The Arcturian Diamond 🔷✨

Hi Folks, for anyone who's struggling a bit (or a lot) with the current amplification of energies around the Earth and collective field, placing a Diamond of Light around your personal energy field, and your home, can be very helpful. 

Arcturian light beings work with the diamond form in numerous ways, but here we'll tune in with how it can be used to both strengthen and stabilize your personal field...and we can show an example of it here, in a photo I took on May 5th 2021 (555 Gateway), during a node/light-grid activation, at the moment when my TwinFlame (in his 5-7D soul expression Arnap) brought a small ship through an interdimensional portal, into visibility in the 4D frequency bands.

The portal appears to the right of his ship, as a deep blue opening just large enough to bring the ship through...and around the ship is a translucent, shimmery Diamond Light field.





The white light flash is from the front of this small ship, and you can see how snugly the Diamond is wrapped around it, with a slightly pink tinge especially visible within the lower right area of the Diamond.

The Pink and White combination is connected with the Tenth Ray (10D), which has a soft pearlescent pink-white colour frequency, and flows the vibration of Infinite Universal Peace. When we focus with the Tenth Ray, it assists us in integrating Deep Peace into our beings on every level. It's a very high, very soft vibration to tune into, and when we focus into it and invite/hold this vibration around us, we are greatly assisting ourselves in Being Peace, Grounding Peace and Radiating Peace for the upliftment of the Whole.

Overwhelm and struggle diminish, the mind calms, the nervous system calms, the Infinite Peace Presence of the Inner Heart is enhanced. And when we radiate a Diamond Light field around us, whatever quality of light and higher frequency we're focusing with or integrating moment to moment, is given a beautiful, stable, sacred space in which to deeply relax and centre ourselves...which we can then radiate through the Earth field, for the benefit of All. 


To activate the Arcturian Diamond, simply take some slow, deep breaths into your heart centre, and see a ball of pure white light in your heart, then spreading all around you. Picture a Diamond of shining Light in your heart centre, then as you breathe out, see or imagine the Diamond effortlessly expanding around you, until it's encompassing your whole enegry field/aura/torus field. 

To immerse within the Tenth Ray, see the pure white light filling your Diamond become pearlescent. Feel the softness within and around you, as you invite a touch of the Rose Ray into the pearlescent white light surrounding you and filling you. 

Breathe in and out slowly, let yourself relax, and invite the Light of the Tenth Ray to flow gently through you, opening every aspect of your Being to deepest Universal Peace, embraced and supported within the Arcturian Angelic radiance vibrating through the Diamond around you. Know that you are unshakeable, within the guiding Light of your Oversoul, of the Source, which is always all around you, holding you now in the stabilizing form of the Diamond.





With Love and Peace, Blessings of the One Light, to All,

Joanna&Ashura(Arnap)&Friends   ✨💗🔷🤍✨

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  • Blessings to you too Amparo...much love...enjoy the beautiful energies and lightcodes flowing through right now SiStar...well they always are, but the Ascension Wave does feel amplified and rising into the mid-part of this year...and beyond... 💙✨🔷🙏
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