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Advanced Technology Kept from Humanity

SanJAsKa specifically is, again, a fifth dimensional aspect of my overall higher self and as such, I feel quite close to this soul in energy. Though this may not be the method utilized by other races or Councils of the Galactic Federation who speak through other scribes, the connection I feel with this soul is utilized as the group’s energies are brought through SanJAsKa, as is outlined below.

We are also reminded below that our governments have known about much of the technology we have been and will be discussing, and that they have proven uninterested in releasing such technology to humanity.

“Our scribe is close with me in energy and this is why I am utilized to bring a communication forth through him and in many cases, I act as a conduit for the collective energies to be expressed through me, and I take those energies and express them through a device that transmits our frequencies down to your dear Earth and specifically, to the energies and hearts of open conduits whose hearts will receive these energies as their minds interpret the communication encoded unto them.

Again, we are constantly sending these communications down, as we are constantly attempting to connect with you dear souls in an ongoing attempt to introduce ourselves to you so that you can work to introduce us to the world.

Indeed, your governments have known about us and the technology we possess for so very long and have continued to prove uninterested in introducing disclosure for a plethora of reasons; some of which have to do with their own mountain of lies that they do not want uncovered, and we are looking toward each of you who are beginning to become aware of us to help the overall truth of our existence spread throughout your collective, as the culture surrounding our existence has been strong and prevalent on your world for a very long time.”

The growing number of awakening people on this world who know about the Galactics and the suppression of their existence along with much of our history, can be and have been instrumental in introducing disclosure to the rest of the world.

Just as the general abilities we will begin to find within ourselves are unlimited, our ability to spread truth concerning the existence of benevolent off-world helpers is as infinite and strong as it has ever been. Much of the world has remained either complacent or oblivious to the existence of these souls, to the existence of realms beyond the physical and to the corruption and tyranny that corporations, banksters and bought-and-paid-for governments have wrought.

Attempts to Prevent Disclosure

Previously, there were lucrative contacts with benevolent Galactic visitors, and these contacts are mentioned below as are the continual attempts on the part of the Earthly cabals to stall or stop disclosure completely. The repeated refusal of world peace on the part of those individuals is mentioned as well.

“In your forties and fifties, a culture spread around the sightings (and personal contacts) we Pleiadians were giving to “average” souls who we helped to uplift and find enlightenment. The suppressed documentation concerning these contacts will be made known on your world, and we ask for you all to keep pushing for the full release of such documents and in general, the full disclosure of our existence.

A network of powerful individuals have stopped our presence from being made known, and we of the Galactic Federation as well as various other Galactic and ascended Organizations have offered them the full opportunity to accept world peace and let us help initiate your plant into your Golden Age.

Repeatedly they have refused, and at times they have pretended to play along with our disclosure while clearly working in their own interests and attempting to deceive us.

As we have told them, we are multidimensional beings who see, know and feel everything. In the higher dimensions and from a higher dimensional perception, absolutely nothing can go unknown and everything we find out about concerning the cabals is known as seen as it is done or thought of by them.”

A higher dimensional perspective automatically breeds a perception of infinity, and no deceit can go unknown in or by the higher realms which is why the cabals’ “trickery” so to speak is always known as soon as the plans are formed.

Even beyond the constant understanding of what the cabals would be hatching up or scheming, the Galactic Federation have constant monitors employed on those individuals and the family members and descendants of theirs who are still attempting to act in their own interest and not in the interests of humanity. I would imagine it’s fair to say as well that the Galactics know which individuals in the families of the cabals are genuinely there for Lighted purposes and are and have been working to spread Light from and eventually give truth about the darkest spiritual corners of our world, rather than attempting to work against humanity.

Humanity Must Forgive

The monitors and the technology behind them is discussed below, and the attempts on the part of the cabals to track such devices is mentioned as well. We are then asked to find forgiveness for these souls when we begin to learn about everything they have done, because of the wonderful truths and perceptions that will lay beyond the initial ones.

