The initiation? (A must Read!)

Sunday 11:15AM. I woke up from an amazing dream or what felt like a dream. This morning maybe an hour prior, I heard someone calling me, telling me that someone wants to see me, and this was broad day light. I was wide awake in my bed, for some reason I felt compelled to reply politely "No Thank you! I don't want to go, I attempted to pull my blankets over my head, but I failed several times and when I finally yanked the blankets I saw an average height figure appear but my mind took it as a dream, and from there it was all taken place in dream state....the lady resembled my mother, wearing striped pjs (I bought my mom the same pjs 1yr ago!! Maybe that was for a more comfort effect since last time I saw a being it scared the shyt out of me, and I immediately went into prayer mode!


When I saw this person a calm effect took over, believe me I wasn't in anyway calm when I was attempting to cover my head with a blanket! The being was determind, she said to me "They have something special waiting for you, Because someone believes in you. Come on get up, lets go see! (she reached out her hand) I gave in "Oookay" and we rushed out the apartment door. my hair looked a mess, I was still in pajamas! and the lady looked at me and said "What is up with your hair??" and when  I told the lady she was like "ah, ok nevermind there is no time to fix it." (still holding my hand, in the apartment hallway we saw two stair cases, one that was going down stairs another that was going up stairs, pretty normal for an apt building) I asked the lady which way are we going? and she said, "we're going up." we flew up the stairs, I don't even remember climbing the stairs and at the end of the stairs there was a window, the lady said "look you can see the ship they're waiting for you!" it was a large bright yellow light. and when I looked longer I saw the humanoids standing outside the ship waving and smiling (it reminded me of a parade float with pargent queens waving) about four humanoids were waving they had on white suits, and long robes. The ship was gold with bronze designs. It was shaped like a polygon with hexogon points, the whole thing looked like a huge star shape craft thought honestly think it was a scouting ship and not the mothership, like I mentioned they were standing on the outside.

After seeing that they released a tiny saucer about the size of a small pizza box that was gold with bronze designs; I had to catch the saucer, I don't remember why. I woke up.



END :)

If anyone has experienced something similar please share! this was my second time seeing a ship (1st for the new year, first time it was when I activated my 3rd eye over a year ago). This isn't something that happens often.  ~Cheers!








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  • How lovely Pretty :-) I haven't been in a space ship but I've dreamt of them landing and having a good old chat with the locals as though it was a perfectly normal thing. And so has my friend, except it was her who chatted and took photos before they left. She also dreamt of one landing and a beam of white light coming from below and a person emerging and starting to walk towards her, but she woke up.

    Can you see us becoming a galactic world? or do we remain in quarantine? Or does the world split into 2 - believers and non believers....

    Thanks for sharing Pretty xxx

  • Hi Pretty

    Have you read much on The Great Evacuation?  (read about 1 inch from the bottom as it makes more sense than all the stuff previously written)

    It could be the rapture.  You'll have to spend more time praying what this means to you.


    I've dreamed of being taken aboard a ship by my space brother but this was during the economic collapse where it was getting very dangerous to remain here.  I was being picked up to escape these troubles.  I'm not into fanciful thinking, but many people just won't survive it due to starvation or being killed for food. 


    But that's my experience, and there's enough info there for you to research further.



    THE ASHTAR COMMAND - Book I: Project: World Evacuation - through TUELLA
    Earth Changes and the World Evacuation & Ascension
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