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To those who can relate, I have never felt completely at home on what is supposed to be my home planet. This is not to say I feel out of place, but sometimes I feel I’m fulfilling a life meant for someone else. The planet I envision myself on has moved beyond the need to wage war, cause death and misery, create widows and orphans to perpetuate the vicious cycle over and over again. The world that would suit me best would be one where psychic skills are widespread among the population and the divisions inherent in political ideology are unified under a single consensus of peace. Such a paradise is already taking place on Sirius in a higher dimension and will hopefully be what our planet will be like in some far-off future. Then again, everything we see around us now must happen for us to get to that future as it’s inconceivable we’re ready for it to be our present. By then we will understand that we are surrounded by psychics already and it is an illusion that only special people possess such rare abilities. For now, doubts due to that belief are still very real and it is by experimentation that hidden mental powers can be revealed. Once the illusion is accepted as only that, the purpose for being on this planet becomes much clearer. That is what we plan to do in this editorial, clear away some of the mystery so reality makes a little more sense. Accepting that you are psychic with skills possibly undeveloped or undiscovered allows you to explore the advantages they bring. Ascension is a personal process and we’ve brought together some of the ways to determine which latent ability you may be able to develop in six different areas. If this was higher dimensional Sirius, these abilities would be identified by someone skilled in detecting them and your education would be geared in that direction. Lacking that, the following is a DYI kit that may need a bit of assembly to conduct a self-evaluation of your latent mental talents.
While not an official psychic ability on the higher dimensions, telepathy is the most dismissed trait inherent in humans even though everyone is constantly speaking to everyone else without words. Call it vibes, call it a feeling, we broadcast our outermost thoughts and receive back what others are thinking subconsciously. Their thoughts also go out as waves and we get a sense on if they are on a similar frequency as ours. Even the least sensitive person instinctively tries to feel out those energies without realizing that is what they are doing upon meeting someone. The mental shield with an inner mirrored surface we discussed in last month’s ascension journal can help in keeping one’s thoughts to oneself. Next, healing is the easiest of the mental skills to practice starting with self-healing. As Karra detailed the various glands of the human body in last month’s podcast, much of those glands can be influenced by the mind to act on the owner’s behalf. Short-term issues like headaches and tiredness as well as long-term goals like staying young are good starting points while the more serious problems should still be seen by a doctor. Mental visualizations and a belief you can heal what you can are the necessary tools with the education of a person’s anatomy also being helpful. More research would be needed before trying to heal others after success with self-healing is discovered as often what you try to heal in others can be reflected in one's own health. And then there are some hidden mental skills that are best left hidden such as coercion. The karmic backlash received for something done out of self-interest is not worth going through the training without the selflessness needed to use it wisely.
Astral travel is a skill everyone possesses to some extent or another where experts can travel in their astral body independent of the physical body while others may experience it during their dream state. Achieving proficiency in the skill so it isn’t just some fragment of a dream quickly forgotten takes study and dedication starting with a dream journal to catch them before they are gone. Many books provide the training from there and often it's a surprise at how easy it is to travel in the astral state with some practice. Psychokinesis is a tricky skill to master as belief suffers without success and future experiments are dropped. To determine if there is a latent amount of PK ability in your DNA, try moving the smoke of an incense stick or flame of a candle. Any success can be built on from there. That manifestation was saved for last is no accident. If experience hasn’t already established it as a fact, the ability to influence your reality is not a myth. How much it affects it is a matter of debate and only experimentation can verify it to someone’s satisfaction. Now a person can visualize being rich or seeing themselves as famous. They can imagine a world at peace with no more hunger but each of those examples doesn't take into account the lessons involved in those experiences to the self and others. Instead, we suggest something out of the box, raising plants from seeds. While nature can get the seedlings started from viable seeds, your creative process can help the plants from there to reach their optimal form. It is a good starting point to work from before moving on to seeing other realities take place day by day until they grow to fullness as well.
It is a question of vibrational levels when it comes to the difference in dimensions and on the higher dimensions such mental abilities described above are identified early and encouraged to become proficient in whatever skill or skills are noted. Without the limiting denseness of the third dimension, skills like telepathy are common with everyone. Back here on Earth, rising above the denseness should be a purpose for living if one wanted to judge their life complete despite the many factors devoted to increasing that denseness. Regardless of those factors, humanity’s slow path to ascension all the way back from Atlantis has been a story of layers of denseness slowly being whittled away by evolving moral standards. An individual can wait for the inevitable cycles of reincarnation for humanity to ascend to a higher dimension or work on moving there a bit quicker alone. It can start with the study into the above mental abilities because that normally begins with meditation. Already the weight of the world is lessened with deeper reflection. Along with that comes an acceptance of pretty much everything. Acceptance that you may not be perfect at something right away including the ability to meditate and the acceptance that the world is full of division. The colonists who settled on Atlantis brought that division with them and it doomed their attempts to ascend from an entirely new world as had been their plan. Learning from their mistake is the lesson that makes the process so easy. Some made the choice to refuse to accept others for who they were but that was all it took. Acceptance of others and life’s situations sounds easy and it is in practice. Reality tends to sharpen the division lines as to what is acceptable and what isn’t. If nothing else, accept that metal abilities are just that, each needs to be thought out as if the ability already exists and work from there. Like me, you may come to find the results surprising. Karra has always told me in her little mental reminders that nothing is out of reach, providing of course an arm is extended to make the catch.
In love, light, and wisdom,
Russ and Karra
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