The Free Planetary Community of Love and Peace

We the free peoples of planet earth affirm that all global, national and personal debt is wiped out. The word debt taken out of the dictionary, and obliterated from the face of the earth.

All banks, financial institutions and stock markets are dissolved, their massive accumulation of property, assets and resources to be placed in the equal freedom domain. For the benefit of all humanity.

The ending of all taxes. No one is forced to ever again to forced to pay any tax to live on this beautiful and free planet of their birth.

The ending of all money and monetary systems replaced by the right for all peoples without exception to enough food, clean water, shelter and safety to live in peace and harmony.

The dissolving of all Corporations and wealthy elite, their assets, property and resources seized and placed in the equal freedom domain. For the well being and benefit of all humanity. Specifically the disbanding of the Fascist Multinational Corporate Global Empire of the United States of America, the Corporation of London and other areas.

The outlawing of Land ownership. The equitable sharing and use of the best inhabitable areas.

The removal of all Royal families and dictatorships from off the face of the Earth. First and foremost the Royal family of the United Kingdom. The ending of their obscene ownership of 1/6th of the inhabitable land of of the Earth which they stole from the people including the whole of Australia, Canada, Britain and many others. All this land to be used fairly by all the inhabitants of the said countries, instead of those inhabitants being serfs to a feudal system while actually believing they are in a free democracy.

The freeing of the scientific minds, technology, patents and intellectual knowledge from the private control of multinational corporations and the military, so that these minds and technology can be used to organise an equitable system of labour and infrastructure that benefits and supports the well being of all human beings on Earth as a whole, using the best technological knowledge available.

We affirm that the military opens up all it’s known technology to the equal freedom domain so that it may benefit the whole of humanity.

Where the sick, the poor, the hungry, the vulnerable, the helpless, the homeless are given priority above any kind of profit. The basis and foundation of this planetary community not being communism, but based on the principles of compassion, love, peace, kindness, caring, sharing. Where everyone without exception is given a vote as long as they are in agreement with these principles which are the bedrock and foundation of a Planetary Community of Love, Peace and Happiness.

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