The Coming of the Golden Age – Chapter 3/8


Chapter 3

We’ll Ascend in Ageless Bodies
with New Spiritual Capacities

Ascension will be “your passport off the Earth and into the higher dimensions,” SaLuSa informs us. (1) It will place us “in the fifth dimension or higher, which is far removed from the limiting vibrations you are now in.” (2)

What makes this Ascension different from all others that have occurred is that we’re destined to ascend with our physical bodies. All others have been without it, as he explains:

“What is special about this [Ascension] is that … you will ascend in a physical body that has changed its body cells to make it suitable for life in the higher dimensions.” (3)

“You take your physical body with you … not as your existing carbon-based body, but one that has become crystalline and can function in the 5th Dimension, one that has become lighter, and has moved into a near-perfect expression of itself.” (4)

The Arcturians tell us that we’ve had the experience of Ascension on other occasions, but always we immortal beings died first and then ascended. Here we’ll merge with the consciousness of the ascended plane, drawing our bodies up with us:

“Many of the members of the Planetary Ascension Team [that is, us] have had the experience of ascension in one or more of their parallel realities.

“However, in these other realities, you died and abandoned your physical body in order to soar into your true Home in the higher dimensions. In your present reality, you have volunteered to stay on earth in your earth vessel to assist with planetary ascension.

“Hence, your consciousness is in one dimension and your body is in another. It is through consciously closing this gap that you assist with the planetary ascension. Your consciousness forms a bridge of light that connects these two worlds. Now, this bridge is beckoning you to cross.” (5)

Atmos tell us not to worry about the mechanics: “It will be a wonderful experience and you will be fully prepared for it beforehand.” (6)

As to what we’ll look like, SaLuSa tells us that we have only to look at the galactics to see. They may be centuries old but don’t look as if they are.

“Look at us, as that is where you will eventually be as far as your evolution is concerned. We are always seen as an example of bodily perfection, and in our prime. In fact we can be 100’s of years old without any visible signs of aging, because it is not part of our experience.” (7)

“There is a point coming in the future when you will be in the most perfect body form. May we say that is why you have never seen an ‘old’ Space Being, and when we speak of long past events it is because we often have first-hand experience of them. We live many hundreds of years and do not age as you do.” (8)
What will life be like then?

SaLuSa says: “From here on you will rise up with the higher vibrations, and use your Light body to express yourself to other souls. You will be known by your Light and recognise others by theirs.” (9) We’ll feel more fundamentally ourselves than we do now, he predicts:

“Then and only then, will you become the real you with very few limitations and great power to create. As your consciousness expands, so you will find that your understanding of the powers you have also increases. At the higher levels you will not abuse it, but instead use it for the good of all.” (10)

Archangel Michael tells us that we’ll have journeyed back to where we once were to become “a co-creator of the highest order”:

“Remember, you were brought forth from the Sacred Heart Core of the Supreme Creator as a White Fire Being, from which comes the saying, ‘Made in the image and likeness of God.’ The Light of the Creator contains energy, intelligence and everything necessary to create worlds without end and to fulfill the Divine plan.” (11)
SaLuSa agrees.

“The higher vibrations are … your natural home where your own powers of creation provide all that you need. Whatever you leave behind when you rise up, you will have absolutely no regrets, as nothing can compare with the beauty and perfection of the higher realms.” (12)

“With Ascension you will attain a state of awareness that will be so much more developed than at present. Also your creative powers will be such that you will be able to think into being anything that you desire. The differences to what you are now will be monumental, and it is difficult to convey in words how you will feel.” (13)

Our creative powers will greatly expand. For example, our memories of past lives will return.

“As you are to experience full consciousness as part of the process of Ascension, your memories of past lives in the higher dimensions will return. What is certain is that, as you become more enlightened, the idea of Ascension and all it brings will fulfill your dreams of a better way of life. It will provide the happiness and peace you seek, and be fitting for souls that have found their Godself. … Once ascended you will have all knowledge available to you.” (14)

Among our newly-acquired abilities will be the power to bilocate, says SaLuSa: “You will have many attributes that will seem quite remarkable, such as being in two places at once.” (15) He predicts that we’ll “eventually move around through the power of thought.” (16) This is the mode of travel on the Astral Planes.  And we’ll have the ability to go backward or forward in time, Ag-Agria tells us.

“The physical realms will leave you with many beautiful memories, and in time these shall be all that remains of your experiences. Oh yes, you can go back in time if that is necessary, and in the higher dimensions you will also be able to see into the future. All is in the Now, and you will experience a wonderful freedom of movement that is the gift to those who have risen up, and have become Cosmic Beings.” (17)

SaLuSa asserts that “as part of your growth in readiness for Ascension, your DNA strands are being restored.” (18) Matthew explains the process of crystalline restructuring and DNA expansion.

“Souls that absorb the light, which is constantly available to all, are changing at cellular level from carbon-based, third-density bodies to crystalline-based bodies that can survive in the higher frequencies.

“Eons back in your time, darkly-inclined souls altered human DNA to reduce the amount of light in bodies. That allowed them to install patterning for physical weakness, illness, aging, death, and severely decreased capacity for intelligence and spiritual clarity.

