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Galactic Craft & Government Knowledge

SanJAsKa tells us about the multiple different races of the Galactic Federation, and begins to tell us about the conscious technologies that are the Federations’ starships and Motherships. We are also told of the inhabitance of star and Motherships by higher dimensional souls, and our governments’ knowledge of advanced technology is discussed as well.

“There are a myriad of races comprising the Galactic Federation, and we Pleiadians are one of them. We could not name all of the races who are a part of the Galactic Federation but trust, dear hearts; there are plenty of us and we are all geared toward helping you to ascend.

Our ships are comprised in so many different and unique ways, and you will find that each one of them looks different and retains their own individual form. We exist harmoniously within our Motherships and starships, who are conscious beings who’ve decided to inhabit higher dimensional technology and help us to travel around and mitigate pollution manifested on your dearest Earth, among many other things.

There is so much advanced technology waiting to be discovered and known by you, the sovereign humanity and for the most part, you could have benefitted from this technology nearly a century ago. Indeed, knowledge of our craft and the technology aboard it has been known by many of your governments for so very long and dear scribe, the very computer you are (channeling) this on is comprised of technology that was taken from a Galactic ship.”

Personally; I’ve actually been able to receive UFO sightings after telepathically asking to be shown the ships of the Galactics, and it makes sense that the ships so many people have been seeing are themselves conscious, higher dimensional beings. While the Pleiadians may discuss this subject a bit more later on, I too wanted to point out the mitigation of pollution being performed by various Galactic ships stationed in our skies.

Humanity has manifested and fed far more pollution than we’ll ever be comfortable admitting, and the beings who are assisting us along our evolution seem to be transmuting and mitigating much of this pollution, from what has been said. I would ascertain that this is so our planet does not meet a destructive fate as a result of the continual pollution we have fed because eventually, our collective would have seen the results of our actions were it not for the assistance we’re being given.

Back-Engineered Technology

We are told of the dense frequencies being manifested through the technologies we currently enjoy, and the link is drawn between these technologies and the Galactic technology that has been back-engineered and reproduced on the Earth. SanJAsKa also tells us of the harm those frequencies being omitted from televisions and computers tends to cause.

“The frequencies of much of the technology you enjoy to this day that has resulted from back-engineering Galactic technology, have been lowered and much density has been added to the energies you absorb from your technologies and make no mistake, dear souls; you do absorb (harmful) frequencies within yourselves when watching copious amounts of television or exposing yourselves to your computers constantly.

We do not say this to put anyone in a state of fear, worry or concern for indeed, you can use the natural Creator Light you have always held within to affirm that such energies be transmuted within you, and you can affirm that they do not have the otherwise-destructive effect they could have if you were not such powerful beings who can use your Light to mend any energetic aliment.”

For the most part, we have been led to forget about our power but truly, we can mitigate any potentially negative effects that the dense frequencies being omitted from our various gadgets would have on us. First, we need to raise awareness of this and so many other things that have been done in an attempt to keep us down and keep our intelligence held back, and the importance of staying away from fear when discussing these things will be very strong.

Yes, a lot has been done to keep us back and hold us in states of mental and spiritual bondage, but so many of us are awakening and realizing the orchestration that has been going on right in front of us. The destructive frequencies being given from our technology can themselves be cleansed, and the higher dimensional technology we will learn to understand as a collective will run off of pure, clean energy and will omit only pure frequencies for our minds and bodies to absorb.

Communicating with Humanity

SanJAsKa goes on to encourage our awareness of what the dense frequencies coming through our technology have been doing to us, and we are also encouraged to disconnect from technology (within reason) to mitigate the scope of harmful frequencies we will absorb.

Getting out in nature specifically is mentioned, and the discussion begins to lean toward the communications being given to humanity at present, from a plethora of Galactic Organizations.

“Your televisions serve to bring density through and clog your chakras, and we hope for you dear souls to see and understand the effect such technology can have on you as we encourage you to disconnect yourselves from too much technology and exposure to too many harmful energies. As we are spiritual beings leading a harmonious and enlightened existence, we understand the importance of connecting with the nature that is harmonious and all around and we understand as well that upon doing so, from a lower dimensional standpoint you can begin to unlock and access the states of consciousness we are delightfully speaking to you from.

Each and every individual soul can retain a connection to the energies of we, the Galactic Federation; to the Ashtar Command and a plethora of other Organizations who are assisting in your evolution and again, the evolution of the entire Universe. We all cooperate and work harmoniously with each other on the many jobs and tasks we have set out for ourselves, and a facet of this overall role of helping your planet to ascend has been to allow our energies and communications to be sent down and picked up on by each one of you.”

