As you sit reading this message, how are you feeling? Are you excited, joyous and energised, or tired, worn-out and fed up? Many people on Earth are feeling the latter at the moment, because nothing in the world seems to be changing; actually, they seem to be only worsening. As people struggle to put food on the table and remain civil to each other, the rich get only richer and, in some cases, more corrupt.

The opposite side of this story is that, for some people, the worries of the world seem not to concern them as they manage to live happy lives without fear or loss of any major kind. While they are not particularly wealthy, these people enjoy abundance of love, friendship and good fortune, despite the goings on in the world that are creating sickness, death and violence. How do they do it?

Life is a journey, and the roads that you travel will very much depend on how you view your place in the world and whether you are able to see the bigger picture or not. In other words, your level of consiousness determines whether you live life in drama or in perspective, with both choices then having major influences on your life experience. Once in drama, it is very difficult to extract oneself from the myriad of low-level stories that create multiple layers of illusion and mistruths that enmesh the person in trivialities that become mountains to overcome. Drama is created by the ego which wants to be heard, to be important and better than others, to gossip, to belittle and to fantasise. Drama perpetuates itself until the lines of reality become blurred, resulting in friendships becoming toxic and families falling out, businesses being lost and the lives of innocent people being ruined. We are talking about third dimensional energy here that has a vibration akin to treacle and can be a trap one may never get out of.

The only way to avoid being enmeshed in Third Dimensional realities (which is mostly illusion) is to be aware, but not invested, in the propaganda of the media and the problems of other people which are not your responsibility. One can be compassionate and empathetic while allowing others, including close family, to learn their lessons and to find their own way. It is not your job to rescue or save people who may have very hard lessons to learn, as difficult as it is to stand by and watch. In terms of global problems, such as wars being waged on the innocent and harm being deliberately inflicted for personal or corporate gain, we can only advise that spiritual law is always in play and the wheel turns for all souls, not just a select few. It is far better to keep your consciousness above the drama while concentrating on your own behaviour and integrity. As small an action as it may seem, consider the result if every soul on Earth did that one thing – loved, accepted and worked on themselves being the very best they could be. That is what ‘shining your light’ means, and the world needs every single soul on Earth to begin to see that they can make a difference, if they only believe it.

So, the road you are travelling in life very much depends on the vibration you are in. As like attracts like, it is logical to assume that what you are attracting exactly matches the vibration of your beliefs, thoughts and actions. If you are a weary traveller, change will only come when you change your perspective and start a new story. No matter what is happening around you that is disempowering and defeating, you can take charge of your circumstances and begin to make positive changes just by changing your perspective through your thoughts. When you believe, you will begin to create based on the vibration of your thoughts.

We must add here that your path could also well be set within your soul family as you traverse the decisions made to enable you to reach mastery through the myriad of lifetimes already lived. If you are repaying karma or completing lessons abandoned in previous lifetimes, your life may seem harsh and unfair. We urge you to seek spiritual counsel, in whatever form resonates with you, and to turn your attention to service. Finding joy in helping others will expedite your learning and help your soul to reconcile its past misdeeds. It is not God whom you need to appease, but rather your soul as it navigates its way back from fragmentation to self mastery once again.

So, if you are a weary traveller, not a happy camper, please do some self-reflection, but also connect to the Source of Creation and reach out to us, the Masters of Light for assistance and guidance to help you to find your highest path. All you need to do is ask. If you feel your answers are not being heard, your belief systems may need examining. Do you believe in a higher source, whether it be religiously or not? Do you believe you are deserving? Do you believe that things can change for the better? Believe it and create it, it is that simple.

WE are ever with you.

The Masters of the Cosmic Council.


