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The day in the life of Medium Serenity :O)


Hello everyone,

Just thought you may like to have a giggle at this.

Thursday morning at 5.30 Serenity gets up as usual says "good morning" to my Spirit friends.

Goes down stairs and feeds the cat.

Has a cup of tea and then gets ready for work.

She leaves the house thanking the Angels of protection for keeping her safe all night long.


Gets to work where she does her job and after work has a good laugh with her work friends.

Comes home.

Decides to wash the throw on her sofa so far so good she is thinking :O) the sun is shining and it will dry my washing.

As the spin cycle goes on my washing machine I hear a clonk clonk!!!!!! noise.

So she ignores it.

Then decides to look for the television remote control even asking who of her spirit guides has hidden it.???? As they like to have fun just like us.

When the spin cycle has done she then takes out the washing.

To have her guides standing behind her watching with intrest.Out drops the remote control YES my friends I have not only washed the trow but my television remote control too !!!!!!!! :O)

I stand there looking shocked to the amusment, of my guides as they and myself are now laughing so much were crying.

Not only does Serenity have a lovely clean remote control but also the cleanest television programes in the whole of England.!!!!!!!!

Just like us Spirit do have a wicked sense of humour and I am honored to be able to not only work but have lots of fun with my Angels,and  Guides.

And indeed other wonderful beings that come to visit me from time to time.

Bless you all who may read this and we hope it may have made you smile or even laugh.

Love light and peace to you all.

Serenity xxx

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