The Healing Properties of Nature

I'm not here to say that anyone "needed" the outdoors... The natural (nature) environment in order to meditate (or just downright find healing properties) but I have found that living in such conditions does contain healing properties that I could not find in the noisy going... Doing...zooming of the city environment. For me, if find when in nature there is the sound of silence, which in return produces a calmer body / mind. Does anyone else have experience with living and experiencing nature in its raw form and what benefits have you found?,
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  • Thanks all for the comments and AWESOME pics. The Manifested Christ called Jesus was said to have spoken of following nature (the Lillie's, birds etc) and that we can learn much if we be like them. Maybe he was right? I know for me, when I can have that state of consciousness, I find myself in less turmoil and more peace and laughter. Pranam.
  • I can't get enough of nature, lately.  I'm constantly craving the mountain forests near my home as well as the coastal air and beach (secluded beaches in nature).  I absolutely Love the negative ions!  I've been hiking frequently this year, rain or shine.  I'm so grateful I live in the Pacific NW!  I'm in the mountains almost every weekend, taking it all in!  Nature grounds me and literally re-charges my energy.  Deep in the woods is a great place for me to find peace and silence.  This is a great time for me to go within and get answers/wisdom.  I almost feel like a junkie needing another fix of nature lately!  (poor analogy?  lol)  I'm ready to go for a Soul journey deep in the forest for a few days.  


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  • I agree Gerard. The city environment is so disturbing for me personally that I kept moving farther and farther on. Until I
    Finally found myself living alone in the Rockies @ 10,000ft. Living like a pioneer, totally off the grid. I never felt more alive and at peace! Being an empath can feel so overwhelming until one experiences total solitude & total silence! NATURE remembers the Divine Frequency constantly. Which feels so very comforting . . . Compared to the din of constant business. Ah Nature!
    My neighbors the bears and raccoons and mountain lions
    Never complained to the homeowners ass. No matter what!
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