“Those limitations are being reversed by the ever-increasing intensity of light in bodies that are absorbing it. Actually, your ‘travel ticket’ is the absorption of light that comes automatically with living in godly ways.” (19)
Among the wondrous outcomes of this process will be the restoration of lost limbs and the cessation of disorders, including the ultimate disorder of old age. As Matthew explains:

“The souls who accompany Earth will do so in their physical bodies. If bodies lack organs or limbs or have physical, emotional or mental disorders, farther along the ascension pathway there will be healing of all disease and replacement of missing parts until the bodies are perfected and mental and emotional health is sound.

“In fourth density [the equivalent of the Astral Planes, the fifth being the equivalent of the Mental Planes] the bodies of aged persons will become youthful and live healthfully much longer than your current life expectancy, and life spans in fifth density can be tenfold or more than yours are now.” (20)

“In the Golden Age all peoples regardless of age will be healed from the effects of emotional stress and environmental and food toxins; anorexia will not exist; and newborns will be perfect.” (21)

Because I know this matter is important to many people, let me add what SaLuSa says on another occasion:

“Your own Light body will carry none of the imperfections that you may have had whilst on Earth. Can you imagine a body that carries no ills or disease, and maintains its condition at all times simply through taking sustenance from the air. We are examples of what you can look forward to when you rise up, and you will never see us as aged as we always retain our youthful looks.” (23)

This process will transpire gradually over the next few years, SaLuSa informs us:

“As you progress through the next few years, the vibrations will increase more rapidly. You will find that as you lift up your own, you will be less afflicted by illness or any health problems. Your body is becoming more crystalline, and it will be able to overcome any attack upon its bodies defensive system. You will no longer be subject to any form of disease, and eventually the process of aging will stop and be reversed. (24)

In the transitional period prior to the Golden Age, health changes will occur in a phased manner, Matthew says:

“Likewise there will be no abrupt shift from one extreme to the other in what I shall call ‘daily living.’ Diseases and debilitating conditions will be treated increasingly with natural remedies and energy movement until all people are healthy in body, mind and emotions; this includes those whom you call ‘special needs’ persons and ones missing limbs or vision or hearing. Adaptations will be phased into electrical, electronic and mechanical areas as photons become as numerous as electrons and then dominate Earth’s energy field.” (25)

SaLuSa tells us how bodily rejuvenation will occur in the Golden Age.

“How often do you feel tired in your physical body, or suffer pain and disability? Well, let us say that all of it will be put behind you when you rise up. Such conditions will never be repeated again, as none of the physical problems can relate to your Light body. Its vibrations are so high that nothing can manifest except it is in its perfect expression. When times get hard remind yourself of how short lived they will be, and how in next to no time they will become just distant memories.” (26)

Our enhanced bodily condition will have us resemble the galactics: “We are in a perfect state of health and do not age as you do.” (27) Bodily conditions such as hunger will be a thing of the past, he tells us.

“In a physical body you experience hunger, but as an Ascended Being you will have a lighter body of a higher vibration, and that will no longer be your experience. Your requirements for sustenance will be largely served by the energies all around you. When you always feel vibrant and healthy, you do not stop to think about fuelling your body. However, there are occasions when light foodstuffs and liquid refreshment are taken and enjoyed.” (28)

Fatigue will fade into memory, he says. “In the lower vibrations you become tired out very easily. Because you will be in a lighter body, unlike on Earth it does not require periods of sleep but rest is sufficient to re-energise yourself.” (29)  In fact, all frailties will be subdued, says Ag-Agria.

“With Ascension you will have overcome so many of the frailties that exist now. Eventually the vibrations will be so high that you will be entering a state of near perfection as a Light Being. Then you will be able to be yourself, that is your Higher Self adorned with the Light of many suns, and radiate the love that knows no ending.” (30)

SaLuSa tells us that we will not experience death any longer.

“You are in essence ageless, and it is only in the lower dimensions that you put on your physical body that has a limited life span, and you experience death. Even that is only an illusion, as you are immortal.” (31)

The final years of the end times “offer a unique opportunity to move out of the cycle of reincarnation,” SaLuSa tells us. (32)

Matthew explains:

“Yes, life spans will be much longer, but there will not be a specific ‘drop-dead’ age then any more than now—always soul growth is the decisive longevity factor; when Earth has presented all the experiencing a soul needs to move into a greatly different plane, he will leave.

“The splendid difference is, in the Golden Age there is the spiritual clarity that life is unending learning and growing, there is no excruciating grief and sense of loss that exists now, and all can communicate telepathically with beloved souls elsewhere in the universe.” (33)

We’ll have transcended death, Ag-Agria says:

“It is a unique time in this cycle that offers a release from duality, and death such as you understand it. Your future Self will when the necessity arises take a new body without the need to experience dying again.” (34)

Many of these powers and outcomes are to be found on the Astral and Mental Planes on the other side of death, the etheric Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, which strongly suggests that, with Ascension, we’ll literally bring Heaven to Earth.

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