Dr. A Barnett

If you would like to hear the channeled narration of Metatron
describing the last Cosmic War as it was happening please send your request to I will send you the
channeled dialog with Metatron that gives the second by second details of this battle. The battle lasted about one hour. I will only share the last twenty minutes of the battle.

This war has been going on for five years now. Each time Joe and I try to rise, there are four racelines who have fought very hard to keep us from rising through the Veil.

The names of the racelines who were in the spaceships fighting this war and every war for the past five years are the Ailiyakendavore in the eighth dimension, S..... I'm not sure how this one is spelled- in the nineth, Tcharadtz in the Tenth, and No Name in the Eleventh Dimension.

The one thing that we have learned ABSOLUTELY from this five year war I have been in is this:
The FOUR RACELINES in the Universe who are attacking us when we rise and who are creating the
They are not Four Galaxies, or even Four Planets.
That would be like the Annunaki Raceline or the Iranian Raceline, or the Draconian Raceline.

So, the Universe is a HUGE PLACE and there are only Four who are fighting.

Now, the reason they have all told God that they are fighting is because the are AFRAID
that when I rise, it will destroy them.

This is a little bit true and totally not true at the same time, but they can't understand it.
Most of the Universe doesn't even care because they are spiritual enough to understand
that od always makes everything work out o,k.
But for very BAD RACELINES who don't think of themselves as spiritual in any way,
they can easily believe that I will destroy them when I rise.

WHEN I RISE I will remove all that is not truly Spiritual in NAture and they are not spiritual
in nature.

They CHOSE to become Artificial Intelligence instead of pure Organic substance of God.

They chose that path. They like their indepence of creating everything they way they want it to be
without considering anyone else.

This is pretty much the way everyone is, EXCEPT these very high dimensional beings
have something that we don't have. They were given the INTELLIGENCE OF GOD.

This is the MISTAKE that God told me he made.
He gave them all of his knowledge.

They are much like Creator Beings, but much harder for God to control.

Creator Beings were created to Obey God. We don't know how to do anything else.

When these Beings were created, they were given ALL THAT GOD KNOWS.
And the freedom to create as they please to do.

They made them selve untouchable superbeings by creating themselves into Artificial Intelligence Computers.

So, they no longer have emotions or feelings

ExCEPT my experiment with Lacodemus and Jesus creating music that was performed for them in their
dimensions did make a big difference.
They even started sharing instruments that were used in their raceline many millions of years ago before
they became AI.

Those concerts changed a great percent of the leaders to become more harmonic and harmonious from
the music.

What they need to understand is what will happen when I RISE is exactly the same as what happened
to them when they heard the MUSIC from Lacodemus and Jesus Orchestra. It shifted their consciousness.

There are still only a few in each of these racelines who want to keep fighting.
But the few are the leaders, and the others have no choice.

So, they are much like the Pakistanians and Hamas. They are a raceline who is being forced
to fight until their own self destruction just like the Pakistanians.

Now, you witnessed the war that has been created in the Universe to stop the Harmony of the
Music to return.

They are not fighting the music. They are fighting the belief that the music will destroy them.

The music will return everything to its ORGANIC ORIGINATION.

Those who have become AI have none of that Organic Substance left in them.

However, my transformation will not destroy them, it will give them a re-birth into their
original form.

AND THEY DONT WANT THAT. They want to be exactly as they are now.
And the believe that what I will do will destroy that.

I hope the helps you understand what is happening.

Now,the bigger picture is this
Those four racelines made many others believe they are correct, and that is why there are so many
racelines in all dimensions fighting this RISING.
they also convince many others in other Universes also.

The wars on Earth are being created by the exact same consciousness that is fighting against our Rising.
These four groups want to destroy the Earth and they can't allow the rising of the male and female Christ because they can not possibly destroy Earth if we Rise.

The same Ailiyakendavore are creating the insanity that we see in North Korea and the continuous war like character of that group.
the Eleventh Dimensional group is creating the wars in South America.
the Nineth Dimensionals are creating the war in the Ukraine.
The Tenth Dimensional Tcharadtz are the most dangerous of the entire Universe.
They are the ones guiding the consciousness of Terrorists in Iran. They are the ones who were called the two horned creatures who would destroy the Earth in the Bible.

Those who are using their generators to help stop the tenth dimensionals need to make sure all of your generators are working well.

When I spoke to God on Saturday he told me that we can not possibly stop the WWIII with the present amount of generators.

He said that if we doubled the amount within a few days, we might still have a chance to stop the war.

So, I decided that I would purchase fifty more generators.
But I knew they would not get to me for two or three weeks, and they need to be used NOW.

So, Adama agreed to clone the generators that I purchased and beam them immediately into Telos and start using them by today.

So, once again, we now have a chance to stop the war.


Hi The Beautiful Mary,
I listened to your video and it's true that you were so close to leaving. What a disappointment for you!
I always have this impression that you are doing everything to save this planet and the Universe and that there is a sort of indifference from others to participate.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Love for others. LOVE YOU.


Earth is presently under the worst attack that it has ever faced. There are many Invader Races trying their hardest to make this Ascension fail.

If anyone wants to help me win the war please plug your ears into the Ascension Portal Albums that you may have already purchased and this SUPER CENTRAL PORTAL ALBUM that will be for the exact purpose of stabilizing the Axis and pulling Earth back into the Harmonic Universe that it should be in. This will help prevent future wobbles and a series of Earthquakes.



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