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In the tarot, there is a card labeled "The Fool", also known as the zero card.  This card is directly related to the development of spiritual consciousness and discovery of the higher form of love and life.  This more profound sense of love we may define as unconditional, "no strings attached".  On this path, we rise above our egoic needs with the statement to others: "I don't care what you've done or been, I love you.  I release my cares and concerns about you, you are a fragment of God as I am, an eternal spark with the same needs as myself.  I allow for whatever you may do."  This sounds rather foolish to those who are more attracted to ego and personal security, but if one is capable of releasing themselves from these, they will find a new sense of freedom for themselves and others.  As we release others from any expectations we may hold concerning their behavior, we place a "buffer space" where infinite love has the opportunity to work it's magic.  The mystics see this card as representative of the energy of universal love and freedom.  So desperately needed in our world today, this new sense of freedom surpasses the limitations of the rigid ego structure that we use when carefully guarding our feelings from other's meddling.  It's well researched that people sense something past our words, they sense the expectations and vibrations we send out that define our true intent.  What our intentions are cannot be hidden, except for a short time.  Others eventually are able to pick up on what we truly want or expect from a situation.  When releasing expectations and insecurities, we send a signal to others that they are free to do as they please.  This enables them to feel more secure, and may obliterate their need to feel in control of themselves and their own feelings.  

     How we view the future and any expectations we may attach to it is an illusion.  Our thoughts project this illusion ahead of ourselves on the path we're on in life.  They are subject to change, thus they are in effect, an appearance, a contrivance.  They are not definites or absolutes no matter how much we wish them to be, but they possess potentiality.  They possess potential to become reality as we place power in them through our thoughts and concerns.  Regardless of how any situation may feel, it is a fact they are an appearance, granted reality by how much power we give them.  "The power of fear is enormously aggravated by the thoughtform we ourselves have built of our own individual fears and phobias.  This thoughtform grows in power as we pay attention to it, for 'energy follows thought', till we become dominated by it." -Djwhal Khul.   When we put energy into something, it becomes part of ourselves as much as anything could be.  By releasing fears and limitations, we bring the energy back to ourselves, allowing us to grant an unconditional quality to how we view the situation.  We free ourselves and allow others a basis for freedom as well.  We play the part of a fool to grant others the ability to in turn free themselves from insecurity and doubt.

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