The Jewels int the Crown

I must admit to you that this is one of my favorite pieces of information ever given by The Council in the more than 40 years that they have spoken to us. I believe that it states the essence of our purpose for being and puts physical life in its proper perspective.

The Council:

“Look about your own existence, your own home. Look at your possessions. What good are they to you? Once you leave the material you cannot take them with you. The only thing one can take with them, when they leave the material manifestation, is the good deeds, the love, and the concern that they have had for others. These are the garlands; these are the jewels. This is the crown that sits upon the head, and this is what you will have to wear when you enter the new world or the new land or the next consciousness, and if you do not have those jewels, those crowns, those garlands, then there are areas which will not be accessible to you, and hopefully, you will have at least one thing that will allow you entrance to that area you truly seek.”

Remember, The Council is not saying that we should not have material possessions. They are not saying that at all. We have a right to all of the wonderful things that this world has to offer. They are saying remember who and what you truly are and what your true purpose in life is: To be the most loving and caring soul that you can be, to be a living image of the Divine Creator of all.

The Council:

“Spiritual growth is not a way of life that asks you to do without, but it is a way of life that asks you to give so that there is a greater room within to receive. Matter, creation, life, the earth, is in existence because of a consciousness. Your life is in existence because of a consciousness that you have. Matter can be looked upon as the effects and consciousness is the cause. To change your life into something more positive filled with greater joy and peace, change your consciousness ever so little, if that is the best that you can do, and your life will improve, your happiness will be assured, your joy and your peace will be yours."
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  • ^i^ i ^i^ i ^i^ Pena-Gigi! (pen-ah gee-gee:thank you in Winnebago)
  • David I truly appreciate your post, I believe we are here to experience this life and all that we already know and it's kept somewhere in our minds and souls, and part of that experience is having the material world without appreciating the truly jewel as you say we are and we have on this amazing life and that's is our true self...I went through that I experienced it myself and I'm happy to say that I have never had less material things than I have now but I feel I have more than everything and more than ever, finally after many years I feel complete and is the most amazing feeling is like being connected to the Lord permanently, is the best feeling..I think somehow I have learn to be happy with who I am and what I have and appreciate every single little thing in my life, everything that you say in your post is totally the true,we need to learn to be happy no matter what and it is all about to do with a change of the level of consciousness ..we all go through sadness, problems and things happen in our lives everyday some are really hard, but if we really know how to face them in a more positive point of view we will have the strength to go over it and still be able to be happy. To be happy is a choice, we take it or not.Let's not worry about what we are taking with us but what we are leaving around us, and leaving everywhere we go like giving love and joy whatever we go , like making people feel they are great and they deserve to be loved.
    Thank you David,God bless you and your family ...
  • These messages are powerful and make perfect sense to me. Thanks again David, for sharing the Council's messages with us.
  • Hi Amelia,

    Thanks for your posts. They bring out a good point or two.

    It is not what you CANNOT take with you that is important to me but what YOU CAN take with you that makes this quote so important. Every act of kindness and compassion is rewarded in the next existence as if they were the greatest material riches that we could ever own in the physical world. Too many people value the material possessions and don't give much thought to what is everlasting.

  • "This, too, is a divine realm, however remote and off it may seem. Separation never occurred to me, in spite of many people regarding "human" and "the divine" separate issues... In fact, true humanity encompasses his/her full immersion in the reality of their own awareness, regardless of controlling agents trying to enforce veils in order to keep up an illusion of a split." --Defer

    This made me think of my life as something I have constructed in order to live out an ideal or past life or something... maybe even just for fun. I don't know if it's true, but the idea put a bit more detail of dimensionality into my head-- the multiple possibilities that my life/ lives could really mean... So in this way, perhaps my "material possessions" actually come with me everywhere I go because they are ideas I have constructed.
  • "I must admit to you that this is one of my favorite pieces of information ever given by The Council..." --David22

    Who is "The Council?" I like the advice they are giving, but it doesn't seem particularly radical. Everyone's heard some version of "Can't-Take-None-of-This-With-Us" at some point in their early life... I would hope...
  • in the light of LOVE with you all !!
    Thank you !!
  • I have had moderate possesions in my life. Not alot but what I needed. What I find most valuable about them is that I was able to manifest what I needed when I needed it and in the perfect way. That is a spiritual experience and that part of my material possissions I will take with me. I have lost everything and joyfully began again. Just over a year ago I moved to another state to live in. I sold everything I had to get there. The situation I went into was not for my best and so after a short while I took what I had, which was my clothes and my truck and moved again. Peace of mind was more important to me. One step at a time I again manifested what I needed and managed to wait until it happened with joyful anticipation. I have learned to value and use all that I have and to continue to share it when possible. It is the memories that I take with me. The things I learned and help to teach others. Yes I will be well dressed indeed.
  • The question of "what do you take with you when you pass over?" is a bit tricky because it really depends on the individual.
    I don't consider the Earth container frequency and "the rest of pan-dimensionality" separate from each other. This, too, is a divine realm, however remote and off it may seem. Separation never occurred to me, in spite of many people regarding "human" and "the divine" separate issues. They are not. In fact, true humanity encompasses his/her full immersion in the reality of their own awareness, regardless of controlling agents trying to enforce veils in order to keep up an illusion of a split.
    To my experience the subtle realms features touch sensation as well as the other sensory experiences, however more refined pending on circumstances (on the particular dimension). No one person can tell what another person is going to take with them, whether they enter a hell of their own making or a heaven of their own making. It is solely on the individual and their state of awareness.
    At the basis, Earth container frequency is neutral which means anything can manifest here, which is why this is such a delicate realm. Overall, the electromagnetic spectrum features a negative repellent system, which means that anyone can ever go as high or low as they themselves are. In essence this means that you do take your material possession with you, be they hollow reflections of what you used to know, which can amount to a trapping in another illusion. It is therefore important to learn to distinguish between different states of reality when travelling freely.
  • Thank you great message and very true indeed.
    Blessings love light peace and joy
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