Every one of us can receive the energies and encoded communications of the higher realms and specifically, of the Galactic Federation. This fits in with our aforementioned infinite abilities and for the most part, we have allowed ourselves to be held back as we’ve convinced ourselves we are unable to communicate with souls inhabiting higher realms that we’ve been taught do not exist.

We have limited ourselves and given our power away in so many ways and now, we are beginning to discover the multitudes of abilities we possess within as we begin to unlock and understand new perceptions and a resulting new perspective. Obviously, I am not the only one to claim to be communicating with Galactic and ascended souls at present; “channelers” all over the world are bringing these communications through themselves and from what is said here, it seems that the sources delivering them are quite adamant and enthusiastic about doing so.

The information so many are bringing through now is meant to establish and help build upon a foundation of knowledge and revelation, in preparation for the full breaking of the paradigm of deceit and lies. There is so very much we have been lied to about concerning our history, these very enlightened beings speaking to and through us and so many other things, and the Galactic Federation along with so many others are here to help establish and spread the truth about us, our planet and our history.

Purposefully & Constantly Communicating

The Galactic Federation and a plethora of other ascended Organizations are constantly attempting to communicate with humanity and help us break through the veil to find a connection with them, as SanJAsKa says below. As is also said below, the reason for the very presence of some of us on this Earth is so that we can channel and transmit the energies and impressions of the higher realms.

“While this may seem like an exaggeration to some of you, we are constantly sending our signals and frequencies down to you, for your heart to receive and your dear developing minds to interpret, so that you can open up to us if you wish to and receive similar guidance along your paths that your higher selves and future selves will give you.

We are all united in the common goal of assisting in your ascension, and many of you who are absorbing this communication are again, members of our Ground Crew who find yourselves on the Earth to perform the very missions you are performing.

Some of you have come to the Earth to act as transmitters of Galactic energies and communications, while others have taken to more physical and third dimensional means of realizing and spreading truth and change for all to benefit from. All of you are providing a crucial piece of the puzzle, and those who pick up on our energies and impressions will find their abilities expanding as we begin to find more and more of an ease in connecting with you.”

Eventually, all of humanity will be able to pick up on and radiate the impressions of the higher realms as we collectively and individually make strides along our evolution process. Telepathic abilities and abilities to access and work with energies and realms beyond our conscious perception will open up exponentially, and we can begin to reap the fruits of these abilities now by working in every moment to open ourselves up and rediscover them.

We have allowed ourselves to be held back as a planet by accepting and believing in limitation, and the belief that we are only limited and finite human beings with finite abilities has stopped us from realizing and accessing our true abilities, as have many of the unhealthy foods we eat and many of those aforementioned dense frequencies we absorb that serve to calcify our pineal glands and make a connection to our heart difficult.

A clear line of connection to the heart and the resulting Creativity and abilities accessible to us will see us able to transmute the influence of lower dimensionality in any form, as we excel and flourish with the developing of our multidimensional talents and perceptions.

Lower Dimensional Barriers

As is said below by SanJAsKa, we have also been kept from our higher dimensional abilities because of barriers of lower dimensionality in place, which are different from our instated veils of forgetfulness in that they attempt to influence us and our thoughts and feelings in a negative way. We are told as well that the awakenings taking place and the resulting Light we’re finding within ourselves are toppling these barriers as we find ourselves and our abilities infinite.

We are then told of the manner(s) in which the communications of the Galactic Federation are sent to the Earth, and both the Galactic technology and SanJAsKa’s role in bringing the communications through is discussed.

“Previously, very real physical barriers feeding and enforcing negativity and extreme lower dimensionality in the minds and hearts of so many souls who have attempted to open themselves up have hindered such a connection but now, the collective and individual Light and intent you are bringing forth is seeing us so very easily able to get past these barriers, and you are getting past them as well to communicate with us and find our energies as you find that such barriers have less and less of an effect upon you.

At times, we use our higher dimensional technology to send a communication down to Earth and at times we do it in a way that we will jokingly label “old school” which does not involve using our technology, but rather sees us all sending our communications and impressions down through a conduit.

In many cases, to send a communication down to this specific scribe I will act as a conduit for the energies and impressions of our Councils, and we will give collective messages to be absorbed and hopefully benefitted from by you, the awakening Lightworker public.”

We can naturally pick up on not only the frequencies of the higher dimensional souls assisting us in our evolution, but of their conscious technology as well. In the time ahead, as will likely be discussed we will learn to work with such technology as we find ourselves maintaining a strong and clear line of connection to it. Even beyond the natural abilities we will find within ourselves, we will connect and work with advanced technology that will help us to do so very much.

Continued in Part 3 tomorrow.



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