The Gates of Infinity - by MEL

The Gates of Infinity:
I - Alpha:In the beginning there was nothing, infinite and wise in its state, the first thought of creational wisdom expanded into itself to explore a contemplation of separation. Thus there was light, and the darkness surrounded its biengness.The One had now separated as Two.
II - Voyage Into Dreams:As the thought expanded into multiple separations of light, the simplicity of biengness was overwhelming, and at that moment in infinity, all knew that the separations were of one entity. Ah but what if the separations started to dream. It was easy to forget what they knew to be, and thus could journey further into contemplation.Yet as this was explored upon, the reality of that which was known started to convey motion, time, limitation, emotion, and creative possibilities yet to be pondered by those separations.Thus it was agreed by all of the separations, that they would delve into the limitation of time so, that it would be possible to contemplate that which was known as infinity, with the primal memory of oneness becoming the emotion of love.
III - Terra Prime:It is by far the most beautiful creation we, as separate entities manifested into physical reality; A sparkling emerald - blue gem of magnificent potential. Nowhere else in the physical universe had such a place existed.This was it; This is where we as separate entities chose to contemplate infinity. And the separations agreed as one, that this finite sphere, this most magnificent planet, close to the light of creation known as a star, and at the same moment in time, close to the darkness of creation known as space, would gather to contemplate our creation.Thus the dream of physical reality had begun.
IV - Empire of the Sun:I remember it well upon the first descent toward limitation, the feelings of emotion were overwhelming. And as I, being a separate entity, delved further into the dream of material reality, the less I, as a separate entity, could even fathom the infinite biengness from whence I came.After the descent was complete, and we, as separate physical entities gathered on this beautiful planet, it was in agreement that we, as separate entities, would begin to learn of this new creation. And we agreed to do it harmoniously and together.Thus the sparkling emerald - blue gem would now be known as the empire of the sun, and the contemplation of creation toward infinite thought commenced.
V - The Great Spirit:The first creations of physical reality were beautiful and awe inspiring to behold, thus came from that a new emotion, known as fear. and from that stemmed many others; anger, jealousy, and guilt. From this came an almost unstoppable descent even further into the material dream than the first desire contemplated by us as separate entities.And as the downward spiral into a greater descent ensued, the need for remembrance was thus created. And the infinite whole from whence we came, sent a messenger of light from a thought of love, as love was the primary emotion from before the downward spiral into descent that could be contemplated into our biengness, and thus guide us back toward infinity.
VI - The Gates of Infinity:It came to pass that those separate entities who could contemplate the message of light found a way back toward infinity through ascension, using only love and harmony as the key in their contemplative thought.And thus it was done, all could now know that which they had forgotten, the dreamer could now awaken toward infinite heights, and know the gates of infinity was not an illusion outside of the entities biengness, but rather it was within the being itself. Yet there were still separate entities that hid from that which they knew to be truth.The separate entities that hid had stayed within the dream, not because they didn't know, but because they were too separate in their biengness to contemplate an infinite whole.But as the beings who could contemplate an infinite whole ascended within the gates of infinity, there were those beings of light who chose to remain within the boundaries of limitation so that the separate entities who stayed behind, would once again have the chance to know the infinite biengness in which they, as separate entities, really were.
VII - Wisdom:As I live in the hear now of limited time, I contemplate infinite thought, and the remembrance of that which was in the before of linear momentous values. But still the descended state of biengness is, at moments, an overwhelming factor of physical reality, to the likes of that which I cannot deny.The factor of separation will become one, the illusion of the dream will fade away, the emotions of fear will be uncreated, and through that, my divine entities, shall we become the bearers of infinite wisdom.
VIII - Solitude:As the last of the creations develop, as the need for separation comes to an infinite spark of realization that we, as separate entities, are one within the whole of biengness, there will be but two.And the two shall contemplate the infinite expanse from within, toward a whole of un-separate factors in an ascension toward a center of that which is complete, and in all ways perfect divine biengness, forever as one.
IX - I Am:I am the light. I am the divine spark of forever. I am infinite wisdom. I am we. We are I. Forever I am the I that is We.
X - Ascension:And as the contemplation of infinity surrounded, and absorbed our essence from within toward without, the separate entities became one once again. Infinite and wise beyond the limitation of physical reality, with the realization of our divine heritage becoming a known reality.The ascension toward the gates of infinity, as a whole being, is the simplicity of infinite thought, and the understanding of wisdom that we are one and forever.
XI - Omega:Thus the Alpha and the Omega were as one once again, knowing that it had never been separated, yet gaining wisdom through an illusion of contemplation upon itself.
I created the literature above for my Musical Release: "The Gates of Infinity". If you are interested in listening to this Music Release, which corresponds to the literature above please visit:| The Infinite Story | 2nd Edition || All Literature & Music © 1998 - 2009 MEL |
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