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The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies -- December 4, 2011

The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies

December 4, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

We have been in council of late discussing your human condition. You know that we are not perfect, as you are not. We are not gods. We have trouble from time to time understanding your human thoughts and emotions. We feel them nonetheless. We know your frustrations for they are ours. We have discussed how best to approach your turning away and the anger and frustration that has driven you to this precipice. We have come to no easy solutions. We therefore have agreed that the best approach is to simply allow you to work out for yourselves where you want to be now and in the future. Your mind set is your own and there is nothing we can or will do that would change this. Your decisions must be your own

We will come regardless of your thoughts, your emotions or your feelings towards us. That is part of our contract not with you, but with the divine. We have an agreement from which we cannot walk away. Unlike you, we cannot exercise a free will choice on our calling. It is what we have given up in exchange for connection to the divine source. It is part of a higher order of being. We will come, regardless. That much is so.

There are many among you who have decided to mock and turn away from all that we have been discussing for so long. Some of you do this to “hedge a bet” against that which you feel would be peer “shame” over what you have chosen to believe as compared to those who exist in the “real world” of everyday life--paying bills, earning a living, eating, drinking and socializing. In contrast to that, we are “out on limb” and everything we stand for puts you in a category of being crazy. We recognize this stigma and have admired you for a very long time in your willingness to undertake this burden for what to you is only belief. The vast majority of you have had no contact with us, have not seen our ships, have no way of knowing if this true, but for your belief. You have only recently been awakening to your ability to discern from your heart instead of your head.

We now have come to our own crossroads as well. Our divine mission stands on the precipice of reality. And while we are not of your time, we know your time. We understand the terms you have become frustrated with that we have used for so long. We tell you these have been used to raise your vibrational frequencies because it is that much easier for us to communicate with you personally in this mode. Your density otherwise is too difficult for us to accept. It is not so much that we cannot “get through” to you as it is painful for us to be in the presence of this level of unfocused thoughts and negativity, even on a small scale. Such is the likes of higher dimensional existence. We have tried to explain this to you, but you have chosen to interpret it in third dimensional terms and this cannot give you a true picture of the level of this difficulty.

The problem exists for you in expecting massive shifts in consciousness, in the way your reality is, and in all aspects of your life, as if we will “swoop down” and wave a magic wand. The changes are gradual, and sometimes difficult to see, but they are going on around you all the time, even as you read these words. What we intend are the changes we have been talking to you about. Look for them in smaller doses and you may not find yourselves so disappointed.

Our time together is coming, we assure you. Stand fast in your principles and your convictions. And know that we are with you in love and gratitude for our mutual alliance.

Be at peace.

Channeler: Wanderer of the Skies


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Comment by John Jancar on December 4, 2011 at 12:20pm

Well I personally can understand peoples frustrations. I haven't lost faith in the Federation or in disclosure, and frankly, the waiting game isn't really bothering me that much. But I have had some moments where I just felt like....Man, when is this all going to start already?

I think people are frustrated at how slow everything is going, and how things just seem to be dragging on and on. For people, it has been years and years they have been hearing the same stories, the same promises, and while we are making progress, it still is taking too long for peoples liking.

And that may be human impatience, but it's understandable, very. People have pinned their hopes on this, and in a realistic sense, it is our great hope as a civilization. We have been waiting for disclosure and the new system and prosperity and ETs landing here....and we can't make that change ourselves, unfortunately. Not in a realistic sense. We have control over our own spiritual growth, but we don't control what happens in the halls of power. It's easy to talk about changing the world, and well if we just did this or that, it's quite another to actually understand the reality of things here and understand what position we are in. Without this great hope....real change would take a very long time. So of course people would pin their hopes on it.

So you guys in the Federation, of all people...should be understanding peoples frustrations, seeing as you can view it from a higher vantage point. And to see this message now from very confusing. I think maybe we are making you out to be more enlightened than you really are....or maybe I am, at least.

But I still will have faith in you, and will continue on with my plan B, for if nothing changes. I hope to be able to move to plan A soon, so the sooner this all starts, the better.

Comment by Gwendoline on December 4, 2011 at 10:18am

dear Galactic family,

thank you for this "down to earth" message. it is true, it is so much easier to let others bring thru the required changes. whilst in our hearts we do now that it is in the 1st place up to us to make "the shift", to realize that we can and that we will -as a person and as a group- make the required changes to change life on this Planet into a Heaven on Earth.

thank you for your continued guidance, Love and Light.


Comment by theramblingpoet on December 4, 2011 at 9:00am

I am not frustrated by the lolli gagging because I know it is inevitable to have contact!

 I am frustrated by the people on earth and the internet who are not truthful about themselves and who they are and what they are and portray themselves in a way that is false proclaimming things that are not true.

I am also frustrated by others wanting a fast reconciliation to the realm that is not quickly entered into and the lies of BODY BEING WHERE IT CANNOT GO and people acting as though they are physicists weaving there falsities isn't that how we got the bible?

And organized religion STOP LYING for those who can actually admit it to themselves you don't even need to say it aloud what you are lying about,

 I am not pointing any fingers I am just asking people to stop making up crap and spinning it as truth it is very upsetting if you don't know JUST SAY SO,

 but do not pretend you are suddenly overnight turning into a light body entity just because you WERE TOLD what it is and the possible effects,

 it is obstructing the natural growth and harmony of so many people beacause others ask why they don't feel it,

 it is irritating to create unworthy energy or any kind of energy making others feel bad about their journey not to mention destructive to all others around them it is like a domino effect.


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