The Hathors of Earth's Solar Astral Planes, as channeled through Wes Annac


Note: This message is quite long, and I debated breaking it up into two segments because of its length. You are advised to absorb it in as many reading sessions as you need, to properly integrate the information.

Humanity as a collective is and will be beginning to reflect the energetic strides being made at present. There is so much going on beyond the realms of your current perception and with each effort to attune to the realms beyond the perspective of the third dimension, we know you dear souls will feel at the very least, the beginning of all that is transpiring.


Truly, your cup now runneth over with miracles and higher dimensional interactions which you will begin to attract to yourselves as you look upon and perceive of such miracles. There is oh-so much you have the full ability to do and you will be doing much of this work in the time ahead, and for this current moment we ask you all to attune to the continually-pure energies being given to you, for you will find enormous benefits from doing so.


This has already been proven by much of the Lightworker collective who continue to experience the wondrous benefits that the alignment of December 21st had to offer you, and to help explain the process of increasingly purifying the energies Creating your reality we would like once again to recap how the higher dimensional Logos energy is sent to your reality, and the specific role we play in funneling-down and continually refining this energy.


The Source of all Creation; otherwise known as the Divine Mother/Father or all-encompassing Oneness energy, sends every last bit of energy out that Creates the realities of every dear soul existing on every octave and plane of consciousness. Every single distorted realm receives the reality-Creating energy of our Mother/Father Creator, and from the realms of Source these energies are funneled out to each Creator entity existing on increasingly-distorted octaves of reality.


As some of you dear souls know, any octave of reality “lower” than the reality our Mother/Father Creator currently exists within is considered distorted in the face of our Creator’s wonderful and blissful realms. Even the realms of the fifth dimension are considered distorted, as is every other realm existing “below” those of our Mother /Father Creator.


The Creator of this Universe receives the reality-Creating Logos energy from Source and from there, this energy is funneled to the Creators of even more distorted planes of reality. This process continues until the energies have reached every last realm of Source’s wonderful Creation and we say that indeed, we are all Creator entities and this is why we all receive this energy and use it to shape and form our conscious experiences.


Every last one of you are Creator entities; it is simply that you are attuned to the realms of the third and fourth dimension and as a result, are Creating upon such planes of reality until you discover the fluidity of the once-dense energies forming your third and fourth dimensional realities, and begin the onward journey of discovering our Mother/Father Creator in the One grand form they exist as.


Every last one of us will be discovering our Creator roles in a greater Light and many of us are already beginning to, and we [the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes] are Creator entities who are specifically stationed in pure realms that surpass the fifth dimension.


We are stationed within realms naturally purer than the fifth dimension and from these realms, we allow ourselves to be funneled-down to exist temporarily within the purest echelons of your fifth dimensional Earth, from wherein we send down the energies we are given from various Creator entities within your Sun.


Your Sun receives these energies from the Creator entity overseeing this Galaxy and yes, we understand that the repetitive talk of Creator entities and funneling down energy could become a bit complex or confusing for some dear souls. We hope to have been able to clear some of the confusion up by expressing that we are all Creator entities and that we are all simply stationed upon different planes of reality wherein we Create such realities and the lower realms “below” such realities.


For example; you are Creating the experiences to be had on realities lower in purity than that which you currently experience and you are as well, affecting entire Universes and Galaxies as you traverse your paths on Earth. The third and fourth dimensions can be considered some of the most important and meaningful planes of reality to exist upon, because of the duality that teaches you the extremes of the lower and higher realms.


You are leaving duality behind as you discover unity consciousness, and your perceptions are being helped to change over to the Lighted ones you had planned to grow into at this time, by the continually-pure energies.


To continue along the track of discussion we were previously at; your Sun receives the energies Creating its and your realities from the Creator of this Galaxy, who sends such energies out to every Sun of every solar system to Create the realities of every soul below the purity of consciousness such Suns are existing in. The Sun funnels this energy throughout all of its realms and each entity existing within each realm of your Sun receives this energy, integrates it unto themselves and benefits from it, and then sends it down in an increasingly-distorted manner to match the distorted realms it is being sent to.


