The war is real and a greater percentage of Humans are catching on as the events to wake the dead unfold on Planet Earth/Terra.

While a great deal is still taking place behind the scenes, more blatant strategies are becoming mainstream. They aren’t always characterized for what they are, but they are getting noticed.

If we hold a finger to the wind we know something big is incoming. BIG. Possibly bigger than BIG.

Do you think the fake Governor of Arizona’s absence goes unnoticed? It’s quite the stew simmering away here in the still-hot Valley of the Sun. The media told us it’s common to reassign the Governorship when the named party is out of the country, and if the two top-tier members of the state leadership are absent, but then we get headlines like the following, suggesting it’s more than that:

Katie Hobbs Stepping Down as Arizona Governor Raises Questions

And there is the question about comms involving Arizona and an “extreme weather event”. Was that code for Hobbs being removed, or is something else yet to come?

For example:

I follow the weather here in the valley closely and the forecast for the weekend was for a dramatic drop in temperature which usually means big winds are going to blow in a new weather system but winds were not indicated in the 10-day forecast —until today.

This morning a “red flag warning” tells us that tomorrow, Saturday, an alert is in place due to high winds for the two most highly populated counties. They specify:

...RED FLAG WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 11 AM TO 7 PM MST SATURDAY FORSTRONG WINDS, LOW RELATIVE HUMIDITY AND HIGH FIRE DANGER FORLOWER DESERTS OF MARICOPA AND PINAL COUNTIES...The National Weather Service in Phoenix has upgraded the FireWeather Watch to a Red Flag Warning due to strong winds, lowrelative humidity and high fire danger from 11 AM to 7 PM MSTSaturday.* AFFECTED AREA...Central Arizona Deserts.* TIMING...Late Saturday morning through early Saturday evening.* WINDS...Southwest 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph.* RELATIVE HUMIDITY...As low as 12 percent.* IMPACTS...Fuels are very dry and fire danger is high. Theseconditions combined with low relative humidity and strong windswill lead to widespread hazardous fire weather conditions.PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS...Please advise the appropriate officials and fire crews in thefield of this red flag warning.

I don’t do fear porn, but can’t help wondering if there might be retaliation for that move the White Hats just made here. I am assuming, of course, that it was a White Hat strategy to remove the illegitimate governor. We don’t yet have confirmation of that and they’re not usually so overt. As we’ve discussed, the cabal doesn’t just step down and resign unless suitable force is exerted. They got Jeff Flake to step down here in Arizona a few years ago.

The valley is a tinderbox and it would be so easy to light fires like they did in Canada and other places on the planet. We never did get our monsoons—only one real rain where I am, and we’re still in that twenty year drought. As I’ve reported, trees and shrubs are dying and fires in Arizona are also perfect opportunities for the globalists to scream, “‘Climate change’ must be addressed! Give us more money!”

They have yet to explain how money is going to change the weather. We know who has been controlling the weather. If they followed their recipe, they would then declare a state of emergency, beg for federal funding and make off like bandits.

Let’s intend nothing like that happens.

Speaking of weather, SG Anon mentioned weather and the high-tech communications in his latest upload from 17 hours ago, File 62. Do folks wonder how weather might affect those low-earth-orbit satellites? We are told “space weather” like CMEs do. This report includes a fascinating discussion about the Space Force in the beginning. 50 min.

Trump Sends Clear Q-Comm | Russia Cataloguing Biolabs in Armenia | SpaceForce Preparing Expanded_Ops

Will the “weather” really have a cause and effect impact on the EBS scheduled for October 4? Some folks are taking the “test” seriously and fear an attack of some kind.

BTW, this isn’t China, we don’t use that same 5G frequency the CCP did on their citizenry, and the only reason I can think of that people might drop in their tracks during an EBS is if the New World Order’s comm network can be set to “turn off” their chipped and mind-kontrolled zombie synths, but what do I know? These are crazy times and anything can happen but I wouldn’t expect the Alliance to allow that because it would put the world in a panic.

Shall we play, “What if…???”

What if that is what the Alliance wants? A world wide emergency and existential threat; that “gut-punch” Juan O’Savin spoke about?

What if the EBS won’t be a test at all? What if it will be the real deal? It is supposed to be planet-wide, after all.

What if the EBS can transmit “ascension frequencies”—like we would get in “the Event Flash”?

Or, if instead there were a blackout, we wouldn’t be able to find out what was happening in other parts of the world. What might be unfolding while we are all isolated and cut off from reaching out to each other? Mass arrests? Just more musings of a mad woman.

Our friends down under are getting an education, now that so many more are awake. The Australia One party posted the following on Telegram along with a document on the Australian government website entitled, “Documents relating to registration with the SEC of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company” .

Have YOU been LISTENING… 🤣 Dr Jan Halper-Hayes

Guess who is the PRIME MINISTER of the BANKRUPT Australian Corporation… 🤣

… and guess who is NOT TELLING YOU 🤔 Dr Jan Halper-Hayes (again)

Seriously Australia, can you STILL not see the importance of ALL of this regarding ‘their’ current psyop – ‘The Voice’?

Wake UP!

Another marker appeared today. Senator Dianne Feinstein finally died. Ninety years old. We knew that was coming. What’s to become of her Chinese spy chauffeur? Link to Telegram.

Here’s what you have to understand, why these old fossils hang around into their late 80’s and 90’s until they literally drop in the saddle.

Its not what you think. “Oh they just love the power!”

They’re not ALLOWED to retire. Their handlers will not permit it.

