The current incarnation is the most important, of all experienced by every soul on this Planet Earth. We’re at the closing of the Great Cosmic Cycle, which determined the condition of the World of Trials and Executions for this school of souls. The fate of each student will depend on the frequency reached in this final tense.

As Planet Earth evolved, its humanity walked relatively in accordance with the energy and experiences offered in this School. The linear time that was measured here, served to separate the phases and successive Eras. Nothing different from a traditional school, where each student is getting through the stages, step by step.

Today I bring you here a topic referring to the Mayan Calendar, which covers a period in which our Solar System orbit around Alcyone, the Central Sun of the Pleiades. This Cycle makes a total of 25,920 years, divided into 12 eras, each of 2,160 years.

These are the known Zodiac Signs. And as everyone has heard, in 2012, the Aquarius Age, also called the Age of Light, began, as it coincides with the time when the Earth passes the Photon Belt, which is an intense beam of light that crosses the Galaxy. It’s been mentioned here before.

But today I want to talk about the Pisces Age, which is the period before the Aquarius Age. The Divine Plans are so perfect, that our three-dimensional mind still cannot comprehend, size is its greatness. But it is Pisces Age that prepares human energies and hearts for what comes after it. You cannot live an Age of Light, that is, of love, if it has not been prepared before, within human consciences.

I’m going to quote an excerpt from Ramati about this here:

“Those who have failed to develop love in the Pisces Age during the course of 2,160 years will be placed to the left of the Christian principle and exiled to another orb, where they will await the appropriate period in which the same aspect of Planetary Logos will be highlighted in that orb of exile, in which they will be” Opportunity again to develop the Divine attribute of Love. “It’s always a good idea to remember that God doesn’t impose, he just asks.”

As we can see, everyone has had enough time because in 2,160 years, by the natural medium, each soul has had about 20 reincarnations. And this last Pisces Age, since it preceded the current Era in which the Earth will make its Transition to a World of Regeneration, was also the most decisive, so much so that the Cosmic Christ Himself, became human in order to show us true love.

He came exactly within the second century of the Pisces Age. Thus, mankind on Earth has had two thousand years to put its teachings into practice. Contrary to what was propagated by the religions, He did not come to forgive our sins, but to teach us love. Where there is love, there is no sin, and that’s the truth.

When the soul incarnate reaches a loving degree corresponding to the frequency of the Fifth Dimension, it is fit to make its ascension. And Christ brought the messages indicating the end of a long Cycle of Trials and Atonement, also bringing the information that a New Era was about to come. His sentence: “The meek and pure in heart will inherit the New Earth,” exemplifies all of this very well.

There is no way to be gentle and pure in heart, if there is no love inside you. Love is Light ! So the Age of Light, might also be called the Age of Love. But being love is not possible from one moment to another, as it requires a long construction work. So Pisces Age has brought in the mechanisms for it, including the coming of the Creator of this Galaxy himself.

As we can see in Ramati’s’ quote, no one can claim that they didn’t have opportunities. Hearts hardened in the greedy ego, the thirst for power, and the subjugation of too sentient beings, have not yet developed enough love in order to obtain the frequency needed to inherit the New Earth. Meanwhile, exile for matching orbs will give them plenty of time in the new venture.

Love requires the presence of others preached, such as compassion, respect, cooperation and understanding that we are all ONE. That consciousness that is in another human being, or an animal, a plant or even in any element of nature, is the same Universal consciousness that is in you. Although at a different level of evolution, it is not separated. There will come a time when appropriate integration, just like our 3D consciousness, will be integrated into our higher versions.

The end time announced two thousand years ago has arrived! This is the ultimate incarnation of duality on Earth. So it’s also the most important! Mass ascension will certainly occur, as at least 1/3 of humanity incarnate is in the required loving condition and frequency. Don’t waste such an opportunity What a wonderful moment it was!

I am Vital Frosi, and my mission is enlightenment!



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