“We use nano-like technology that even by your Earthly standards is incredibly small, and the cabal heads have attempted to use means to track these devices and have proven unable to do so.

These souls who we discuss have done so very much to keep our presence unknown and the technology we have offered humanity shelved, but we ask you to find and feed forgiveness for them in yourselves when some of the most shocking of revelations concerning them begin to surface; because there will be so very much that will surprise you and leave you in a potential state of despair.

We ask you not to allow such despair to creep over you when some of the most disturbing truths concerning the cabals have been surfaced, because positivity will be essential to be fed within you as you continue learning and discovering things about your reality that will show you how strong the illusion has been enforced on your dear world for so very long.”

Having been conscious of the actions of the cabals for a while now, I’ve seen on a few different websites and in a few different individuals, the mindset that we must burn the cabal heads at the stake for everything they have done to humanity and honestly, I don’t resonate with that mindset.

The Galactic Federation (and really, anybody with a peaceful perspective) echo the understanding that violence and vengeance will only feed violence and vengeance and I have a feeling that when some of the truths come out concerning the continual attempts on the part of the cabals to keep humanity feeding extreme states of negativity, any negative mindset will be understood for what it truly is; an illusion that will not be helpful to the establishing of a new paradigm based in respect for and peace between every human being.

Forgiving the cabals will be one of the greatest and most potentially-difficult initial lessons we will be given as a collective and when the time comes and the truth comes pouring out, you can bet you will see me along with plenty of others helping to quell the potential collective anger and chaos that could result from a millennia of secrets being burst open like a piñata.

The Galactic Federation’s Hierarchy & Redemption from Negativity

The Galactic Federation utilizes a hierarchical structure for their various races and Councils and as is outlined below, perceived worth is not a factor with their hierarchies and rather, the level of ability and the dimensional growth of each soul determine the Council they are in. As we are also told below, off-world souls who worked in the interests of the dark before have recently found karmic redemption for their actions, and are helping now to disempower the cabals on our world whom they once maintained a strong negative influence over that for the most part, still has not been broken.

“The Galactic Federation is comprised of a myriad of difference races, who divide ourselves up into different Councils based upon our personal preferences and our level of ability understanding, which determines the Council we are in.

We hold meetings amongst our various races and amongst the Councils of such races, as well as meetings amongst each other as a whole and with other Galactic Organizations.

The “number” of us comprising the Galactic Federation has always been large, but we have recently welcomed more members who formerly worked for the fading side of the dark. These souls have remembered fully and realized the Light within them and, after having experienced karma for their actions, have been training to help disengage the dark souls upon your world who will remain stubborn to our disclosure and to the issuing of everything that is to change the way Life has been Lived on your world.

We wish to impart the cosmic energies we are able to feel in ourselves unto you dear souls, and doing so will be an aspect of introducing you to the purer energies driving your ongoing evolution into purer states of consciousness. This evolution will be explained in earnest when the truth of our existence and the other truths that will follow are fully issued, and you will know so very much about our Organization that, for the most part, we are still unable to express through this channel.”

As has been said, there is much that still cannot be said pertaining to our evolution, the existence of the Galactics and the technology and assistance they are and will be here to offer, because of the complex nature of such discussion. We are learning and feeling our way into the higher realms and while our evolution on this particular planet has been and will indeed be rapid, we are still taking baby steps in the sense that we are steadily becoming as open as we can to the various higher dimensional truths and perceptions waiting in the wings for us to remember them.

We will not exist within such limited confines of perception for very long and for the most part, those of us who are awakening in the manners we have been are now expanding and shattering those confines entirely. We are awakening to our infinite nature, and the higher dimensional Galactic and Celestial beings communicating with us and assisting in our evolution are helping to guide us toward the best possible outcomes in our personal Lives and on the world stage, in every moment.

Continued in Part 4 on Monday.



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