You took the money. They own you. And they’ll f*cking work you until the day you die.

There has been a lot of joking about Trump being the winner of the recent debate he didn’t attend. The debate was so bad, it made Trump look better than all of the participants—designating him the winner. That is a back-handed win for sure, and he isn’t named Trump for nothing.

The whole world knows the truth about the 2020 election.



Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, Hawai’i

I didn’t know this, did you? Link to Telegram.

NOTE — While the U.S. was distracted by the hearing on the basis for an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, there was a separate Congressional hearing held investigating the cause of the Maui fires.

Hawaiʻi energy officials testify in first congressional hearing on Maui’s wildfires

Michael Jaco reported that the reason there was no water for the fire fighters to do their job in Lahaina was because the directed energy weapon [DEW] attack literally melted the pipes underground. That would be another telltale proof that unconventional means were used to start those fires. Boats sitting on the water don’t just burn up, like these at a California marina. It’s not the first time the psychopaths have used DEWs on Humanity.

California marina after “wildfires” took place

Why did the bow not burn on those boats? Was it like the “half house” that didn’t burn for some odd reason? Precision weaponry [like a laser?] burned up two thirds of the California home in the centre of the photo below and then stopped on a hard line, leaving the remainder intact. How could a “wildfire” do that?

In keeping with reports that anything blue did not burn in Maui due to the frequency settings on the energy weapon, the entire boat anchored off Lahaina below was incinerated except for the blue coloured portion.

Fox weather published this image on August 10, 2023; two days after the attack on Lahaina – Getty Images

Beneath the surface…

In other interesting news, there were reports recently of a manhole fire in Glendale, Queens, New York, and another one smoking. Link to Telegram.

Ironically, there is flooding today in New York and a state of emergency declared for NY, New Jersey, and Connecticut. What did I say about declaring a “state of emergency”?

Commuter Alert! NYC subway and Metro-North service severely impacted by heavy rain and flooding

We are hearing that New Yorkers didn’t get any warning about that system that dumped so much rain. Link to Telegram.

With New York in mind, remember, our government can give weather a “little boost”.

Think New York got a “little boost”?


The gender flipping seems to affect everything. Even the classics. Nothing is sacred.

Scottish Ballet has gender-swapping new Cinderella

If the unawake still respect and revere the CIA, perhaps they might find it in their hearts to listen to this former CIA analyst speak with Sky News. 8 min.


The political scene changes fast.

BREAKING: RFK Jr plans to announce independent run for president: report

The world is learning who has been in charge and that they are tyrants and pathological liars. Dr. Scott Jensen was on our side and telling the truth from the very beginning of the scamdemic. Humanity allowed the psychopaths and dictators to create a pandemic out of thin air despite our efforts to show them it wasn’t real, the measures weren’t warranted, that they were ineffective and would only harm us. We tried to remind everyone we have an immune system. We told them they do this every one hundred years or so when there is little or no record of it remaining. Now those gullible people have to live with themselves. If they are conscious, perhaps they won’t fall in line and do it again.

Worst of all, the monsters who have been running the world at the very top were not elected officials. We don’t even know who most of them were by name. They selected themselves and felt entitled to control us all. We supported their system for eons, but now it is crumbling and revealing itself to those with eyes to see. We understand all but the dregs have been removed and what we are now dealing with is the mindless minions with no authority whatsoever to dictate anything to us; pathetic bullies who we need only stand up to and face off over any issue that comes up.


Finding it difficult to keep up? I think it’s impossible at this point and trust I will be led where I need to go.




I happened to see this, and perhaps it has value as we prepare. As we know, extreme crises tend to bring out the worst or the best in people. If you’re not awake, it might trigger the worst. If you are awake, more likely the best. Link to Telegram.


Prepare yourself for the events that are about to begin, keep your Inner Peace in balance, don’t let the dark energies within you overwhelm you…

Energies are entering the planet that will increase the tension to give place to different events, which will be perceived according to the vibrational level of each one… Some will see war, some liberation, some will see chaos, some transmutation, some see death, others elevation.

Are you ready to meditate and heal your inner being, are you ready to awaken your mind and free yourself from the control matrix?


The energies received will cause human being to release the dark energies within it, it may explode in Fury, Anger and Hatred to the point of hurting anyone, they warned you about this — so be prepared.


These dense energies can trigger strong Earth movements, but remember that you already knew this.

It’s time to be very vigilant.

However, remember that you must always vibrate in Light, Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Truth and Humility…

HUMAN BEINGS will go through these last tests to initiate change. Be real children of God on earth. Awaken your hearts, wake up your minds, wake up your consciences…

Unconditional Love!!

— ANA MARY / VictoriaGrishe1

Do you have a giggle or a snicker left in you?


Okay one more, one more. Will Pelosi be next to be declared dead? Is Trump going to clean house like he promised? He was asking how Nancy’s husband is after that bizarre “home invasion” they tried to foist on us.

It will be sad not to have these clowns to imitate and poke fun at.


My friends, it happened again. It’s Friday. I have to wonder how it’s possible. It’s surreal that nearly every day should be Friday—but I’ll take it! It’s FALL and nearly Canadian Thanksgiving already. [Monday October 9]

Extraordinary events are popping off in the seen and the unseen. All we can do is remain prepared, maintain situational awareness, and hope that those positive frequencies we’re told are bathing the planet have the desired effect and keep us all grounded and centred. Extreme change is never easy but we can do this. Any discomfort will be well worth it. We learn by doing and experiencing and we must master this shift.

End of transmission. Thanks to the crew for the updates and shares.  ~ BP

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