The Angels are Here…

The Angels are Here…The Angels are among us. They are all around you if you but open your eyes to See them. They are the people around you with their Light on and with Love flowing from their Hearts. They are the tears you cry when you weep with Compassion at what may be happening in your own Life or the Lives of others. They are the ones who show you kindness when the kindness has left your own Heart. They are the Atlas that holds the weight of the World on their shoulders and they are the Atlas that is the Roadmap to Salvation. They have their hand out for you to grab hold of when you lose your way. They are the children in our schools who are bullied for being different but stay strong anyway. They are your children who you tuck into bed every night hoping that the world will be a better place for them when they grow up. They are the Soldiers and the Firefighters and the Peacekeepers and the Teachers. They are the sliver of Light you See in your darkest hour. They are the people who See the Beauty in Life and have learned to look at things with the Good Eye. They are the people who inspire you every day on every level. They are the people who know that to Truly Forgive you must Forgive YOURself first. They know we are ALL Clean in God’s eyes and hold no grudges for we know not what we do without Him. They are the writers who speak to your Heart and Soul. They are the drama kings and queens who aren’t afraid to show emotion. They are the artists who show us all of the brilliant colors and see the wondrous Gifts our Mother has provided us. They are the farmers who grow the food we eat because they care. They are the people who take time out of their day to give you a smile when you forgot how. They are the marital artists and yogis who have mastered the Mind/Body connection. They are the bloggers who gently nudge you from your deep slumber. They are the people who place Value on the status of Life instead of value on the status of money. They are the people who bond with Mother Earth whether it’s on the ski slope or in the garden. They are the ones you go to for advice and the people who always listen when you need an ear. They are the Lightworkers who Light the path and the channelers who bring you the “news”. They are the addicts and alcoholics whose Hearts are wounded from the harshness of this World because they don’t know how Worthy they are of Love. They are those who have Loved and lost and Lived to Love again. They are the musicians who play beautiful music that speaks to each of us in a different way. They are the people who are trying to make a difference in the World and wouldn’t have it any other way. They are the sentimental people whose Hearts break when they don’t See Kindness or Compassion. They are the Creators of their Universe and Live by the Universal Laws. They are the people who never fail to say “Thank You” for everything that comes their way – good or bad. They are the miracles that happen in your day no matter how big or small. They are all around you and they are waiting to be of service in your hour of need. They are the ones who suffer so we will See including the ones who are dying so that we may Live. They are above you just waiting for you to ask for their assistance so they may fly to your side. They are watching you and standing by. They are the wayshowers who can show you how. The veils have thinned and are getting thinner and they will arrive in force as they are awakened to their calling. They are everywhere and they will be taking over, slowly at first but ever faster. They are there if you need them, you have but to ask. Do you know one? Do you See them? Could you be one? YES…Copyright © The Moon Hippie Mystic. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.
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  • Definately here-they are us. Gaia is now sending out portal signals to wake up! We are the ones we have been waiting for. My heart felt her heartbeat about 4 this am. Also, tons of downloads. It is heaven and more.

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  • Thank you all for the kind words. I saw Angels the night I "woke up" and now I feel them all around me. I truly believe that this came from "them" so that we can begin to See what is all around us. This is happening and it's Real. It gives me Hope and something to hold onto during this truly profound journey. We are One...
  • Thank you Moon Hippie Mystic that's beautiful :)

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"Oh wow, oh wow....!! This happened a mere half an hour, ago...I left the house on foot and on route to my local health store, to get some organic seeds (pumpkin seeds from Austria,) and as I got to a road junction, looked up instinctively, at a very…"
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"Oh wow, oh wow....!! This happened a mere half an hour, ago...I left the house on foot and on route to my local health store, to get some organic seeds (pumpkin seeds from Austria,) and as I got to a road junction, looked up instinctively, at a very…"
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I am always sharing from my heart and soul and with great love and I feel so guided this morning to share with you, the face that with the New Earth, we are returning to the Omni Versal fold, where the Law of One is fully operational, and all adhere…
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