The Ladder of Lights

As the imitate gradually progresses up the ladder of lights, there are immense sensations, experiences and knowledge gained along the way.  These experiences are not the end and when one unlocks one door or mystery, an incomprehensible amount still stands before him, waiting to be unlocked on your journey's path.  One must not get caught up on the sensory end of each level, lest you lose sight of the quest at hand.  One must be true in heart and spirit for the supernatural progression of each initiation.  There are those initiations on this material planet that are in fact physical in nature and should not be downplayed in the work and progression.  But it is the supernatural that catapults you along your path guided by spirit and messengers sent and designated.

 Once at a high level, the supernatural initiations grant one power to manifest and create your own reality like little gifts from the Universe.,  You think it, want it, dream it and make it happen.  While there is no doubt to the knowledge gained  and hard work climbing degrees in physical initiations of the earthly world, it is the supernatural that progresses at the level one is ready and the knowledge given when one is ready to receive it.  It is not an easy road and many sufferings and tapas that manifests itself in physical pain or illness awaits the initiate.  And  even once eventually at the threshold of the higher realms, that is not all there is.  A big dark vast void of nothingness where the real secrets lie waiting for the worthy and one who perseveres  One finds that each one of us is actually the key.  There are rules that governs both sides! Natural laws not to be broken.  Many are on the path, but few succeed to the very end of enlightenment and discover Truth, the real secrets of the Universe,  and the secrets of Creation.  Light bodies, astral travel, Merkabas, Stargates the Watchers,and the Ancient Ones hidden in the shadows of light and magickal majestry awaits for the pure in heart and soul to rise above all obstacles.  The Shining Ones await to pass the ancient knowledge of Creation to the worthy ones pure in thought and pure in deeds,

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"It's not the first Time I dreamed about things i not see in my life. It's completely out of anything i have see in a Day or Week. I am not really care for the Television. It's bore me and i most Time not wach it.

I get the Movies for free in my…"
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"What if this is true as he sing it?
He maybe sings about the love between each other can come true, so that's the Reality he sings about, like dreams come true. 😏"
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"Let me ask some very strange Questions.

1. How You know you are awake?
2. What is Reality?
3. How do you know that you are in the so-called Reality?
4. Does everyone live in a different reality?

My Answer:

1. Sometimes i am not so sure about.…"
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"Rebel News - Live from the WEF conference:"
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"yes, it takes practice, that's what I observed also
what catched my attention in one of our exchanges was your argument of counter-intuitive approach, that reminded me of the saying "don't settle for the low hanging fruit", meaning, there is always…"
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"Hey friend, it takes practice.....;-) And as for Serbian President Vučić, if I were him I would not waste my time, visiting that nest of poisonous vipers, at Davos..Many politicians are not actual globalists, BUT, feel that Davos and WEF is…"
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"@Drekx: very important input - it's not always that easy :)"
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