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Many of the Awakened lightworkers and even the newly awakened have been searching for not only the Divine Plan but also for there own personal Ascension Plan. There are many different paths that one can take out-there.Every one of us are different from everyone elses life plan or history of who we are, where we came from and what we learned and what we,and our soul's still need to learn. So I am presenting a tid bit of what I have found ,that may help our searching souls to find the guidence that is needed. I studied the Urantia Book 52 yrs. and the book A Course in Miracles [ACIM] 18+yrs, may it inspire you the way it did me and many others Part of the info is from the UB and the rest is from ACIM. And for those who prefer video there is the vids on u-tube by the late Delores Canon, her work is the best I have found for the awakened and even the newly awakened on the Ascension Program.,even though it is not directly from the same source.

I have been studing the ACIM daily, I am in my 19th yr. of this book by Jesus.The above statements [ Source] are true to a certain extent but it goes much deeper than that short statement above which is mostly for Christens. Below is a small part of the orginal I use almost daily from ACIM, on Healing the mind by JC.

1. If you are willing to renounce the role of your thought system and open it to me; I will correct it very gently and lead you back to God.JC

2. I can be entrusted with your body and your EGO only because this enables you not to be concerned with them, and lets me teach you there unimportance.JC

3. I will teach with you and live with you, if you will think with me. But my goal will always be to absolve you finally for the need for a teacher.JC

4. I need devoted teachers who share my aim of Healing the mind. The Kingdom is Perfectly United and Perfectly Protected and the ''Ego'' will not prevail against it. Keep yourself fully aware of the ''Undoing Process'' of the Ego. Your reality is only Spirit. Spirit is in a state of Grace forever. Therefor you are in a state of Grace forever. Through me the Holy Spirit gives Faith unto you, as you give it.

What I get from those affermation prayers is a bit different than the org. blog.

Stages of Surrender,[ based on the book ACIM ] ;By Julie Boerst & Rev. Joshua..]

It is a way of Deprograming the old DC program and reprograming yourself with the help of Jesus.This is the 1st step on Healing the mind, so we can heal the soul.

#2 The EGO is our lower self, our shadow self is the problem same as the DC is the problem in our lost world, that must be over-come, and transcended. And here he [JC] shows how to overcome this problem of the Ego by not being concerned with them. Yes reconize him the Alter Ego, and then let him go,[ forgiveness] so that you can take in the new program by Jesus, As Above so Below. As you heal and let go of the lower self ,you then start moving upward towards the higher self or the Divine Self.The 3rd and 4th part is important in that we must think like JC , not just in the old ways from the New Testament which is outdated now to a certain extent, by that I mean the education of mankind was not very high at that time and they could not understand the higher concepts by JC ,given to us today from his book ACIM for healing the mind for the Ascension Program.

And he is now teaching us how to walk and talk ,you could say as baby gods. And when we learn to walk and talk correctly in Spirit-reality and we start sharing it with others,called Shining our light. Then we wont need an outside teacher because we have an inside teacher and Guide, the Holy Spirit. And the inside teacher will teach us the true meaning of the Holy Trinity, which is the ''Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit'' what the book's is mostly about. Which is truly our means of Salvation and Ascension by remembering that  Salvation must come from our True one self, our Higher self or Divine self. We must make the changes nessacery in our minds to effect our souls need to become one, once again with our Creator Father. Truely, a son of God, when the process is complete.

For those who are now awake and apply this Spirit- Reality energy to ourselves and the to those around us,by Shining our Light. God is the Light in which I see. Not only will we Ascend into the higher Dimensions but become a god someday in the Far Future like Jesus did, not a Creator God but a son of God, a god indeed. He was the first to do it but not the last. And when you read the book ACIM and the UB, you will understand that the Holy Trinity concept is the best way to do it.You can call upon Jesus to help but then we must go to the Holy Spirit , he is our Guide, and Voice of God to lead us home to God the Father, and he is inside of us, when we ask him in,to complete the job or transition of becoming our Divine self. Thats why God created him [H.S.] from or as a Extension of Himself as a higher form asigned to help the lower form and Extension of himself, which is us to become one with all of Gods creations of Himself.

''God is my strength- Vision is his Gift.'' Helping to bring us all back to the one mind of Michael our Creator Father.''God is the mind from which we think.'' He is part of our mind and we are part of his mind  Jesus is the teacher who can help us to do this, but he cannot and will not do it for us' for that would go against our free will that the Father gave us.JC is the living example of how to do it. He was the 1st one to complete his training, for he too evolved over many thousands of lifetimes as one of us, to god status and joined with the Father and his Higher self plus the H.S. to help bring us home. And that is what the Ascension Process and Program is all about......God is my Source, I cannot see apart from him. We are all one, in the Family of God.

Adonai, rev. Joshua

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