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The Illuminate and the DC-NWO,part 3,the 100 Black Lodge Groups;New Earth

Photo: Message From Archangel Michael – Keys To Participating In The New Reality March 2, 2013 Learn to listen more deeply. Stillness and light are very compatible. In your quieter moments, as turn your attention to listening, you attract more light. The more you listen, the more facile you become with hearing your own innate wisdom SOUND throughout your being. This will appear to you as clarity and insight, as vision and knowing. The perspectives of your Soul, and your Higher Self are vast and more love-filled generally then your human based perspectives. The more you spend time listening to yourself in an aligned, relaxed way, the more these higher perspectives can inform your sense of purpose, mission, path, choices and decisions. It is important for you to realize you have many different ways of making decisions. And that decisions are different than choices, and both are different then preferences. A choice is the act of choosing among options and you may choose differently at another time. Decisions eliminate all other options, commit your energy and behavior to what you’ve decided where preferences are things you like more then others. You make choices based on your preferences. Decisions too can be based on preferences, but they also tend to be based on your values or beliefs. In all of this you are expressing yourself and in each of these kinds of creative acts you summon energetic support from beyond this sphere. Invite higher frequency energy into your life. The alignment you create by being in accord with the higher frequency aspects of your being, summons an expansive and nourishing energy into your life and fuels your creation with the momentum of the Cosmos. When you create from these higher perspectives, your preferences are inclined toward choices and decisions that are in harmony with Divine Will, or the Unified Field. These harmonics, in turn amplify your creative acts. All of life is extended by these kinds of collaborative, resonant focus. To take fullest advantage of your Higher Self and then through your Higher Self, your Soul’s Presence in this life, you must give permission and draw these energetics more and more into your field of being. You have grown and are growing in your capacity to carry light and this will continue as your focus in form unfolds. Allow yourself to fuel this process with the conscious companionship and elevation provided by inviting and giving permission for your Higher Self to join you. You may do this simply by calling upon your Higher Self. Just turning your attention in this way, draws you into a communion of light with your Higher Self and then you can continue to summon your Higher Self asking it to come closer, to come deep into your energy and your body, to merge with you, to flow into all your cells, to entrain your energy field with its energy and light. The more you do this the more you prepare to merge with your Soul Presence. Your connection with your Soul Presence is made possible through your Higher Self. There is a frequency hierarchy within your continuum of being. Beginning to work with this consciously is of great benefit to your life. You notice when you do this that you feel more peaceful, more whole, more confident, more clear, and your life becomes more available to grace. Re-orient to the true source of personal power. The ability to listen to yourself and hear your inner wisdom and know it’s guidance is the source of self-confidence and real personal power. The power of life is love. Power comes from love — from being connected to your own self and from allowing yourself to open to the love available in every moment and every kind of life experience there is. Many of you have issues with ideas of power. Realize that things you think are “bad” or “evil” are mirrors of where you are still entangled in the illusion of duality; the idea that one thing is better then another and the construct of duality. To be empowered feels more comfortable to you then the idea of being powerful. Ask yourself why. These words are not actually different. They simply have different associations from your prior experiences and the beliefs and paradigms of the old reality. Release the idea of protection. I wish now to speak about something very important to me, the idea of protection. Many of you associate my presence with protection. This is something I would like to revise so that I may more clearly participate with you in your life. My intent is to support you and to be available to you as together we move toward the fullest expression of the divine plan. This guides all my activities and all my focus. It is, the standard for my focus and my attention. To increasingly access the power of love in your life, each of you will learn to shift from ideas of protection to ideas of the truth of energetic standards. Standards are the true way that you create what you typically think of as protection. The problem with the idea of protection is that it takes you out of alignment and also feeds fear. To access the fullness of love from within this beautiful life on Earth, you must be in alignment with yourself and be open. This means you will gradually find ways to “let your guard down.” In human life many of you develop resistance to love because the focus instead, is on shielding yourself from potential pain in relationships because of fear. This idea of protection is a construct within the illusion that prevents you from knowing the fullness of love! It does not serve you. It also does not keep these things from happening–as many of you have noticed. Understand protection is essentially an extension of your energy based on fear. Of course it is wise not to drive your car into a tree. {Smile.