The Law Of Attraction

Many of us are unware that we have the POWER to manifest our reality... No this is not a theory, it's a universal law which makes it our birth given right...The only exception I make to this rule is karma... If karma is restricting you from getting what you want then this must be resolved first in that particular area of your life. All energy vibrates at a frequency, being energy...You also vibrate at a frequency and what determines your frequency at any time is what you are feeling and thinking. Knowing that everything in this reality is created by energy, it's a good idea to use the words 'I AM' to your advantage; 'I AM happy' 'I AM abundant' 'I AM healthy' 'I AM beautiful' These affirmations are all positive and will train and rewire the brain to think more positively, similar to HZ frequencies. Affirmations train the subconscious to believe and therefore MANIFEST your reality... 'as above, so below' positive thoughts and feelings naturally cause you to take positive actions to follow through with those beliefs. What ever you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right! In the past you may have underestimated your own power and potential, but with this wisdom you now understand that the universe is waiting to give you what you want, if only you would believe it yourself. Letting go allows for manifestation...If there's something you want but nothing is happening, you are probably resistant to the fact you don't have it yet, you are still creating, but you're creating the absence that you don't have it yet... Let go, move on with your life and be genuinely okay with not getting what you want, then lift up your vibrations by doing something that brings you joy and you will find that what you want makes it's way to you sooner. Let go of any difficulties from your past, cultural codes and social beliefs... you are the only one who can create the life you deserve, so why let others choose this for you? We are in control of our own lives and we must take responsibility for this, if you CHOOSE to play the victim role..that is exactly what you become, it is your free will. The more GRATITUDE you have for what you already have in life, no matter how big or small.. your money, clothes, car, job, loved ones,health, the more blessings you will receive. On the other hand, if your always frustrated about the weather, bills, traffic, news, people (yes it can be hard not too) and it is totally normal to have preferences and opinions but it's when your emotions get involved negatively, it creates a negative energy and you are manifesting more of it without being aware. All of the evil and craziness you see going on in the world currently is manifested by humanity and you have the free will to add to the problem or to raise your own vibrations which will greatly effect not just your own life but the world around you. We are all reflections of the universe and are manifesting this reality as individuals and as one unit. The dark cabal want us to believe that we are powerless to keep us trapped in the constructs that they have created, but that is a lie. You can attract what it is you want, Firstly BELIEVE you can have it, secondly be GRATEFUL as if it's already with you and finally, LET GO of guilt, fear, regret and lack as these energies block the universe from giving you what you want. For example; In order to attract money.. you can affirm 'I AM RICH AND WEALTHY' knowing that you are fully deserving of it and grateful to the universe for this gift. When you truly start to believe this, money will flow to you with ease and possibly in unexpected ways and this goes for ANY area of your life... it is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Be clear on what you want and be careful what you wish for...


Lieutenant Movella

GFL Ground Crew

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  • You're always welcome, dear heart. And the Count has a passion for historical events, that lend themselves to esoteric study...

    So, always ready and prepared, for keeping my nose to the ashramic grindstone.....;-]

  • That's a really good example, thanks Dad x

  • Another good example of the law of attraction, could be Napoleon Bonaparte, who had a natural aptitude for visualisation of military strategy...He could make several planned campaign moves; of infantry, artillery and cavalry. Visualise his Generals making correct moves, to victory...Then manifest one victorious battle, after another, across Europe and Egypt....

    He failed at Waterloo, against England, for not factoring in heavy rain, on the eve. And was taken by surprise by the arrival of the Prussians, on the battlefield And he failed to keep his Russian gains, misjudging the Tsar, Cossacks, peasants and the freezing weather...

    He made himself Emperor of France and King of Italy, so not bad for a Corsican artillery officer...;-] He was also responsible for why Europe uses the metric system...

  • Yes, money is a merely tool used in this 3D reality... In reality the elites have the majority of percentage of wealth and that's not how it should be... there is plenty to go around for everyone. I was using it as an example of manifestation, perhaps more for someone that is in lack, as you could be with anything; health/happiness/love/security... In any case, greed and addiction means that you are unable to control your mind and astral vehicle and which creates is a misuse of energy...

  • Wealth, per se, is a useful material tool. It is not a sin, if used for constructive purposes. Just apply love and wisdom...Any addiction could lead to destruction, greed for money, power, or simple gluttony. One's light quotient [point in evolution,] and co-ordinated personality, will allow for great wealth and power, though retaining sanity from illusions....Certain celebs, corporates, bankers and politicians, failed to meet the grade, so fell into that trap....

  • Thankyou Lieutenant....good succinct message, with esoterically sound data...

    Any who may be tempted, in the current climate of wokery, to play the role [just that] of "victim,"
    please apply Movella's wise advice and take back control.....

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