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The Calling...

Like a voice from within

you hear it.

a still, small voice

that stirs your very soul.

... The Calling

Emanating from the vast expanse of the universe,

from the depths of eternity,

across time and space,

to resonate at the center of your being.

... The Calling

Calling you home

to truth, beauty, and goodness

to brotherhood,

to Living Love.

(author not identified...)

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Comment by Jorge Lango on October 30, 2013 at 6:57am

"My dearest souls who are longing for peace, for the bright and even brighter Light of God and his Son who is next to me right now and who will be addressing you in a moment, as well.

So let me begin, as he is smilingly indicating to me to hurry up, as there is still a lot of work to be done to finally determine his Father's Reign over this planet.

I, ST. GERMAIN, once again advise you:
Be calmly at rest deep within Your Selves, as you are still in danger of losing ground. We need all of you, and if I say all, I do mean ALL of you who have been preparing for this moment since eternal times.

It is comforting for us to see how you are longing for us in your deepest yearnings.

Times have changed so much and so fast that it is difficult to keep pace with the external events, and even more so with the internal changes. Although it has been announced again and again. By this I mean, we greatly appreciate the difficulties you are facing as a result of this.

I am holding your hands in mine. Put your hands to your heart. Feel the warmth/warmness. Anchor this warmness."

Blessings, Light and Love from St. Germain.

"As I told you before, the incoming Light is physically very demanding. The processing needs time and calmness, for there is constantly even more Light underway, and only with the help of this Greater Light can you withstand the events and changes which St. Germain was referring to.
You do understand now that this kind of preparation is necessary.

Please, ALL OF YOU, re-read the last channeling once again and take the words as advice to persist.

I AM always by your side."

In my Father's Deep Love and Light

Christ Michael.

Comment by Jorge Lango on October 29, 2013 at 7:07pm

"My Child, You may groan under the intensity of the energies that the solar flares carry to you.
The purpose of these energies are, to wake you up more and to prepare you for Ascension.

The intensity of the light will increase more.
You can compare this with your dawn.
It will be brighter and you will finally wake up.
So it is with the energies of the light.

You do not see them already, but feel them in your whole body. 
Again, my advice to allow, to rest much and drink plenty of water so your body can handle the energies better.

We are observing you and the effects of the energies on your body exactly.
Nothing is left to coincidence, that doesn't exist at all, and we make sure that there is not too much for you."

~Your Divine Mother.

Comment by Jorge Lango on October 24, 2013 at 1:01am

"Nothing can escape the radiation and magnetic influence of the rarified Creator Light that is now permeating our Sub-universe, galaxy, solar system, the Earth and humanity.

The Cosmic Rays of Creator Light will elevate your consciousness, and will accelerate your attunement to the higher wisdom of the Cosmic Mind, thereby igniting the keys and codes of ascension.

The Supreme Creator Light and the Refracted Rays containing the various attributes, qualities and virtues of Creator consciousness are RAY-diated forth out into the universe by the great Archangels through powerful cosmic currents.

During this era of monumental transformational change, the Supreme Creator Rays, containing powerful streams of Divine Consciousness, are being beamed into the Great Central Sun of each universe. These higher frequency Rays of Creator Light are then sent forth into the suns that OverLight each Sub-universe.

From within the Sacred Heart Core of our Father/Mother God, these newly infused cosmic Rays, which contain the new Divine Blueprint for this Sub-universe, are then radiated outward into each succeeding galaxy. These powerful new Rays then pass through the central sun of each solar system, the sun of each planet, and eventually to humanity on planet Earth.

My brave warriors, do not become discouraged. Now is the time to draw forth the gift of the First Ray of Divine Will/Power. You are being tried and tested to see if you can stand up to and conquer your greatest fears, and to see if you can and will accept the full measure of Creator Light that is being offered to you.

You are making dramatic progress. The shadows and dark corners of the Earth and the minds of humanity-at-large will not be able to resist the radiance of Creator Light much longer. Hold steadfastly to your vision. Have courage and encourage others as you march boldly into the Light of the future world.

We stand beside you and enfold you in an aura of God’s love."


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