} Caring for your body by working the the nature of life and making good decisions to perpetuate your life is simply wise. But caring for yourself is not the same thing as being protective. Being protective in essence is being “on the defensive” and being on the defensive means “steeling yourself” or even being aggressive. Being protective, or wanting protection take you out of alignment. This does not empower you, or your joy! Decide to learn to open so you may discover the abundace of love on Earth. This may seem obvious, but often when you are not feeling love it does not occur to you to open up more fully. In fact, you tend to constrict your energy which pinches you off even more! In order to feel the love that is available in each and every moment, you have to open yourself perceptually and energetically to the fuller spectrum of energy you are capable of assimilating. There is an abundance of love everywhere in your world, but many of you do not feel this, or not consistently as you would like to experience love. There is electromagnetic energy available from the Earth, there is energy in the food you eat and the air you breathe. There is energy in sunlight, and there is Cosmic Energy available directly through your crown chakra and through all your chakras. The more open you are, the more relaxed you are, the more you are able to access the full spectrum of energy available to be assimilated. All of this energy is love! Much of your focus along this path of awakening has been working with the healing frequencies transmitted to Earth, summoned by your collective desire to awaken. You have used these energies brilliantly, learning to ride the cycles of upliftment and to more and more confidently take place in your own healing with presence, patience and love. Now in the New Reality you are gradually becoming aware of the more subtle energies present and as you do, these energies actually are drawing you into higher frequency expression. They are energetically triggering you as an invitation to soften your “guard” so that you may open more fully to all that is presenting in your world. To notice these energies and to allow yourself to stay open may take practice. Many of you are very sensitive and as such have developed strong methods of keeping energy away from you that you felt (or shall I say “feared”) might impeded your joy. Of course, you are wise to want to feel joyful, it is simply that pinching off yourself energetically also tends to result in amplified fear and resistance, less availability to feel love, which then creates more fear, and also impedes the full spectrum of love-energy available to you … you can see how this can become a downward trending energy cycle. Replace ideas of protection: learn to set standards to your liking. Many of you are noticing the differences in life. You are feeling more at home. You are noticing your own awareness of unity is more prevalent. You are drawn toward experiences of love and upliftment. Your lives have changed. You have left much behind and this has been hard, but you are gradually learning that you can come indeed out and play! That is part of orienting to the new energies — realizing that it may indeed be YOUR time. To discover that it is indeed your time, you have to soften up these guards you have created so you can let more love in. It’s important for you to know that you can do this safely and still have standards to create your experience. Standards are established by the way you relate to yourself. This bears repeating {Smile!} Standards are established by the way you relate to yourself. The way you relate to yourself sets the standards for how you are willing to have any others relate to you. All experiences mirror your standards, so use the experiences in your life to discover your standards and then revise them if needed. Once you begin to use standards to create your experiences, along with decisions and choices, you can then entirely release the guard(s)! Then the abundance of life can be more fully received and if you make room to perceive and notice, experienced. Keys to participating in the New Reality. These are the very subtle ways of mastery that will give you the greatest benefit at this time. These are the milestones to understand and master, the Keys if you will to participation in the New Reality. The New Reality is an inner game. You intuitively know this, but now you must apply yourself to learn to live fully this way, as a sovereign expression, an extension into physical form, of your own Divine Being. Learn to listen to yourself. Invite higher frequency versions of your energy to elevate your perspective. Use choice and decisions to create based on your preferences. Use standards as guidelines for what you are willing to experience. Use the mirror of reality to see your standards, and as a feedback loop as you revise them to your liking. Let yourself be a beginner. It’s simple and clear to live this way. But it’s very different then how many of you lived for most of your lives. Which means these are new habits, new ways of being that must be patiently, devotedly created to become natural and for you to confidently utilize them as your process, your way of being. Love yourself enough to be a beginner. To relate to the New Reality as truly new! To innocently and joyfully, learn the ways of the New Reality, with no shame that you do not already know them, and with appreciation for the fundamental design of your world, so that the ability to see clearly and make changes is so beautifully made possible. You have summoned a new version of Earth into being. Now you must meet that with a new version of YOU. I am with you always. I AM Archangel Michael.

