result they have had valuble information and revelations about Life stick with them through eternity.


So indeed, every effort you all make on the surface is noticed and applauded by us in the higher dimensions. Time is non-existent for us, and we can spend literally 'weeks' of your Earth time happily celebrating. This is how Life is supposed to be! You are all meant to be celebrating constantly, to forever and always be joyus of what you have, and we do understand that sometimes getting yourselves to open up to these feelings requires showing yourselves Love in specific ways. While this is true, over-nurturing oneself is a slippery slope down a path of selfishness, which is a path you have already visited countless times; some of you still are these days. This will come to pass with our arrival, but again we must emphasize that waiting for extraterrestrials to arrive on Earth to begin solving your most deep-seated problems is something you will find you are met with resistance at. The most deep-seated problems are now to be adressed and transmuted in these end times, before we can resume working with you on your Earthly plane. We need you all as spiritually 'strong' as you can be as your Light will be greatly needed in the immediate period ahead.


Dear Souls, as the 'old' is reconstructed many of you will find youselves wrestling with intense emotions and feelings. There is much deep-seated anger swirling around the collective consciousness of Earth, and the many who have produced this anger and fed it are now finding themselves they very ones who are realizing the illusory nature of said anger, happily might we add. Finally you have begun to realize the depth of the worst actions you were committing, and we say it's about time! Since the fall of Atlantis your collective consciousness had been on a steady decline into some of the deepest depths of darkness that your universe had yet to experience. The number of souls who have now committed themselves to changing these actions has now grown into the millions, if we could only communicate how jubilant and excited we are to see this occuring! And not a moment too soon!


As this process of the old breaking up continues, many are finding again that everything seems intensified. Good moments seem great, and bad moments seem quite awful. This is all apart of this quite difficult process, and it was something you all knew you would be undertaking at this time upon Earth. This is a time you have certainly prepared yourselves for in a number of difficult lives upon the Earth sphere, literally hundreds of Lives have been spent by each of you training for this specific time you are now finding yourselves in. Indeed, many of you who are on Earth actually had to experience hundreds of lifetimes just to ready yourselves for the Earthly experience. Dear Ones we do not exaggerate in the slightest when we tell you that Earth is one of the hardest planets to grow and learn on. However, the potential to learn an unfathomable amount of lessons in a single lifetime on Earth is what is to be noticed, and it is why so many ascended souls wish to be incarnate on Earth. It is known throughout this universe that Earth is a sort of 'master planet' to incarnate on, to learn lessons that truly make one into an unfathomably strong soul in their Divinity.


Our children talk of Earth in legendary terms, some imagine themselves being on Earth and heroically helping a fragile collective consciousness of souls to ascend. Dear souls of Planet Earth, you are heroes!! You have always been!! We ask you to embrace it!!


Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of The Pleiadian Council of Nine. I have come before you all to share my words of Love and Galactic Wisdom. I can say with absolute certainty that I and the Pleiadian High Council are with every soul reading these words, although you don't see us. We are individual aspects of a much higher being of consciousness, and thus we are able to be with any soul whom is connecting their energy with ours in any way. The bond we have to Earth and all upon Her is unbreakable, as it is a Divine connection of pure Love. We have been with you all in a number of ways that you haven't noticed, and sometimes many of you try to have conversations with us only to think that we aren't communicating back, when in reality we are every time. So indeed, those who are channeling us have not tapped into some unique ability that is only accessible by the few, YOU ALL have this connection deep inside of you, and for the most part it simply takes accepting that the guidance you are recieiving is very real.


There are many Lightworkers who pick up on our guidance on a daily basis, but don't realize it's us or don't accept that the sources they are communicating with are Divine. Instead, many assume that the revelations and insights they recieve originate in their own head, Dear Ones we wish you could realize that this isn't how it works. It has been said that your brains are like computers; we would like to go further into that analogy by saying your brains are computers that are constantly connected to a network, an internet if you will, of souls who's energy matches their own. The collective consciousness of Earth is contained in the bodies and minds of all of you, your collective consciousness is not simply an outside entity that only awakened souls have access to. Dear ones, YOU ALL have access to your collective consciousness, or 'network' of souls at all times, it simply takes realizing that the many thoughts you have don't actually originate with you, your minds and brains simply picked up on them from another aspect of your collective consciousness.


Now, the collective consciousness of Earth is not the only network of souls that is accessible with brain, with mind. Beyond this network exists a much greater, much more Divine network of ascended souls and guides. This network is what many channelers, conscious or not, tap into when they are dictating our words and having us guide them. Dear souls, I can't emphasize this enough: YOU ALL have access to this greater network at ALL TIMES, again it simply takes acknowledging that you are tapping into something greater than anything you have previously known, and above all else surpassing ones' own ego, whom will attempt to draw your mind back to that of the lower aspects of your collective consciousness. Am I making any sense Dear Ones? Are the words I am giving you resonating, are they ringing true in your minds? Many of the sacred truths we are sharing with you are actually truths you already know, deep inside yourself. With the coming earthly ascension now is the time to not simply access this greater part of yourself, but to stay grounded in it at all times!





Your controlled media and television programs will attempt to keep your minds 'dulled down' to lower aspects of your collective consciousness. They know that by broadcasting certain lower dimensional material, they can keep the viewers' minds focused on that one apect of Life. It is a very clever ploy to keep you all down and, like the rest of their ploys to keep you down, will be exposed and transmuted!


I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council encourage you all to spend time out in Nature. The Divine energies of the outside world are always ready and waiting to wash over your being, and begin helping you to feel much clearer, much more grounded in spirit. Connect with the energy of the wind, of the trees and flowers, and of the grass around you. You will find it to be quite a beneficial and blissful connection.


Thank you dearly to SanJAsKa,


The Pleiadian Council of Nine and The Pleiadian High Council




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  • There are better ways to do this brother and you know it.....infinity be with you, i just belive this prosses will harm many humans, let us do it alone there are many great humanBEINGs that are about to take action great action in this world...if we dont learn this on our own than many will perrsih in the prosses and be doomed to the chaos, i belive but what do i know :/     i love you

  • I see past that,

    But thank You nonetheless,

    Bless You

  • Thank you for posting this!


  • Thanks for sharing this, KH.
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