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Take it as you want to take it, in whatever way that keeps you feeling good. See it as an illusion, a dream, a VR game, so that no matter what is happening, you remind yourself that in essence, nothing is happening to me, that this is just an experience I am having. That I am still with Source and nothing changed. That I am still pure and perfect in Source, as Source and that nothing has happened to me. So you don’t make it so serious.

It is just an experience, seen from my lens as this human being, as this human personae, but I can change my view, my definition, my perspective, and change the entire thing as a result. The more of a big deal you make it, the more of a big deal it is, for you are indeed the authority over your life and you get to decide how you want to play it.

Take it as a game, for you are eternally in Source, safe at all times, untouched by whatever experience you are having. You are always home because you never left. You are focused on the game but you are not in the game. Your soul, your spirit, your essence, that which you are, can never be separate from Source, for it is Source itself. You are playing the forgetfulness game so you can remember. You are pretending to be separate so you can reunite with who you are. You are having that experience because you wanted to have that experience. You wanted to know what is outside source, what is unlike source, and you wanted to know source at a deeper level, at an intimate level.

How well do you even know your own personality? You are surprised sometimes by what comes out. Now if you were to think of yourself as source and act like source, you will be surprised at what comes out. And that is the game, a game of surprise, of remembering. You are not becoming something you are not. You are embracing that which you are. You are remembering who you are. You are accessing who you are. You are becoming in the world who you really are. In other words letting the mask go.

While there is a lot of talk in regards to trauma, you don’t need to go digging for every trauma or mistake in your life or in your ancestors life. You can now choose different when the opportunity arises and you notice your are reacting less than the source being that you are. You can re frame it now, redefine it now, and choose now, how you would rather react, how you would rather see it as source being.

Now is the only moment and only now can you choose and change. Any change you do now, affects everything, past, present and future. So you see you don’t have to go back in time,, you just need to change now those behaviors and definitions that no longer serve you now. Now that you remember your divine origin.

And it doesn’t matter if things change now or later, because you know you have set the trajectory to another reality, experience, timeline, within that infinite game that contains all timelines, realities, possibilities.

If that was a VR game you are playing, then you would see that small pause, that tiny glitch, that one second rewind, where the entire scene changes and you find yourself in a new place in the game. Sometimes it is like that and at other times there is still that buffer of time.

We said take it like an amusement park because when you exit the park you will notice nothing changed as far as your essence is concerned. Take it like a simulation if you want, where everything feels real and yet when it’s over you would have learned something but nothing happened to you.

Take it as you like it, in whatever way that makes you feel better about whatever is going on. There is no right or wrong. Your perspective is what determines how you experience it all and there are infinite perspectives. You don’t need to follow someone else’s. That’s their choice.

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