part 3

The “Priory of Sion” is also a member of the Illuminati group. The Priory of Sion group believes that they have the blood and DNA of Jesus, that he married Mary Magdalene. They call it the “Merovingian bloodline.” The Hapsburgs claim to have more of this bloodline in their ancestry, but there are other Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, and noble families of Europe who claim this as well, including the Queen of England (Elizabeth) and her heirs and Prince Barnard himself. The families of kings and queens had prearranged marriages, not only for power and money but also to keep the so called bloodline pure. This first Priory of Sion meeting was to bring them all together.

I myself have run across this story now several times in my Jesus books. Most are fake, such as the story about Billy Meier of Austria who was told by some of the pleiadians how to find a book they called Jmmanuel that I believe this group of Pleiadians planted by going back in time. In the past I thought the Pleiadians were good space brothers, but I think this was done by the followers of Hitler who moved to the s.pole with stolen alien technology. This book is false and contrived, and the story of Jesus getting married, I believe, is definitely false. The others that tell this story must also be false channels because most of my Jesus books say this is not true, especially The Urantia Book. It says no way.

This Bilderberger group has members who are prime ministers, kings and queens, and presidents and vice presidents of different countries and other so called rich and important people of governments and industry and banking. But to be included in the Bilderberger group, they all had to first be members of the free masons in one or another of their Illuminati circles or lodges. That’s also why the elitist chose the pyramid as their symbol because they rule from the top down, from the first inner circle to the second inner circle to the third outer circle and then to all the many other groups or black lodges.

All of the third circle families are bankers in each country and they control the central banks that publish the so called money, and they also hold other positions in society. The new Bilderberger group was ideal for them because it enables them to control the people even more in order to recruit them into the NWO. Even Hitler raged about them and George H. Bush Sr. talked about. So the Bilderberger group brought the chance to formulate more control groups in each country, coercing governments to make new laws which would control the people through transportation, communication, industry, banking, the military and police.

The Bilderberger group now meets every year in late summer. The average number of attendees is 130. Membership into the free masons and other groups is granted as needed. But the Bilderberger group controls the other groups and they are controlled by the first and second inner circles and the free masons. By the way, I only mentioned some of the first circle families. No one knows the rest.

According to Jim Mars, these are more likely some of the members of the second circle of 30: The Brockman Dynasty of Canada, Juan Carlos of Spain, John Jacob Astor, Lord Peter Carrington (banker with Bilderberger mafia ties), Giovanni Agnelli (Fiat Motors), Rupert Murdoch (multi billionaire Australian publisher), Heinrich Von Pierer (German chairman of Siemens electronic company), George Soras (Hungarian Jew and now a British subject), all of which belong to another NWO group (lodge) of the World Economic Forum held in Switzerland.

Prince Philip was also a member, Queen Elizabeth’s late husband and head of the United Lodge of free masonry in England and a member of the order of the garter in England. These may be good candidates for the Bilderberger group which met in 2007 in Turkey and in 2008 in Maryland, five miles from Washington D.C., USA, in which they will announce their agenda to collapse the money markets and create a worldwide Depression. (See Global “Crisis” News.)

Nexus Magazine ran a good article by Daniel Estulin called “The Illuminati’s Second Circle” in Vol. 14 No. 5 in August-September 2007. The article also reported on the economic hit men of the IMF/World Bank which will be our next subject. And it listed a delegation to the 2007 Bilderberger meeting. David Rockefeller was not present. There was a group of 130 members, plus attendees who are not yet members, mostly from Europe and western countries, especially the USA. Now supposedly no one in the U.S. government under the “Logan Act” is allowed to attend such a meeting that is not endorsed by the U.S. government, but Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, and Ross Wilson, Ambassador to Turkey, and did Henry Kissinger represented his own company, Kissinger Associates.

This group supports the interests of mufti-national corporations and talks mostly about business and their plans to create a new world currency by collapsing the present banking system. To quote from the Nexus article, “Catastrophe is good for business, always has been. Without suffering there would be no humanitarian assistance. And without humanitarian assistance there would be no room for undercover intelligence network operations as part of western imperatives for geopolitical control.” In Europe, the independent banking system is run through the European Central Bank whose monetary policies are put together by the leading members of the Bilderberger elite.

Other quotes from the meeting were: “The United States and Europe have a tacit agreement between them that the president should always be a U.S. national while it’s sister institution, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) should always be headed by a European.” And the Bilderberger meeting in 2007 “served as a consensus building exercise to decide on a common policy and strategy to deal with Russia’s resurgence.” David Estulin says, “These are some of the things they talked about. The final objective of this despicable group of elitists was a fascist one world empire.” How could it be orchestrated?