Our purposes for being where we are at this time are to act as transducers of the very energies we receive and integrate to Create our realities. We receive this energy and benefit from it, before ourselves increasing the distorted nature of such energy so that it can match your realms and experiences.


Were you to be given energy that is too strong in purity at once, you would find yourselves very imbalanced and unable to handle the intensely-heightened perspectives you would find garnered in yourselves.


This is why we are, from our positions, steadily increasing the purity of energy Creating your reality and this essentially means that we are distorting this energy a tad less every time we send it to your realities for you all to absorb and adjust to. You have all been accustomed to a certain density of energy whilst you’ve existed on your third dimensional Earth and this very density is now leaving you, which can account for the feelings of detachment, separation or loneliness some may be feeling at this time.


Parts of yourselves who were once very familiar to you are now leaving you as we continue to decrease the distortions employed and encoded unto the energy we send you all, and we ask you to recognize this and allow your processes to naturally play-out knowing that there is so much more going on past your conscious perception than you realize.


The realms of spirit are absolutely brimming with the continually-pure vibrations that we and various other Creator entities are giving you, and we ask you dear souls to recognize the Light and change that is beginning already to be manifested on your world.


Much more Light will be anchored and much more change will result from this Light, as the Earth collective simply cannot respond to these energies in any other way.


Yes, the perceived unawakened aspects of the Earth collective have remained resistant to the truths and energies of the Light, and a collective shell is still being fed and enforced. We as well as you all are working to decrease the scope of this shell’s influence, and we wish you to know that the collectively-manifested and fed density will not be inhibiting the Earth and you all from reaching the pure states of consciousness you all wish to reach.


Certain brazen manifestations have had to be set back many a’ time because the collective would simply be unable to handle such things, but the “waiting game” as it could be called is truly coming to an end. We say this not [necessarily] to get your hopes up or restore faith in all that is happening to and on your world, but because change is simply a natural reaction to increasingly-pure energies being delivered to any planet or any realm.


Once the energy begins to be decreasingly distorted, the minds and hearts of the collective being affected by such a decrease will follow. This will be felt on a mass scale, and you will all know and see that the energies of the higher realms are indeed very real and will benefit you greatly, as you absorb and assimilate them in the manner many of you have already been doing.


Accompanying these heightened energies will be a realization of an infinite amount of etheric or astral landscapes that you can all access and learn from. Dearest Wesley, we contacted you from one of these very realms and even that contact was one that required much energy to be worked with; so that we could meet you on a realm that was essentially a combination of your plane of experience and ours.


We are indeed able to meet with you dear souls in any given moment by performing the very act we performed to meet our scribe, and even meting you dear souls in astral realms is the result of energy interaction on our and your part. We are able to meet you dear souls on planes that are considerably more distorted than the ones we enjoy existing in, and you are able to meet us as well.


It is an energy interaction in both camps, and we are all working to meet with each other on planes of consciousness that will increasingly merge as humanity finds the ascension dearest Gaia has already found.


Gaia’s soul indeed exists in the fifth dimension in a more pure manner than She previously has been, and Gaia has in fact been existing in the fifth dimension for some time. This is because Her soul has always naturally existed within the realms of the fifth dimension but the actions of man on Her surface have not only dragged such surface down to lower and distorted realms, but Her spirit as well.


The spirit that is Gaia is now enjoying healing vibrations and fifth dimensional planes of consciousness that Her [planetary] body was Created in, and humanity is now beginning the trek toward these realms. When we say you are beginning this trek, what we mean is that you are beginning a new and heighted phase of this trek for indeed, you have been climbing toward the fifth dimension for some time.


We have only recently began increasing the purity of energies Creating your reality, but you have all been working as a collective to find the realms of the fifth dimension that so many of you carry latent, hidden-away memories of existing within harmoniously.


