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8108826700?profile=originalWe’re drowning in the ocean of material existence. Somehow, we’ve come to sadhusanga and taken diksa. We’re trying to give up anarthas, lust, but we’re failing. We know that material attachments prevent us from progressing, but we’re not successful. What to do? We know that by doing bhajan they’ll go and renunciation will come, but when the husband does, the wife complains…We know all these things, but we have samskaras of countless births. So the sadhus, who are so merciful, give us a chance to hear their powerful harikatha, lila katha, which purify us; to learn how to chant the holy name properly; to develop attachment and taste for sadhana, chanting, harikatha…

How did our Goswamis do bhajan? Day and night absorbed, hardly eating and sleeping, crying to Radha –Krishna, chanting the holy name with tears in their eyes and their heart melting, not less than one lakh (64 rounds)…

If one thinks, “I’ve been following this path for 20 years, I have no realization, I’m confused”, whose fault is it? The saints say that we should chant one lakh but we don’t. So many devotees chant four rounds, and not even properly. Only to receive diksa will not do. It must be real diksa. If you’re not following the instructions but still want everything to come in your heart, how will it be? Valmiki took diksa and chanted for 60 000 years, but we want things to happen in one day! How will it be?

The guru can show you the way but YOU will have to walk. Try to follow guru and Vaisnavas and serve them internally, not just externally. Try to follow the teachings of Upadesamrta. If you don’t, how will you get all these high things? Try to follow, actively, then you’ll realize something. Follow, from today onwards…

We should develop affection for Gaura-Nitai, Radha-Krishna. Anyone whoever it may be, who is not favorable for bhakti, should be given up.

If you’re chanting, hearing, associating, but no tears are coming, then read the Srimad Bhagavatam, the Caitanya Caritamrta, the Goswamis’ books. It will help you.

Try to follow some rules. Chant one lakh. Offer all respect to Vaisnavas, follow Gurudeva, be in association of high-class Vaisnavas and try to realize what they’re doing, and follow it. Try to control your very restless mind. Endeavor. Avoid all the things which make it even more restless…

Cultivate the qualities of the 3rd verse of Upadesamrta. Even if you have no taste, keep on going. The samskaras of countless lives are there, that’s why the heart is not melting and tears are not coming. So keep on endeavoring with enthusiasm, unflinching confidence and patience, following the Vasnavas in anugatyah. Have the confidence that, “by practicing, I will surely attain Krishna-seva.”

Don’t give up chanting, reading, hearing, out of hopelessness. Never be hopeless! It’s a useless thought. Follow the practices in a standard way. Be determined, “I’ll chant one lakh a day. I’ll follow what my diksa and siksa gurus are telling me.” Don’t lose heart, be patient. Follow the rules and regulations given by our acaryas.

If you practice but nothing happens, then you can approach Nityananda Prabhu. He said He will take responsibility. But we don’t have faith in Nitai even…

Build a platform by following the teachings of Upadesamrta, then the higher things will come. They cannot come without following them. Practice seriously. Be strong. Then it will come, slowly, slowly. Never be hopeless. If there’s delay, one should be patient.

Your servant

Markandeyarishi das

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