The Greys

mq1.jpg?v=4fa86cabFirst and foremost, what you’re about to read is merely a synopsis if you will, regarding the subject matter. I also hope that you understand that I’m not by any means an “expert” on the subject, just another observer who has come across this data from one means or another.

To begin with, The Greys or simply Grey Aliens are not so much Aliens as in from another star system per se. I’ll get to that but for now understand that they do NOT “originally” hail from an alien world.

Genuine cattle mutilation, livestock abduction, human abduction is being performed for genetic and reproductive research. Most “abductees” do not find themselves in space but rather here on Earth in the Dulce Facility. There are others around the globe such as the undersea facility off the coast of Florida. Those who have found themselves in a zero gee environment have been abducted for the same reasons however that group is being “humane” about the research they’re conducting while the others are quite unethical as we would see it.

Cattle Mutilation

  • The mutilated bovine in question is typically the now empty vessel that was once used for incubating those genetic human/whatever hybrids you’ve undoubtedly heard so much about
  • This program should be suspended by now as they have advanced far beyond what it could bring to the table. In the event that mutilations have continued (I haven’t heard of them happening in a good long while but that doesn’t mean spit really) it’s most likely being conducted by our off-world “friends.” I’ll get to that as well.

Livestock/Human Abduction

  • Taken for the reason(s) listed above under Cattle Mutilation, however, instead of impregnating (although this has occurred more than a few times), usually your typical abductee is being harvested for possible genetic compatibility. What’s this compatibility for? Good question, I’ll  get to that too.

So what are you saying?

Glad you asked.

This is one huge genetic experiment designed to save the Human Race from absolute extinction in the very far future. That’s really the best way to put it, but it also involves copious amounts of interdimentional understanding as well.

Are you still with me?

Okay, check this out…


Remember the Philadelphia Experiment? Okay well, back then they were trying to make the ship invisible, like totally, to even the naked eye. Well, they didn’t succeed. Instead they actually figured out how to teleport matter through space/time which includes separate dimensional layers if you will.

Remember a guy named Nikola Tesla? Tesla would often write in his personal journals that he could literally see energynikola-tesla.jpg as it ebbed and flowed throughout all things. That’s right he claimed he could physically see it! Talk about impressive. Well, he took his work to an all new level, so, you decide.

At one point in his life he headed to Colorado and for a while he stayed in a remote laboratory that he had created for himself. While up there he performed many incredible experiments with electricity. Apparently he managed to find a way to electrify something with such great magnitude that a strange green fog enveloped the object and then as if dismissed by the hand of God himself, the object and the mist vanished, never to be seen or heard from again. Reportedly, Tesla was able to reproduce this effect with impunity and even demonstrated this to select friends who would later corroborate this.

As rumor would have it, this very effect made manifest by Tesla was coupled with the work of Albert Einstein and together they managed to make the U.S.S. Eldridge disappear and then reappear an hour or so later. But this is all just hearsay right? Or is it?

In 1986 at I believe it was Hill Air Force Base in Utah, two MP’s performing their appointed rounds near an abandoned airfield, reported in and said they were going to check out some strange electrical discharge and what appeared to be a green mist.

Upon further inspection, the two MP’s stumbled upon what happened to be two sailors wearing outdated uniforms. After a short conversation the very disorientated sailors were reported to have vanished. Several months later one of those MP’s were later approached by an old man who retold that story from the sailors point of view, as it was supposedly one of the sailors who was onboard the Eldridge and that was his experience with space/time, or so they say.

What does this have to do with Aliens? I’m getting to that…

Apparently, that green mist is an indicator that a rip or tear in the fabric of space/time has appeared. Tesla explained it as an alternate state of being separate and devoid of this reality. One in which you can appear in, recalibrate your instruments and transfer back to this reality but in a drastically different physical location based upon the entered coordinates prior to transfer.

This is how the “Aliens” enter into our reality. This is also how they “travel” from one star system to another. It’s not warp as you know it, nor is it hyperspace. It’s a form of teleportation if you will, but interdimentionally.

On a side note, we use a form of hyperspace to travel to and fro within our “Clean Space.” Clean Space is where we physically are. The further one travels from their home planet, the greater the danger and so we try to stick around in our own neighborhood. It’s just a really big neighborhood. If you’d like, I can write about this in another article.

So, back to Greys…

Where-to-you-come-from.jpgWhere do they come from? I heard it was the Pleiades star system or Zeta Reticuli.

Well, that’s correct, so to speak. What we know as the Pleiades/Zeta Reticuli star systems is the physical location of their world, physical as in our dimension. Ultimately, Pleiades or Zeta Reticuli, it really doesn't matter where. A physical location is meaningless when we talk about the ability to appear wherever you wish. We know there are mathematically at least 11 separate dimensions. One stacked upon the other each traveling forever in either direction, much like an infinite loaf of bread if you will. They have the technology to punch through each layer and they reside in the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Hey, I thought you said they were us, but from the future?

I did. They are, and time is relative.

Is this starting to make sense?

You see, the story goes like this:

In an effort to obtain immortality through technology, the only successful means was via a biomechanical method, ie: Cloning. Unfortunately, there were some seriously bad repercussions of their meddling of the genetic code. It was deteriorating at a rapid rate and there seemed to be no way to fix it. So they decided to return to a time where they could harvest compatible genetic material to repair the damage to the genome. Otherwise they were looking at utter destruction.