Estulin quotes them as saying, “The idea is to give to each country a political constitution and an appropriate national structure, organized for the following purposes: (1) to place political power in the hands of chosen people and eliminate all intermediaries, (2) to establish a maximum concentration of industries and suppress all unwarranted competition, (3) to establish absolute control of prices of all goods and raw materials (Bilderberger makes it possible through the iron grip control of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization), and (4) to create judicial and social institutions that would prevent all extremes of action.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Here they, themselves, tell how they “intend” and are now in the process of taking over the world through collapsing the economies. They have the power and money plus they are all evil in their “intent” for a one world empire. These people move their industries to third and fourth countries where the labor is dirt cheap, make their products with no restrictions, and then send them back with their company name on it, and sell them, making a huge profit, at a loss of millions of jobs back home in western society. This causes us all to depend on other countries for our goods. Who’s being fooled?

The real question is how can we stop them in the next eight years? And if we don’t, who will? Mother nature, Earth changes Universe and galaxy changes, Dimensional changes, Space brothers, Spiritual hierarchy, Or the raising up of the super or cosmic consciousness ? The mass needs to awaken and rise up before it is too late. No one else can do it for us. They can help, but now we are a free and sovereign planet, at least for a short while longer and the space brothers can only interfere if we ask them to or if we the people and the planet are a danger to the universe (which we are now).

Right now we are a danger mostly to ourselves. So what to do? Let’s do our homework. Open our minds. Come out of denial. They’re getting away with everything so far because we let them. We believe their lies and deception. We couldn’t be bothered with politics or voting or joining an organization that could help and support society. Basically we are still children. We want someone else to do it for us, to be our so called parents, to take care of us. We have become lazy and complacent, non-caring of what is happening around us. They’ve been at this for many hundreds of years. Where were we all that time, sleeping? We can control our dreams if we wake up in them in time. We can control our world if we wake up in time. Where to start and how to do it? Everyone should start wherever they are now in their awakening! We need to go where our hearts and minds lead us. Stay away from fear! It only feeds the dark forces and pulls us down, draining our energy.

We need to find ways in our own personal life that we can change things to become independent of them. It is important to become spiritually awake, not religious but spiritual. Our guides will help us if we ask. Let’s change our energy habits, use less. Change our automobiles. Find a way to run them very cheaply on LPG and/or alcohol using a carburetor and/or flex system. Change our food and clothes and learn to recycle. There are a lot of things we can do for ourselves. I know because I did it while living in the last of the bush in San Ignacio, Belize, providing my own energy sources and different sorts of cheaper fuels (LPG) etc. Plus rain water but very little of my food on just one lot; my lot is black clay so I had to grow food in pots, sprouting jar’s and a tiny garden. Plus I have the world’s largest ant colony in the next lot, and they like to eat my plants. Actuality, I’ve been doing most of this (except for the food) for the past 35 years.

If the Illuminati continue at their present sped up rate they will succeed and we will fail. Is that what we want? There is much we can learn to take control of, in everything around us. Don’t buy what they tell us to buy, but only what we need and can use. Recycle and fix things. Keep them as long as possible. There are many ways to repair things nowadays. We can make and put together things ourselves. Start a garden. Do sprouts. Make our own yogurt, cheese and food. Get some chickens. Get started before it’s too late. Make contact with your neighbors and local community.

We can learn to do whatever we want if we really do want to change. If not we will find ourselves as subjects, slaves to these people. We’re already under their control somewhat now. Get rid of credit cards. Put savings into the Euro and gold, “silver” and other precious metals. Pay off bills and mortgage or sell the house and buy a smaller one in cash and move to the country. Blow up the television. Throw away the paper. Tune into Coast to Coast AM. Read Nexus magazine. Buy new survival books.

But I’m not finished lecturing yet. We all need a kick in the rump or jump start. Well, there’s more. We need to know more about this World Bank and the infamous IMF, the ruling class of the new caste system. The World Bank goes back to WWII as a whole, but these same banker families have been backing wars much longer. They were the first truly global empire created without the military. They also sold weapons to both sides of wars. But they themselves did not have a military to fight for them until recently. Now they own private army’s such as Halliburton and the UN army works for them. Actually if you think about it the us military and many others work for them, such as the real reason the US invaded Iraq was to get the 1200 oil well’s for the oil company’s and the Invasion of Afghanistan is to protect the oil pipe lines and the worlds largest dealer and manufacture of drugs. Today the World Bank which is owned by the Illuminati banking elite created an off shoot called the IMF that takes over the third world countries through economics.

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