8108925258?profile=originalEach of you reading these words has something wonderful within YOU to contribute to OUR beautiful planet. This is why you are here.


You do NOT have to believe in a Higher Power to do this.


Because you EXIST you are FREE to choose for YOUR own way!



 The following video will relay a powerful message to YOU should you choose to open your heart to it.

The Expansion is about the Return to Innocence.

The Expansion is part of The Ascension Process.

Enjoy This Video!

The following is a Stellar Stargate used in the cosmos by the Guard Angels of the Angelical Cosmic Realm:

The Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, etc (United Family: The Galactic Federation) .

Metatron's cube as used in the Cosmic Stellar Gateway Openings by the Angelical Crew.

Reproduced in the 3rd dimensional Imagery for human eyes:


For the full Audio Transcript for the above video,

Please visit:  http://www.sitara-expansion.com/?p=570

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Thank you!

With Love! STAR!


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  • Im glad you liked Hellen :)

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  • Thanks for the kind words Drekx :-)


  • A good blog STAR and wishing you all the very best with your website, sitara-expansion.com.... ;-)

    Blessings, Drekx


  • So glad you liked it Kat!!! what a blissful imagery you posted :)


  • Your so welcome! :D


  • i love ,love, love this.... THANK YOU STAR!




  • Your welcome Hellen :)


  • How wonderful Hellen, it is always good to learn :-))

  • Yes Hellen it is the flower of life :) :))


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