The High Council of Orion: Continued Conflict Is Not Necessary
By Krista Raisa

Message for humanity.

We are the High Council of Orion. We have two beings with us today. Thank you for taking the opportunity to highlight parts of your life that you are currently working with. We have much to share in this transmission.

Today is a day for merriment. Today is also a day for continued efforts on your plane, in considering the aspect of "highlighting." Our channel has worked with several beings to correspond with on a daily basis. They have been giving her continual guidance as to whom she should contact in Spirit and considering the amount of applicants we are quite aware of the currents in confusion. Let us explain.

Today we have seen the multidimensional aspect of our channel, Krista, and we hereby state that from this day on she is no longer negative. This goes for all of humanity at this time. We want you all to understand the division in conflict. Conflict has two aspects. One is the tremendous amount of energy that is generated from the intent of understanding through separation. The second aspect corresponds with the highlighting, which many of you call "desires." You see, out of desire comes conflict when you are on this plane, as many of you have witnessed.

"But how can we evolve?" you ask. "Dear Orion, we want to understand why this plane of reality is so evolved yet we cannot come to terms with ourselves and highlight what it is that we are wanting." And we tell you, today you must learn to appropriate between good and evil. What is good and evil on the upper dimensions? It is a multitude of things.

We want you all to understand that Orion is not here to change the conflict within you. You are here to change the conflict within yourselves. "And what is that conflict?" you may ask. And we tell you, today is a wonderful day to choose between a multitude of things: who to contact in non-physical, who to appropriate between and what to choose when you are appropriating between things. Now our channel says, "Orion, I am quite confused and cannot grasp what you mean by appropriation- is it allowance or is it about continued efforts to sustain what is real?" We tell her, "today you are loved and today you will learn to choose between all things as all are loved." This is most confusing to the human being. The human beings on your planet are immersed in the availability of options. This means that there will be so many shiftings occuring on your planet that the options to choose will be tremendous. What this also means is that you will play an important role as "chooser" or "highlighter", according to our terms. This is a new concept that has entered your Earth plane.

As of the planetary shift in the summer of 2013, many on your Earth plane inhabitants have found it more difficult to choose between options. So we begin the process of highlighting. Many of you find this amusing as we tell you that you can continue to love and be loved, yet you still chose otherwise, in comparison to your sisters and brothers in physicality. You say "I want this and my brother wants that, so how can we be in a state of pure love at all times?" And we tell you, "there is always the option to be in pure love, however, as humans you must highlight before you begin the process of loving." This means that when you begin to envelop your emotions and take away the pain of the past, you begin to highlight. This is a choosing process of beginnings and endings, the new world as you know it. We see the unfolding process of what-is and what-is-not, a tumultuous experience of positivity and negativity gathering in forces, you could say. However, we see positivity and negativity as an envelopment of consciousness where all beings are highlighting between the two. As we have said, this is the appropriation. Take a moment.

We see that all of you have begun to enfold what-is and what-is-not. In other words, you have found within yourselves a new key to consciousness. This key has opened many a door to new layers and dimensions, as you call them- a place where all things are probable. We have told you before that you would find a place in your hearts where "all is well" and indeed it has. This will be quite a year, in 2014, as all of you fall into place. We have found that in actuality, all beings of light will focus upon the spirit of Gaia, your Earth Mother, and find within the heart of her, a key to the new reality. This key is the key you have all been highlighting with- choosing to focus on the love that is you.

This is a most amazing experience and we are glad you have chosen Orion Council as inhabitants of your heart center. Take a moment. We are complete.

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  • Thank you and am humbled by your compassion given to ALL in Love . It is a wonderful time to BE here on Mother Gaia . And , yes we ALL need to ask for Grace as She Ascends into Her rightful place in the Universal Community that is . Amen.

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