This is my experience with Archangel Michael and how I “discovered” that Archangel Michael and “Ashtar Sheran” are one in the same.  I know that there is some conjecture about “Ashtar Sheran”. I have heard different ideas as to who people THINK “Ashtar Sheran” is.  The answer is somewhat complicated and best explained by Michael; that is, if he should feel so inclined to do so. 


This post is not about the being known as “Ashtar Sheran”, but an explaination of the use of the term, “Ashtar Sheran”.  Notice I said, TERM and not name.  The information contained in this post is from my own experience in communicating with Archangel Michael directly, as well as information obtained from Michael via channeled message through Ariel DeAngelis.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ariel, she is a highly respected Galactic Federation of Light member/channeler. 

The following are excerpts from channeled messages via Ariel DeAngelis and via myself.


In March of 2011, I received a message from my spiritual guide, 'Ashtar Sheran', while in the dream state. He said,”You are about to embark on a grand adventure “.

At the time, I didn’t know quite what to make of that, but took the message to be good news, as I am the adventurous type.  At the time, I felt that perhaps his statement had something to do with “Disclosure”.


Then about the end of March, beginning of April 2011, I was connected with a woman on Facebook named, “Ariel De Angelis”.  At the time, I was closely following the channeled messages from The Galactic Federation of Light, but especially any messages supposedly posted by "Commander Ashtar Sheran". I noticed that Ariel was posting notes regarding disclosure. She stated that disclosure would happen soon and gave a time frame. I had expressed my doubts even though I had heard that disclosure would take place soon.

I however, had not been given any dates. I also knew, as a general rule, that The Galactic Federation of Light does NOT give dates. It took a few communications back and forth for me to realize that perhaps she might be right about disclosure. In response she said, It is easy to know for certain when you are in communication with the Commander of the Fleet”.

My response was “Oh!; wait a minute; you mean your source is my source?! All this time we have been communicating with the SAME person! We both had a good laugh about it. Little did I realize that there was more to be revealed….

Ariel then mentioned to me that she has a blog she regularly posts to called, ”The Discerning Angel”, which contains information about her and her experiences with Archangel Michael. She invited me to read her blog, which I did. Although I didn’t get to the “About Me” part, I found her posts to be fantastic! I really resonated with what she was and still is sharing.

However, I still wasn’t making the connection that Archangel Michael and 'Ashtar Sheran' are ONE and the SAME. I thought that Ariel was channeling both 'Ashtar Sheran' AND Archangel Michael. One day 'Ashtar' had shared something with Ariel, but not me. I asked Ariel why he had only shared that info with her and not me. She said, “you didn’t read my ‘about me’ on my blog did you”?


I said, “no; not yet”. So I read her “about me” and I still wasn’t making a connection! Ariel’s blog has many accountings of her relationship with Archangel Michael. At this point you might be wondering, so what does Archangel Michael have to do with ‘Ashtar Sheran’?  


By summer 2011, I was reading posts by The Galactic Federation of Light on Youtube regularly.

I came across a channeled message titled, “Ashtar Sheran/ Archangel Michael”. I thought it was a channeled message from both 'Ashtar Sheran' and Archangel Michael, until I listened to it. The greeting in the beginning says, “Hello I am Ashtar Sheran; I am Archangel Michael”. But then there was only one message and no distinction after the greeting as to who was saying what. I was confused!... Clearly!  So I asked Ariel about it. She informed me that some people call him "Ashtar Sheran"; some people call him Archangel Michael, but they are ONE and the SAME.”

Believe it or not, I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that "Ashtar Sheran" IS Archangel Michael and Archangel Michael IS "Ashtar Sheran". Well, a day or so later it FINALLY hit me! Archangel Michael is INCARNATE as "Commander Ashtar Sheran"!   It was actually so painfully simple!...or so I thought! ....

Ariel confirmed for me that my understanding that AA Michael is 'Ashtar Sheran' is technically correct, just not the way I think. She informed me that actually "Ashtar Sheran" is NOT his incarnated name. He only goes by ONE name ...the name 'Source' gave him, which is "Michael". 'Ashtar Sheran' is NOT a name, but a TITLE!  


Ariel went on to explain that some people call him Archangel Michael and some people call him 'Ashtar Sheran'. The title, "'Ashtar Sheran" means "Most High Commander" or "Commander of the Most High".  So to call Archangel Michael "Commander Ashtar Sheran" you are actually addressing him as, "Commander of The Most High Command". 

She also mentioned that this is Michael’s FIRST incarnation in the lower dimensions. It had actually been planned out for a very long time that Michael would incarnate during this time to assist humanity with ascension.

I asked Michael, “Why didn’t you tell me”?!  His response was, I’m sorry; I thought you knew “.

So there you have it; straight from Archangel Michael, "Commander of The Most High" (Ashtar Sheran).


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  • I'm confused he is him and this and that was said. Who cares who is who where's disclosure, ascention 5th dimension enough words. For year and years this will happen then that and hold on not long now and then change the subject (hopefully so you will forget I said soon) then this and that and oh ascention. We will land (yeah right). Just admit nothing will ever happen we will always be lead on to the edge and just when you think its going to happen soon it won't and we will be back on the round about to start all over again.


  • what if archangel Michael is also incarnated in 3th dimension? its that possible?

  • Where was he and this info last yr when so many of us on this site were having arguments as to who Ashtar and Ashtar sheran was.I had been following the old Ashtar from the early 80's who much later claimed he was a being from earths future. Then recently along comes Ashtar Sheran. I concluded from stories that A.Sheran was the son of the older Ashtar, who is now on another site and claims he is the only Ashtar. then recently comes AA Michael/A.Sheran , so yet,now another identity was presented. And no one is explaining anything. And finally you are saying that in this last mo. that AA.Michael and Ashtar Sheran are actually the same person,That the name Ashtar Sheran is  a title of commander. Why didn't you say it before? But still we didn't understand, until now, this makes more sense except that the blogs from AA Michael and the one from AA Michael/ Ashtar S. don't give the same info inthe last mo.. Such as AA-M/ A.S. says there is no more 4th dimension that the DC has destroyed it and then AA.Michael sends another blog saying that there is a 4th D. and we have to transverse it all 10 steps or doors by the end of the yr. if we want to ascend. So now that's two different stories by the same person, why do that? Whats going on here, Explain. Also in the Urantia book it says no Angel has taken on human form as a human. So that has changed? Why are we being led around from one story to the next? Are there two factions at work here? Why all the mind games?What next?  Adonai

  • Very good comment Unklightworker ...Its about getting to know the soul ..the inner essence of being rather than the name

    We might attach a thousands name to us like Chief Ambassador of the Orion Council but it is the essence of the inner soul that counts

This reply was deleted.

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