Every one of you has existed within and felt the energies of the fifth dimension, and you have all been working to reach these realms again. We hope that those of you who have worked considerably hard to find them will realize that the lightening vibrations will test you and your resolve to remain centered, but you will be rewarded for your efforts; not by us or anyone else, but by you.


So many sources, channeled or otherwise, have already began to explain to you dear souls that this is just the beginning of your conscious, higher dimensional experience. So much was expected of one date and while much has been delivered, so much more will become apparent to you as you attune to the continual benefits you will receive.


The energies of the 21st and the New Year have only just begun to reach you dear souls, and we ask you to maintain patience if you do not feel your outward reality is reflecting the inner-feelings and realizations you are finding in yourselves. Whilst so many of you are beginning to possess pre-fifth dimensional perspectives, you will notice that the rest of the unawakened collective seems to be continuing Life as normal and this is because every unawakened soul is being allotted to exist within an illusory third dimensional reality.


When we say illusory, we do not mean it in the traditional sense of every reality lower in consciousness than those of our Mother and Father being distorted and thus illusory; we speak of an actual holographic reality [again, moreso than your previous third dimensional realm] that is being fed into by every unawakened soul on your Earth.


The difference with this illusory third dimensional reality is that the thoughts, feelings and actions being fed into it are not having as strong of an effect on the collective as they previously had. You are all still tasked with seeing-out your experiences and feeling the consequences of your actions, but the manner in which the collective negative energies would affect the spirit of Gaia is changing.


Negative energies expressed are not hurting Gaia in the manner that they used to. She will always feel the emotions and impressions of Her Earth collective as you are all Her cells, but She is not being dragged down into the densities still unfortunately expressed on Her surface.


You will notice parts of Gaia’s surface brimming beautifully even whilst experiencing pollution. Gaia is expressing Herself in a full and pure form at present, which is why we ask you all to see the beauty of Gaia and to radiate such beauty out to all around you, by expressing it within yourselves.


You can harmonize with Gaia and feel the wonderful energies She is feeling in your own ways, and one of the best ways to reconnect with Gaia is to get out in nature and enjoy the brimming pre-Galactic features of Her increasingly-higher dimensional Surface. Gaia has so very much beauty and Love to offer you, dear souls, and you now have the full ability and opportunity to embrace Gaia’s Love and enjoy the beautiful features of Her land.


Gaia’s [planetary] body has always been meant as a higher dimensional hub for the Light to enjoy and exist on harmoniously, and the current state of affairs on your world has not reflected this harmonious Living and this, dear souls, is rapidly changing. So much change is truly taking place for the good that you have yet to see, which is why we ask you to open yourselves up to all that the Divine has to offer and surrender your fears, pains, anxieties and worries.


You see dear souls, you cannot feel the bounties and splendor the higher realms have to offer you if you are still employing density of any kind, which includes any lower emotion that would attempt to take you out of your center. Emotion is a very powerful form of energy, and the emotions you express will determine not only your mood in that current moment, but the Creations you will manifest for yourselves for many moments to come.


We ask you all to maintain patience, calm and stability for you are truly treading new territory in this time. You are finding aspects of yourselves and pairing them with your unfolding higher dimensional experience, to see if such aspects will suit you along your journey and we applaud this effort.


We applaud the efforts of each of you to continually work through the densities that would otherwise take you out of balance, and we as well as your guides and your higher self will be with you all, to help you perform the specific transmutations and release of former aspects of yourselves.


Gaia’s energetic framework is being continually pumped-up with pure energies that you are all manifesting and bringing through yourselves as you receive such energies from us and the various other Creator entities bringing such energies to you. You will realize upon reaching an ascended perspective, that all Life is interconnected and that all sentient beings of consciousness constantly maintain an energetic connection with each other.


You will discover the infinite “web” or matrix of consciousness that you are a part of and when humanity discovers this as a collective, truly nothing will hold you back from seeing, realizing and most importantly, expressing your unity for the entirety of Creation to benefit from exponentially.


