Your imagination is very important; it is the seat of your manifesting power!


It is portal whereby all your dreams/wishes/goals are accessed through.


It IS a blessing from the Divine to all humans!

All of you, are

“creator –creative beings” in form ;)


The following video discusses how through our imagination we can access information.


Enjoy this video!


With love!


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  • yes :D God is excellent in ALL things and gives out the very very best  including creativity  ;)

  • btw the below answer is referring to a girl you've fallen in love with... this principle applies both ways; either to the masculine or feminine!

  • Hi Justin, good question ;)

    Well firstly if your "imagining" yourself with a person you fallen in love with; it purely reflects the "ideal" that this other you imagine is "the ideal" kind of girl your vibration see's ITSELF match with... ie your soul has aligned to that other person's... and you've "fallen in love" as you put it.

    The imagining part just allows those feelings to become "more real"... therefore it means you have every chance of getting the other person; (as you can imagine it) however factors such as 3d come into it... and even if you dont "get that person you imagine"... you will always (if you vibrationally align to it) another person who is like the one you imagine (or even better!) This is a cosmic principle.

    Really it depends on YOU, as you are creating your own life in every moment. Hope that helps you!

  • :)

  • Devi, thank you. Yes imagination is linked to faith deeply.... because it was God who imagines us all into existence, and then its our responsibility to use the gifts and blessings we are given in a powerful, and useful way... this way our planet, our animals and humanity is helped in a much, much better way :)

  • Thanks Justin , indeed it is very powerful!!

  • You already have a reply waiting even before you asked ;) haha! go check :D

This reply was deleted.

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