The convergence approaches

Dear friends, first let us say thank you for your open mindedness.projectexa.wordpress.comWhen Project eXa concludes, The Travelers disclosure will be over. In short, time travelers exist and have been intertwined with history for thousands of years. We picked this time because we found a study in 2013 that was conducted to search the internet for time travelers. The requirement was to post a hashtag #Icanchangethepast2 before september 2013, when they released the study. They found no results. This was partially because their research methods were asking for a paradox. We would not commit such a crime were it not for a mass desynchronization approaching in 2015. This mass desynchronization comes at the time of the greater paradox, where The Travelers will all resequence their data. This resequencing is necessary to free your minds of its mental constraints; for if it were done in a linear fashion the multiverse would collapse into chaos.This is a call to my fellow travelers who may be out there reading this to come forward. For those of you that know, you will know what to do. For those of you that do not know yet, there will come a time soon when you will know. To know you have to ask, to ask you have to wonder. What is the question?Keep current and contribute as it happens. Now is the time for disclosure; they're conducting new research surveys as we speak. Be careful with how you do this, as time is delicate and bruises easily.The three unbreakable laws:The grand, first, and primary law of time travel:"those of us that know, are those of us that know."The second law of time travel:“a time traveller must never traverse a time prior to the meeting of the time travelers.”The third law of time travel: “minimize the ripple effect"Rules and RegulationsDress accordingly – minimal attachmentsNo contact with anyone unless necessary to the missionDo not have any contact with family or friends –this is important for causalityAlways keep the mission a priorityLearn slight of hand Use messengers. In any form/way depending on the eraBeware of the ripple effect. Cause + Effect + Effect2 + Effect3On weapons / any other technologyDO YOUR RESEARCHBe careful. Don’t get hurt/killed. Pix helpLife or death situations only is it permissible to use forbidden technologyOnly bring back what you can use/need BE VERY CAREFUL!Talk about knowledge and technology (VERY FORBIDDEN)Limit exposure to foreign contaminants
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