There is so much opportunity before you now, dear souls and we ask you to simply be ready for anything that transpires in your personal Lives or on the world stage and to know that all is being divinely guided and planned.


Indeed, it can be easy to forget that there is a collective of ascended beings helping you all to ascend and reach the states of consciousness and understanding that were once commonplace on your planet, but we are all truly here and we are a much larger collective of beings than you would imagine.


The “Ascended Collective” as our scribe has referred to us are simply a collective of every ascend being and sub-collective within this overall collective, who have chosen to assist in the ascension of a planet that has been rooted in darkness for some time and for many of us, this job entails funneling ourselves down to more distorted states of consciousness than those which we usually and naturally inhabit. (1)


So many ascend souls have done this for the sake of helping not only your world, but the entire Galaxy and Universe to ascend and we are all united with the one common goal in mind of helping all of Creation realize their Godhood and their connection to the One Source. The One Source has been called by many names; our Mother/Father Creator, Source, the beginning of all Creation or for some, simply “God”.


While this is so, we wish you to know that the One is truly formless and unable to be described with limited, human linear terms.


Source simply Is.


And we are all a part of the wonderful, harmonious, peaceful and cooperative existence that Source has blessed us with the ability to find and remember as we underwent our lower dimensional travels.


Even we exist naturally within realms that are considered distorted in the face of the pure and undistorted realms of Source, because we too are undergoing our dimensional Life paths and for us, this specific segment of our Life paths has entailed funneling ourselves down to exist in the highest echelons of the Earth’s planes, to help bring-forth the energy Creating your reality and helping you all to ascend.


We previously had little interest in helping to Create your realities, because there are already plenty of ascended souls within the higher realms of your Earth doing so whom we have joined and been assisting, and the (only) aspects of Creating your realities we were specifically interested in were continually pumping-up your reality-Creating energies in preparation for your initiation into the Cosmic Age of Aquarius.


We were very interested in doing anything that we could to help you and your dear Earth ascend and having not proven up for the task of actually incarnating on your Earth because indeed, it can be very dense, we simply decided to assist in the best ways that we could and we did not quite anticipate actually speaking to humanity at this time.


We made our attempts to contact clear and open channels and Earthly receivers of our energy, of course, and such attempts were at first considered a hobby of sorts whilst we continued to funnel down the energies we have discussed so very much.


As many of you have discovered is happening to you, our roles took a different, more involved direction and while we are still prioritized with the task of helping your surface Earth to ascend by giving you increasingly-pure energies to assimilate and benefit from; we are working quite hard on writing our communications to humanity and there is so much information we would Love to be able to give you, much of which we will be able to and some of which we will not.


We have spoken before of humanity’s abilities to absorb any given truth being based on the potency, purity and understandability of such truth on your part, and there is indeed so very much we have to share with you. It is simply that some of it may be seen as a bit too complex for the majority of incarnate souls on your world to understand; even those who are Light workers, holders and bearers.


This is because we possess a multidimensional perspective and are able to perceive of and understand things that are much more complex and intricate than many souls on your world can understand.


For example, our discussion above of the energies Creating your reality and the process of bringing them forth was highly simplified so that you dear souls could better absorb and understand it and, having been a recap of previous times we have explained such a process to you, the discussion followed in the simplified footsteps of those of our earlier communications.


We have learned to refine our words and not necessarily distort them, but trim them to match humanity’s and the Lightworker public’s level of understanding in any given moment. Having learned to do this along with a plethora of other souls who are speaking through receptive channels at this time, we have been able to assist those who are putting together the disclosure announcements by way of utilizing the Akashic Records.


We have been working with the Akashic Records specifically on the simplified truths you will be given, within yourselves and on your televisions. We have been helping to simplify some of the most complex discussions for humanity to absorb, so that you can absorb it properly and as is so with our communications, we have refined the amount of simplicity we employ in some of the more complex discussions so that they are easier to absorb.