Anyone here watch Stargate SG-1? Remember the Asgard? Same deal, except the Grays aren’t as nice.

Knowing that they would either succeed or die trying, they didn’t care about their methods or the outcome to their Aliens_in_Dulce_Underground_BaseNew_Mexico__106575.jpgspecimen collected. All they cared about was the DNA, that’s it. Sadly we’re so very far removed from them, harvesting practical DNA was nearly impossible and taking it from a previous time would only be disastrous to our development and anytime in the future and they’ve already introduced the problem gnome. So, today was pretty much the only timeframe for them to work within.

Now, there are 11 separate “races” of Grey, each with their own ideals, morals and ethics and for the most part they all fight amongst each other. Also note that they all don’t look the same. Some have longer necks, some are taller, some are squatter and some have almond shaped eyes that take up almost all the landscape on the face while still others have eyes only slightly larger than our own. A couple of them are roughly our size, perhaps 6 to 9 inches shorter but with only thin arms and legs not fragile looking like so many you see in the media. Sadly, most of them are damn near 180 degrees from what we consider moral and ethical save for 2 races. Unfortunately, one had to return to their home world as they were losing the battle with the Reptoids, (good story for another time). The other continued to aid us against the remaining 9. Of those 9, they are all vying for dominance over us as well as the others.

dul1.jpgIn order for those guys to gain access to us, they brokered deals with our military and government to be allowed to conduct horrific experiments on our people in exchange for technology. As disgusting as it sounds, our people jumped at the chance. The Dulce Facility was then built to accommodate this deal. Further D.U.M.B.S. were constructed and believe it or not, many are under the ocean, like to the tune of anywhere from the bottom of the sea floor at roughly 800 to 1500 feet or more and dug deep into the crust which is easy at that point. Especially since by this time we’ve been in the business of building D.U.M.B.S. for decades and drilling tunnels at depths of over 5 miles in some cases!

That’s about it in a nutshell. The war wages on if you will and next time I think I’ll write about the two protective layers or shells the Earth posses and the fact that not only do the elite know of its existence, they are trying to keep it secret as well. If the truth really came out regarding all of this, people would do some serious waking up and let me tell you, religion would take on all new meanings to a great many while I fear many more would commit suicide and I honestly think that’s originally why all of this was kept secret in the first place.

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  • Thank you for this very informative post.  I was an abductee, and much of what is discussed here resonates as truth, as I have seen some grays in action. The pictures here of fetuses gestating in membranes is very similar to what I had seen on one of my abductions because seeming them made me cry inside, it seemed so impersonal. The fetuses I saw were in various stages of development and some of them looked very human and some of them looked very different than human.  Myself and many other human women were taken for the sole reason of being breeders and incubators for fetuses and often women were taken just to be used as someone to hold these infants and sing to them and give them human contact, because the infants that were more human in characteristics were dying because they required mothering that only human women knew how to give and the grays figured that out so they abducted women just for that purpose.  A story for another time.  I cannot say for sure if I was on a ship or not but when I was taken many times I was "sucked up" into a light beam and went right through the roof of my home and shot up slowly into the sky totally paralyzed and frightened out of my mind.  I remember some kind of opening into darkness and a strange green blue light type of atmosphere where I was, and I remember going through it but usually I would blank out and not remember a lot of what happened to me after that mercifully.  And sometimes the next thing I would recall would be being back at home, but I used to end up in weird places in my time I came too naked in my attick laying on top of a they had dumped me there like so much garbage and I would be bruised and bleeding from my nose and private areas sometime and in a lot of pain and very very ill.... Sometimes I remembered with great vividness what I had experienced....I wish that I had never had an inkling of what transpired when I was taken, but unfortunately I remembered far too much.  Then to fill in the gaps, which really troubled me, I sought out a hypnotherapist to recover a lot of my memories that haunted my dreams for years and caused all sorts of anxieties and paranoia in my day to day life.  I wish I had never opened the can of worms of remembering because I was taken often over a period of years, rendering my life a living nightmare and there were so many memories that it overwhelmed me, it was like remember a whole different life.  The more I remembered the worse it got as the horror of it all washed over me and let me mess of raw emotions, fears, and bitterness...Yes bitterness so deep that it chilled my soul.  Learning that humans had sold other humans out to the grays for their own self serving purposes made me so angry I did not know what to do with all the rage and indignation...I am still dealing with it all to this day, although I am so very thankful that being taken has not happened for a few years now...But the impact of those abductions, the pain inflicted on my body and my soul will be with me forever.  I am always trying to learn as much about the grays and the horrible humans who did this to humanity....trying to understand the incomprehensible...

  • Thank you weaver, I was a participant, but not like one might consider. Instead of thinking of me as being on the table, well, that's not true. I did observe but typically my team and I were used as security. After a chance meeting, we ended up attending by "request".

  • You speak like a participant, not an observer. I get the very strange feeling I have met something like you before...sometimes the best source of information is from the 'horses mouth' so to speak...Thank you for communicating here!

  • No, I do not feel or believe that I've been abducted. Some of it is research, but very little of it. Most of it comes from personal, first-hand experience.

  • Do you feel you've been abducted, Ghost? Did the Grey's share most of this info with you or is this from your own personal research?

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