The Hollow Earth

When one mentions the Hollow Earth theory, many main-stream folks will instantly balk at such a thing and ignore everything beyond. That's rather unfortunate. That said, the Earth is hollow. In fact, every single "rocky" world is indeed hollow.

How do you know?

Easy, it's essentially basic physics, though I do know for certain it is hollow.

Have you ever been to a park with a playground? Sure you have. Have you ever jumped on the merry-go-round and have a friend spin it so hard it becomes difficult to hold on and stay on unless you're sitting in the center? That's because of Centrifugal Force.

Ever since the early days of the Shuttle Program, NASA has been conducting experiments in space, testing theories regarding centrifugal force. They (the various scientists) would set an object in motion, such as a ball of clay or other such material. The purpose was to determine what would happen to these materials in a vacuum and or in a weightless environment. What they uncovered shouldn't really "blow you away" as much as you should essentially feel like a dumb ass for not realizing this earlier:

  • No matter the material, it would always become hollow as centrifugal force "pushed" the material from the center toward the exterior. This can of course be applied to each and every single rocky world out there.

Go ahead, try to debate this, just know that no matter what, centrifugal force will be applied to objects in space, thus making them hollow. That's just the way it is.

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  • Hello ClaudiaLee! Thanks for the link mate! I've crawled that site many times in the past but since I've lost the bookmark, not anymore ;) Great stuff and I do enjoy reading about the Hollow Earth and all it's crazyness. Although I love life beyond measure, I sure can't seem to wait to find out all the truth, ya know? Thanks again mate!

  • I totally agree Ogdoo. There shouldn't be a debate, but there is. Most people don't even consider the simple physics involved and that's the true shame. To be so analytical and yet so easily duped is something I'll never understand.

    The lies spouted by the government are sickening to me. Take education for example; they will teach our young about some of the most important things but leave one or two items out and blamo, you have a skeptic despite being shown the door per se. Man this really sucks.

  • What I feel really, is that there shouldn't be a debate wether the Earth is hollow or not just on pure speculations.

    If the people that so rigorously defend the theory that Earth is all solid with magma inside, then these should be the ones more responsible to prove it.

    Why haven't humans been allowed by military forces to venture to the poles where there are supposedly large holes in the ground? 

    That's the most important question in my opinion. I think the answer is simple, we have forces strongly doing everything in their power to prevent sightings of the poles, if there was no visible entrances such as huge holes in the ground, what other motive would they need to defend and classify?

    I'm really tired of living on this planet where everything that is supposed to be exciting and amazing are held in secrecy. Everything revolutionary that doesn't fit into the slave economy is being supressed. It's like a prison without walls.. when will we be free to evolve naturally and explore out given birthright without some ***holes doing everything in their power to stop us in our tracks?

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