Indeed, many of you have already noted the sometimes-staggering length of our communications and if we could have what to you would seem only to be a moment of your time time but is much, much longer in the realms of no time; we would be able to give so much more information and literally fill pages with our writings. However, we attempt to remain simplified as much as possible and even still, our writings can translate at times into long or difficult-to-absorb material.


We have noted this in the minds and hearts of many who have read our communications, and we wish you all to know that we are indeed picking up on your thoughts and feelings, and we can feel you with us all now. To those who maintain a connection to our energies, we are able to feel and stay in contact with you and if you open up and attune to this contact, you may begin to find it and interact with it in yourselves.


You can begin to channel our energies and indeed, you are all channeling us even as you absorb this communication. You have the full ability to do so and your ability to connect with us is for the most part, hinged on your belief of the reality of contacting us and being able to maintain a connection with us, our energies and the energies of any other ascended souls whom you can indeed all connect with.


Yes, there are some awakening souls on your world who feel that the connection one can begin to access upon awakening must only be an access to the impressions of one’s higher self, and we ask you dear souls to see your infinity and to realize that you are capable of so much more than many of you could currently imagine.


Your bodies and spirits are literal tuners and receptors of any given energy, and you are maintaining a constant connection with your higher self and your guides.


Therefore, the intuitive information you all receive is coming from a greater, more evolved aspect of your Selves and, much like with our communications, the intuitive information is funneled-through from the dimension your higher self exists on, and the lower aspects of your higher selves existing on lower planes yet planes that are purer than those you exist on whilst on Earth, deliver such intuitive impressions to you.


In the same vein, if you make a specific effort to attune to us, your Galactic brethren, your guides or any other souls, than you absolutely will. The connection and resulting communication will still be filtered by your mind as your heart receives such a message, but you will not be inhibited in tuning into and feeling our energies, as well as communicating with us.


Make no mistake; even our communications through this scribe are filtered and paired with the heart and mind of our scribe, which is why you will notice us seeming to use certain terms and phrases that you could recognize as unique to our scribe.


We are funneling ourselves through to communicate through our scribe, and we could liken our energies coming through to an attempt to funnel something very large through a small hole. We say this in this manner because even while connecting with and feeling our energies, you are not feeling us or our impressions in their full purity (yet). This is because of the method of communication we utilize with our scribe, but this does not mean you are not still feeling us and indeed, you are.


Despite the disbelief of the validity or reality of channeling in a manner that does not see the host leaving their body, this is still a very pure and wonderful way to communicate with humanity as while you are not feeling our energies in their fullest purity, through clear scribes we are still able to get so very many informational impressions through and we are able to help you begin to feel our energy, but only you can fully attune to it.


Our scribe is able to attune to our energies if he wishes, and you dear souls are able to as well. It is simply that you must believe in the reality of what you are doing and while you may not be communicating with us in the purest forms you could be when reading channeled messages, this does not discount the validity of them on our end because we are indeed able to give so very much information.


You are feeling the energy of us as brought forth through our scribe, and you can take the impressions you are feeling and utilize them to meet with us and begin a personal communication with us, for while channeled communications are helpful and are meant to inform and assist as much as possible, they are also meant as initiators into your full ability to meet with any ascended soul whose channeled communications you have grown to resonate with.


You can meet with us within and you are encouraged to, and this is part of the reason for our communications. Another part of this reason is to help inform, uplift and assist and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we express hope that we have been able to do just that.


We will continue to be with you all as your glorious New Year of 2013 unfolds, and you will begin to be able to feel us in much more pure ways than you do at present. This is because the realms and veils between you and us will continue merging and dissolving, as you find the increasingly-pure states of consciousness accompanying your transition from one stage and frame of consciousness to another.


We Love you all so very much, and we remind you that your New Earth has only just began to form. Create upon it, for you will attract the higher dimensional energies and feelings you desire by doing so.


Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.


(1) – The Hathors are speaking for the Ascended Collective in this section; the energy was not transferred from one to the other and the Hathors remained the primary speakers.

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