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  • Thanks for the positive comments guys. I agree, I found this blog to be for everyone of us, for those like ourselves who have been in this for a very long time now, to those who have been in it for some time and lastly for those who have just awakened and are joining us. For we can leave no one behind as we climb the ladder in 4D up to 5D. It may take us a while longer to get there but we cannot enter alone. 4D has already proven itself to be quite a big step forward, a bit difficult even for us old times who have been into this movement for awhile . For me its been 53 yrs sense I was visited by my spirit guide who reminded me of who I was and the next visit of what was going to happen in the not to far future from that time line back in 1971. BUT Luckily for us that time line did not pan out and better one has or should I say , is panning out, being called the New Golden age, which is much different and better than this old 3D evil Matrix that we are now leaving behind.

    So as JC said be in this world but not of it. Its not an easy task in fact it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. We are the 144,000 light workers spread out all over the world, mainly for our protection from the Dark Cabal [ DC ] and soon we are to start coming together to form communities of light, where we become self sufficient and self governing as a part of a larger governing body controlled by all the communities together. And of course by that time we should be entering 5D [dimension] and will be in contact with our Space brothers. Some of us have already made contact with them and some of us do come from those ships in the sky and chose to come down here to help our brothers to be released from the very old slavery and negative programing of the DC. Which was created many thousands of yrs. ago by Lucifer and his side kick Satan.

    Both of those have been put to trail by the ancient of days and they chose not to repent and be rehabilitated for all the damage they have done to God the Fathers Creations. This once beautiful planet became there headquarters and they turned it into a hell hole.So God said enough is enough and he devised a plan called the ''Divine plan'' not only to save Earth but all the lost or fallen planets of this Universe of Nebadon. And sadly to say,because this was Lucifers headquarters and strong hold it would be last. And even though Lucifer and Satan are gone, other fallen angels have come here to take there place and they are just as evil. They demand worship and sacrifice of humans and they feed off of that negative energy that they have created, for they have separated themselves form God the Father and therefore have no other way of sustaining themselves.[Note here that our Father does not ask for worship or sacrifice, he only asks for our Love he gave us, to give back to him!]

    And they know that shortly there reign will be over, in fact they are being restrained now and they and there followers, there minions are not only losing the war but are also being taken away for trails by the ancient of days. And the fallen ETs will and are now being sent to the Galactic Federation planet prisons were trails will also take place and have already started. And lastly we who have taken on these earthly bodies must clean up the evil mess they the Deep State have left behind. Our ET allies have been here from the very beginning but were not allowed to do it for us, for if they did this heavy lesson would not be learned and the same thing that has happened to us will again happen to our future generations. But we were allowed to get help from our future off springs in the form of positive information and intel of how to bring all these time lines together.

    And thats were we are today and why things seem to be so strange, this was supposed to happen back in 2012 but the mass of society was still asleep and refused to wake up. So now we can also give tribute to Q and the patriots, the Trump Mega movement called the white hats who have been working behind the scenes around the world, who have coordinated many govt's and white hats to move against the DC deep State. And have taken away most of the money they have made from the sale of Bad Drugs, Weapons and child trafficking. So that now there Evil empire is falling apart before our eyes and hopefully this will wake up most of the remaining sleepers. then we can begin the task of reprogramming society with ''Spirit-reality'' as the old 3D evil world falls apart and the join us in 4D. It does seem that things are getting worse but remember it is the darkest before the sun lights.Or you could say that when things reaches a critical point it reverts from it.

    It may take another decade for this to be completed but we have already won, the positive future is ours.
    For this planet will once again become the shining light for all of the Universe to see and remember what happened, so that it does not happen again or if it does we now know what to do to stop it for it has happened 3 times in the past. This was the 4th rebellion against our Father Michael and his Creation. Lets make it the last one. For this was a horrible and long event, with much suffering and pain and some lose of souls but we will reprogram ourselves and records have been made and kept now and old ones will once again be revealed and come to light. So that in our reprogramming we will remember- As Above, So Below. We are all one in Gods Family indeed. I hope this helps those who are awake and those who are just now awaken..... Adonai, Rev. Joshua
  • All truth in this channeling definitely a good read :)
  • Oh yes I would say excited, joyous and well as exhilarated...and there are so many avenues being offered us, by spirit, to serve the divine plan, in this very special era of Earth history...We are on the cusp of a new golden age...TRUELY AWESOME....
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