I m sorry to tell you,I realize how earger we all are to see a being from another planet--

riding in an ornate flying saucer equipped with antigravity deviceses.There's not goin to be a general revelation its been tried---

with Rosswell

with the radio broadcast(halloween)-- War of the worlds.

This is a general attempt to see how the world would ract to their presence.

They have shown HATRED

Desire to kill and destroy these creatures and their ships.

The Plejarens live in a telepathic world of harmony.. to let violent and lusty,greedy human's into that world would be insauspiciouis.
Humans must become qualified and pure in their thoughts to even have a chance of receiving information from thesees Plejaren,vastly evolved beings

Its in their best interest to not allow unprepared  humans into their vibration

Ther'e also not gonig to interfer with our planet.. If humans can harmonize to their telepathic vibration and get hints of improving then that would be nice.

Their is no need to inform others in your contact...with other beings or civilizations


Learn from their teachings and put them unselfishly into practise.


























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  • And on another side note, I'm not saying that I don't believe that these beings exist, I believe that anything is possible and a lot of these stories about these ET beings must stem from some truth. But, I don't know, most of this info online and the drawings and such look and sound all kind of fishy to me.

  • Okay, 1. It is widely accepted that these highly evolved and possibly benevolent ET races haven't made an appearance yet, then, how do you know how they look like ? (the pics have a lot of detail) 2. How does one know the telepathic messages are from them and not a figment of their own wishful thinking imagination? 3. How does one know exactly how their ships look like with such great detail like in these drawings, and even how large they are and how many crew members are in them and EVEN what kind of purpose they have...I mean, for such mysterious beings, these are an awful lot of details...These are my questions. And as a side thought of mine, I wish people would actually come forward with real evidence and not just state things and name them facts without having even experienced them themselves or...I don't know, without offering at least credible and solid evidence. All these drawings and sketches and stuff and then statements how these beings are reclusive and avoid humanity for whatever reasons, I mean...these two ideas just contradict each other.

  • There is very little movement on a plejaren planet,

    the reason being the penetration of their mind can contact many at once,

    and they do not much need to travel very far---as opposed to earth--

    as opposed to earth where we drive around in cars and buzz all over the plsce- burning up up fossil fuel which is the earth's life blood.Its a kind of inflicted meaningless self torture.


  • I really mean to explain--- its not impossible or unheard of to have a contact...

    its by the nature of the evolution of the exterrestrial being-- that they dont take a big interest  in our mundane affairs.





  • We are a speck of a larger divine plan, I am not certain full disclosure is necessary... the trick is to release expectations and allow the NOW to manifest without egoic influence and with open love from your heart, your higher self knows what to do, just allow our cosmic selves to manifest in their own manner. 

    Personally I haven't never felt closer to my Sirian family and to the Hierarchy, they are always there in the sky and in our aura if you know where to look, they watch over us and I don't need to have a ship land to know they love us all unreservedly. 

  • Hi Dear Eddie, yes its all about ~vibration~ and frequency~ if we raise our level we can connect with the entire universe, including the angelical world... sending love to you, the world, the angelics and our darling space brethren! SHINE on 


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