The Pleadies Equation


Be Who You Were Born To Be


The Pleadies Equation is a unique code locked within our DNA.  There are many different forms of the code, impartial, partial and complete.  The code is working faster to perpetuate itself as we see in the case of the "New Children" in China for instance.  The boding of pairs are creating more partial and complete codes.  This code becomes fully active when the 11:11 codes have been activated.  The 11:11 codes are actually part of the Equation.  The equation is part of everything, it exists in all things both animated and inanimate, natural and supernatural and on all planes, worlds and dimensions.


What Lyes Before You


Before you were born a plan was written by you and God, you might call it a "destiny" but this is still to small of a word to descirbe the complexity of this plan.  This plan (to explain it in laymens terms) are the family dynamics you were born into.  All lessons you will learn from childhood to death, friends and enemies you will interact with, karmic debts you will settle in this incarnation, how many relationships and marraiges you will have, if you have kids, add infinitum!  THE PLAN IS THE BLUE PRINT OR SCHEMATIC OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!


The Path is what lyes before you, it is the road you will walk in School House Earth.


The Path and the plan work hand in glove to guide you in fullfilling your lifes purpose!  The path and the plan adjust accordingly to the choices and descisions you make.  Irregardless of your choices the plan will adjust itself accordingly to work toward the ultimate goal of fullfilling your lifes purpose for the path and the plan are all part of the equation.  Despite our most sincerest and earnest efforts the equation (like a word processor can add, subtract, edit and even delete our plans!  You may think you know what's best for you, but the Equation TRULLY has your best efforts at heart!


We may think we know what's best for us, but the equation a tool of God is always out to maintain survival of the creation, YOU!


There is a say: The Best Plan for Today, is Better than the Perfect Plan for Tomorrow!

The Equation can anticapate tomorrow and will thwart our "Perfect Plan" to keep the creation in check this is a key component in understanding universal process' and WHY things play out the way they do.


The Equation is always at work in our lives adjusting and rewriting the Plan to keep us on course to full fill our lifes purpose.  The Equation can bring "helpers" into our life, they are those people who mysteriously show up at just the right time to lend a helping hand.  Helpers may be with us for a moment or for years if we're at a critical point in our lives.


There is another saying:  When a door closes a window opens.


Once more this is the Equation at work, when we find ourselves at a partticular place or in a particular situation when we're at thwe right place at the right time!


As long as our karma is in balance the Equation will work through people, places and things to benefit and bless us!


If our karma is out of balance do to negativity, the Equation will send "Sabatours" to thwart ones efforts.  We will find all manner of inconvenience thrown in our path and NOTHING will work out as planned!


When we awaken to the higher forms of consciousness (covered in the 7 stages of awareness) and we open our eyes to the Syncronicities we actually begin to see the Path and where it's leading, we see how the Plan is at work in our lives and we begin to be who we were born to be!


We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are.


If we look at our lives and we only see what we perceive as negativity, then negativity is all that we will find!  This is the "Secret" to optomism.  Is the glass half empty or half full in your universe?  What's the color of the sky in your world? On the outside there maybe simple sayings, but behind them when we apply them to the inside we realize there is wisdom behind these sayings.


The key to trully understanding who you trully are is through how you see the world.  Once you work on the inside then the outside will reflect what's on the inside.


How we see the world will change and reflect the changes on the inside!


How do we change?


There are many ways we can work on the inside, there are many forms of work that will come.


Therapy with a licensed and trained therapist is a great method to work on the inside.  Try reading inspirational and self help books.  Meditation and Tai Chi are excellent methids for working on the inside.  Taking long walks or bycicling are highly theraputic.  Working on hobbies is great fun, ad infinitum.


What we are on the inside will come to the surface on the outside.


How we perceive the world will be a direct reflection as to how we feel on the inside.  If the world seems to be a hostile place then you will find hostility everywhere you go!  If you find peace on the inside then peace is all you will find on the is all up to you and how you feel.^_^






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